When A Mage Revolts Chapter 345

Chapter 345: Thieves Who Do Not Want To Leave

Chapter 345: Thieves Who Do Not Want to Leave

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Soon, the one hundred and fifty mages in the hall started to march out with high spirit.

Seeing that, Benjamin nodded his head in satisfaction.

It seemed that he was quite talented in brainwashing!

"Mr. Benjamin, what you said just now about the spies in Ferelden and changes might happen anytime... is it true?" Joanna who was standing at the side came forward together with the other senior mages and they looked at Benjamin nervously.

Hearing that, Benjamin put on a serious look.

He nodded his head.

There was no point in hiding it, after all, the church will forever be the enemy of mages. Even if the probationary mages spread the news, he felt that it was the right thing to do, and it will be a good thing too.

The mages in Ferelden were living so leisurely that they have forgotten to fight for real peace. If what Benjamin did was to raise some of their awareness, even if he gets marked by the church and receive revenge, it will be worth it.

Moreover, since when did the church not hate on all the mages?

The spies were very well hidden in Ferelden, not a single trace of them was found. Benjamin was hoping that they would stir up some trouble!

"We need to stop them!" the mages said so, after getting confirmation.

"They are very well hidden, do not recklessly search for them, just pay more attention to it." Benjamin shook his head and comforted them, "Dont worry, sooner or later, they will expose themselves. And when the time comes, we will let them feel the power of magic."

After listening to that, although they were unwilling to, they still nodded and held back the urge to look for the spies.

They still have things that they need to do.

The assessment process of the one hundred and fifty mages - although it was impossible for the senior mages to supervise the entire process, at least there will be people in the mercenary association who will watch over them. Throughout the process of them forming a group and getting promoted, they need to be supervised, or else someone might cheat.

And right now, they needed to rush over to monitor the process.

As the head of the supervisors, Benjamin brought all the mages to the mercenary association to oversee the whole process of them completing their registration as a level zero mercenary group. It was three o'clock in the afternoon and from that moment on, the one-month trial period has officially begun.

For the following days, Edmund and five other mercenaries began taking shifts to watch over the mercenary association. They would disguise themselves and eavesdrop at the same time, recording the entire process.

They will ensure the fairness of the test so that Benjamin and the other senior mages will not have to worry about it.

As for the senior mages, they needed to produce Magical Instruments which were very important - it cannot be delayed. Therefore, Benjamin found two mages who were not very good in fighting to help the Lady Boss out in the production of Magical Instruments that would increase the productions efficiency.

As for Benjamin...

He was finally able to take a short break from the recruitment, so he could investigate the four thieves and their mysterious elder.

This issue had been delayed for a long time.

"This kind of flint, do you know where it was produced?"

In a shop in Rayleigh City, Benjamin put the flint on the counter along with two gold coins and asked.

The owner saw the gold coins and immediately revealed a pleasing smile, picked up the flint and looked at it carefully.

"The thing about flint is that people in our town rarely use it anymore." He slowly explained in detail, "There were a few places that used to produce it, but since the demand was so low, the production gradually stopped. This piece of flint... It does not look that old. It should have been produced recently."

Benjamin quickly asked, "So, you know where it was produced?"

The shopkeeper nodded his head.

"Although Im not very sure about that, the only place that still uses flint in this country will be the desert in the east side of Ferelden. As for foreign countries, I am not too sure about it too."


Benjamin had an idea in his mind.

He remembered that previously, Vinci told him about the desert in the east of Ferelden, there might be someone who knew how to make Magical Instruments there. And now, the shopkeeper mentioned that this flint was produced in the desert in the east border.

Putting both clues together, the credibility of it immediately became very high.

And in his mind, the system appeared at the right time to explain the situation of the desert.

The east side of Ferelden was a piece of boundless desert, no one knew what was in it. Between the city and the desert, it was a transition zone which became the wilderness. As for the desert town, it could be considered as the city in the wilderness and generally, most people would pass by that place.

Should he take a trip there?

Even at his maximum flying speed, it would take him two to three days to travel from Rayleigh City to the desert, and who knows how long will it take for him to complete his investigation. The situation was quite complicated and Benjamin was a little worried that something might happen in Rayleigh City.

"Thank you for the information, you can keep the gold coins."

While Benjamin plan for his next move, he thanked the shopkeeper and left.

He was on his way home.

"Am I overprotective of the mages on the team?" Suddenly, he said in his heart, "They are capable adults and their magic strength is pretty good now. There are also a few of them who are very reliable. As long as its not something too serious, they should be able to handle it. "

"... You already knew the answer to it, why are you still asking me?" System said helplessly.

Benjamin was speechless.

That was right.

So... Should he take a trip to the desert?

"Wait!" The system suddenly said which almost frightened Benjamin, "The few guys on your left who passed by you just now, they are the four thieves from that night, Im absolutely sure about it. "


Benjamin was confused.

Fortunately, he held back the urge to turn around. Instead, he used the water element sensing technique to look at the four of them. He saw four seemingly ordinary passers-by behind him who were talking to each other. They passed by him with a straight face as though they were just the common passers-by in Rayleigh City.

However, Benjamin who often disguised himself was very experienced. Together with the insight of the water element, he confirmed the identity of the four of them.

It was really them!

Instantly, Benjamin started to have doubts in his mind.

Why were they still here?

That night, the four of them used a strange Magical Instrument to vanish out of thin air and saved their own lives, shouldnt they be escaping Rayleigh City? Why were they disguised as passers-by and walked on the streets recklessly?

That was strange...

However, putting aside all his doubts, this was good news to Benjamin.

He had solved the problem of needing to travel as the thieves appeared right in front of him. As long as they do not escape again, he will no longer need to travel to the desert on the east side.

Benjamin had a sly smile on his face. He used the water element sensing technique to follow the four of them and quietly entered a hidden pathway. Then, he changed his route in the hidden pathway, turned around and tailed behind the four of them with a certain distance.
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