When A Mage Revolts Chapter 327

Chapter 327: The Unexpected During Massacre

Chapter 327: The Unexpected During Massacre

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It took less than five minutes to take care of everyone.

It could be that the mercenaries had a lot of suppressed rage that they were killing everything in sight. By the end of the slaughter, they were covered with blood and bits and pieces of their ice swords were left in the bodies of their victims.

Although the guards were decent at combat, they did not have a strong will to fight and merely tried to escape. However, the gas trapped them within; they were like fish on a chopping block, one by one they were cut to pieces.

The mercenaries had gone so berserk in their pursuit of bloodlust that Benjamin had to summon a spell to bring them back to their senses. "Alright now, the enemy has been eliminated." He stared at the mercenaries and exclaimed, "We have to clean this place up before the other teams find out."

The mercenaries slowly returned to their senses and realized what they were doing. They puffed heavily and looked at one another. They then started to wipe the blood stains off themselves.

Benjamin looked at the mess and frowned.

There was a lot to clean up. Corpses, blood, the scent of urine and shit these things were difficult to take care of. He needed to make sure it was all gone before the mages from the other teams discover that something was not right.

And with this, the cleanup began. Benjamin first took the fainted mercenary and propped him against a tree, then he used the water element sensing technique to find and eliminate two guards who were playing dead.

Lastly, he transformed the mercenaries ice swords into ice shovels and made them dig.

Apart from digging graves, there werent any other better ways to conceal the evidence.

After the burial, it would be a huge plot of empty land, but Benjamin could do nothing about it except to take a huge rock and place it there. The hunters werent very alert, they probably wouldnt notice.

The digging was completed quickly as there were a few mercenaries working at it. Benjamin then used the water steam to flush the corpses and blood into the hole. He even summoned water balls to rinse the field. Once they covered the hole with soil, they moved a big rock on top of it, thus ending their project.

"Burying them here is actually quite helpful." The System suddenly popped out, "They were such scums alive, at least they can fertilize the plants after their death."

" You seem to take note of the oddest things." Benjamin criticized.

After clearing up the battlefield, he removed the gas barrier and let the water steam dissipate along with the smell of blood. He then led the mercenaries elsewhere.

He hid nearby to the other five teams. They needed to observe whether the rest of the teams would react to them eliminating a team.

Luckily, Benjamin was reassured by the result of their observation.

The team that was closest to them had set up a base site, started a campfire and was having a picnic. The light smell of barbecue filled the air and there was merry singing. The atmosphere was quite merry. These guys were totally oblivious to the carnage just happened.

Benjamin became more relaxed after seeing this.

Hence, they stopped at an area further away and used a Waterball of healing to slap awake the fainted mercenary.

"I... What happened?"

Benjamin smiled, "Nothing much. We have already slaughtered the pigs who were hunting you. You need not worry."

The mercenary stared at Benjamin - perhaps he was recalling the scene prior to fainting. After that, he fell forward and kneeled facing Benjamin.

"Mercenary Edmund, at your service."

Benjamin shook his head and helped him up. He threw him a sword that was looted earlier.

"This hunt is far from over." Benjamin patted his shoulder, "Do you wish to come along and give them real hell during these seven days?

Edmund stared at the sword while lost in his thoughts.

He then nodded firmly.

And just like that, Benjamin took these few mercenaries on a quest in these seemingly quiet woods to spread carnage and bloodshed.

He did not slow down his pace. In fact, it was better that they quicken their movements under current circumstances. If he could eliminate all the teams in one night, he would not hesitate to do so. However, the other five teams were too close with one another, making it too difficult to pull off.

They could only set bait and ambush - guerilla-style combat - to lure and crush the enemy.

Every team had a mage, who could potentially cause issues for Benjamin. The first mage died due to the incompetence of the merchant. However, Benjamin would have trouble separating the rest of the mages from their teams.

However, they still managed to ambush and eliminate a mage from another team on the second night. They trapped the remainders of his team in a gas barrier for another massacre.

With this, the number of teams in the woods was down to four.

The mercenaries under Benjamin had also now increased to eight.

"Once this matter is complete, what do you plan to do with the mercenaries?" The System suddenly appeared again while they were clearing up the battlefield.

"Of course, I will make full use of them." Benjamin answered without hesitation, "They have the ability to pass three matches of underground fighting. I simply cant let go of such talent if I want to expand my power."

As for how to utilize them, he already had a plan.

Some of them who had bad reputations wouldn't be able to stay in Rayleigh City for long, but they could still be used to expand Benjamins influence to neighboring cities for future use. Those with good reputations wouldnt be recognizable and so could stay in the city. Once their exhibition took place, hiring a few bodyguards would be a good idea.

Of course, he wouldnt enslave these mercenaries. They would be rewarded. The curse is a shapeless bond. He would only use it as a means of restraint if they ever lost their minds.

Benjamin couldnt help but feel as though he had received a bountiful harvest.

His participation in this "Seven Days of Hell" not only solved the monetary issue, but it strengthened his capabilities as well. He couldnt believe all this was handed to him on a silver platter.

As Benjamin was still silently gloating himself, something suddenly happened on the outer layer of the gas barrier.

Someone was attempting to charge in!

Benjamins face changed. They were still clearing the battlefield. If they were spotted by other teams, it would be chaos.

Benjamin immediately flew over to that area. When he arrived, he hid in a tree and secretly watched.

What he saw was a fellow dressed like a guard trying to penetrate the gas barrier. He was alone and seemingly drunk. He was staggering about, and his pants were undone, probably trying to take a piss. He was probably unaware of how he even reached the area and repeatedly walked into the barrier.

The guard idiotically stared into thin air and tried to punch at the air, before getting his hand bounce right back.

Benjamin slapped his forehead.

Fuck Your team is not even here, was it really necessary for you to come this far for a piss?

It would be better to take care of him now.

He summoned an ice arrow with his non-verbal spell casting and sent it straight through the mans chest. He then commanded the surrounding water steam to drag the corpse into the barrier with the intention to kill and bury him later.

The burial process was not met with any other incidents.

What he did not account for was the trouble that came after.

"Hey! Kent, where did you go?" A few of the guards started heading his way, they shouted as they walked, "The wine glass you used earlier belongs to milord, milord is pressing for it. Quickly, return now!"

Hearing this, Benjamin could only shake his head.

No matter how comprehensive his plans were, in the end, there would always be some unexpected variables.

What luck.
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