When A Mage Revolts Chapter 324

Chapter 324: The Hunting Process

Chapter 324: The Hunting Process

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The hunt had officially begun and by now Benjamin had met a total of six "prey" mercenary.

Since there was not much time, even after using the water element sensing technique to quicken his search, in the end, he could only find six of them.

Fortunately, the process of convincing them was easier than he thought. These people did not have any intention to resist, on the contrary, they were actually very willing to accept the curse and pick up the ice sword to fight. Some of them even swore their life to Benjamin.

Benjamin was flattered, he had unintentionally become a saint - even though he was just pursuing his own interest.

But on the other hand, these people were filled with despair and had no hope for survival. Benjamin who suddenly appeared before them became their only hope for survival.

With this, he cured six aggressive mercenaries and put a curse on them. They then joined the team and obediently follow Benjamin. As for the other "prey", he could only hope for other opportunities to get into contact with them.

After all, now the "hunters" were awake.

It was about time the wealthy businessmen walk into the woods together with a large security team and six mages. After observing them, Benjamin found that they were divided into six teams; all of them were talking and laughing as though they were on a picnic while they headed deeper into the woods.

"They are coming."

Benjamin turned around and spoke to the mercenaries who were behind him after observing the whole incident with the water element sensing technique.

"Mr-Mr. Mage ... how will we make our move?" one of the mercenaries asked.

Hearing this, Benjamin smiled and said, "We will wait."

His goal was clear, it was to kill everybody. But to do so would not be easy. All six mages were able to perform the flying spell, once they realize that something was wrong, they would escape in separate directions. Benjamin did not have any way to stop this from happening.

On one hand, he could try to kill all of them in one blow and settle all six of them at once. On the other hand, he could try to find ways to cut off the communication between each of the mages and kill them one by one.

Either way, they had to wait patiently.

This forest was quite big, therefore, in order for these people to find their "prey", they would need to delve into the deeper parts of the forest. Each of the mages guarded one of the six teams. Since Benjamin wanted to attack them one by one, he would wait until they were separated.

But... he had an uneasy feeling that something might go wrong.

There were a lot of people who went into the woods together with the hunters, in fact, there were around a hundred of them. It would cause him a lot of trouble, if he missed even one or two.

And the most critical point was how to deal with those outside the woods?

A conservative estimate would place around a thousand people guarding the border of the forest. With only seven people, punching their way out would be neigh impossible.

After thinking for a while, Benjamin turned around, looked at the mercenary nearest to him, and said "You your name is Barrow, right?" He lowered his voice and spoke seriously, "I have a very important mission for you, are you willing to do it?"

Barrow was slightly surprised but immediately nodded his head.

Benjamin flashed a satisfied smile and said, "Well, later, I will use magic to secretly send you out of the woods. After leaving the woods, you need to hide yourself well and go back to the City of Rayleigh to help me pass along a message."

Barrow looked a little stunned, "This... ... could I really?"

"Of course. Why not?" Benjamin said, "This is a crucial message and you must deliver it if we are to have any chance of escaping. Are you willing to do this?"

Barrow heard this, took a deep breath and confidently said, "Yes I am!"

Seeing this, Benjamin smiled and patted his shoulder. After settling this issue, his heart was more relieved.

The plan was almost ready. Before the wealthy businessman got too deep, Benjamin took his six attendants and went to the other side of the woods.

There were not many guards outside this part of the woods, but Benjamin still did not make a move on them. Instead, he created an ice-drill to dig an underground passage and sent Barrow out of the woods without anyone noticing.

Although it was very convenient using magic, the entire process took a lot of time. To make sure that Barrow got away safely, they even had to re-fill the passage before leaving.

Wandering through the woods in darkness, it was eerily quiet, there were birds chirping from time to time, but it was all white noise.

However, Benjamin was satisfied with the atmosphere.

The weather was good, and the stars and moon were hidden and so did not provide much light they could sneak about easily.

Previously, he had used the water element sensing technique and the systems arrangement ability to create a map of the entire forest. Now, he was slowly leading the remaining five of them towards the direction of the enemy.

Half an hour later they found their target.

Probably because the "seven days hell" had just begun, but most of the six teams were not separated by huge distances. However, one of the team was in a completely different state.

They were chasing someone.

"Quick! Quick! Dont let the kid get away!"

The few rich businessmen who were leading had guns in their hands while they rode on the back of the sturdiest-looking guards. The guards panted heavily as they ran forward. In front of them, a mercenary was singled out and running for dear life - a bag of coins on his waist excitedly jiggled at his waist.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The rich men took a shot after a shot, trying to hit that mercenary. Unfortunately, their marksmanship was poor, and even after using all their bullets, did not manage to hit him with a single one.

While watching this scene, the Benjamins group seethed. Surprisingly, the rich businessmen were not particularly annoyed.

Some of their guards had scattered off not too long ago and now surrounded the lone mercenary. They did not make a move, but instead merely blocked the path of the "prey", forcing him to desperately circle the area, dodging the shots of the wealthy businessmen.

The wealthy businessmen cackled with glee.

"Run faster! If you dont run, how are we going to chase you?"

"Hahaha! Whats the point of being good in fighting? No matter how good you are, arent you just a rat running to its hole now? Ill let you continue running!"

"Mister, please be careful, do not hurt our own people... ..."

The sound of gunfire and laughter mixed together. In the dark night, their torches made it look as though they were hosting a happy bonfire party.

Watching from afar, Benjamin could not help but sigh.

"Mr. Mage, I want to kill them!" A mercenary behind him said, full of suppressed anger.

Benjamin thought about it but shook his head.

The distance between this team and the other team was still too close. If they made a move now, they might alert the others.

"Are you willing to show yourself and lure them a little further away?" He turned his head and said to the mercenary, "It might be dangerous, but, we will ambush them from the side. When the time comes, I will kill every single one of them. "

After hearing this, the mercenary was momentarily dumbfounded. Then, he revealed a wide grin and excitedly nodded his head.

" Ill do anything as long as we kill every single of those pigs!"

Benjamin patted his shoulder encouragingly. After he settled the ambush plan, the rest of them stayed in place and let the bait make his move.

The mercenary playing bait took a deep breath and quietly walked forward.

Benjamin hid on top of a tree and watched the group of rich people in the distance. His eyes were as cold as ice.
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