When A Mage Revolts Chapter 346

Chapter 346: The Price Of Not Killing

Chapter 346: The Price of Not Killing

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"Big Brother, I want to go home."

This was the first sentence that Benjamin heard as he gradually got closer to the four of them.

At first, his plan was to follow them into a dark alley, then make a surprise attack. Also, he had to take the strange Magical Instruments from them before they get the chance to use it, and then only continue interrogating them.

However, his changed his mind again after hearing what they said.

They came from a relatively mysterious force. He wanted to get more information, therefore, eavesdropping was more reliable than interrogation as he might even get some unexpected news.

He was patient; he carefully got closer to them and listened to what they said.

"How can we go back like this?" Benjamin vaguely heard their voice from not too far away, "We still have not finished the tools that the elder gave. We can still try again."

"But... the exhibition is already over, where can we go?"

"We can look for the people who bought the robes! Although it was confidential, there were people who were showing off their robes. I have gotten one of their address. Tonight, we can try to steal his robe."

"Is it okay to do that?"

"What's wrong with it?"

The dialogue between the four of them continued and Benjamin understood the reason why they had yet to leave.

They still have not given up yet.

Oh, how brave.

By making use of this opportunity, Benjamin used the water elements sensing technique to search their body. After that, he immediately found a few pieces of weird looking wood in their pocket.

The piece of wood was brown in color, engraved with some characters and symbols that Benjamin did not understand. It was small in size and looked like it had a rough texture. However, Benjamin felt a sense of weird magic energy on the wood pieces.

These should be their remaining Magical Instruments.

Benjamin counted, there were a total of six pieces of wood. Although it was not difficult for him, the force behind the ability to produce these number of Magical Instruments should not be underestimated.

After that, the four of them mentioned the desert city several times. Judging from what they said, they lived in the eastern desert for a long time and the number of people who lived there seemed to be quite large. But other than the "Elder", the others did not seem to matter - they rarely mentioned them and it even seemed like they rarely met.

Benjamin found such an organization very odd.

There were people who can produce Magical Instruments and allegedly, there were also powerful mages, as well as lowlife thieves like the four of them... All types of people, forming a complexed force, hiding in that huge desert for such a long time, but there weren't many rumors about them.

From what Benjamin gathered, if not for the exhibition that Benjamin hosted, they would not even be here. If not, they would have stayed hidden in the desert forever, until the end of the world.

What was this? Hermit alliance?

There were really all kinds of people in Ferelden.

In fact, throughout their conversation, Benjamin had lost the desire to make a move on the four of them. He was only interested in getting to know the forces behind them.

Not to mention about the others, but their ability to produce Magical Instruments alone was a talent that should not be buried in the desert.

Therefore, Benjamin followed them all the way to a hotel in Rayleigh City. Apparently, the four thieves had nowhere else to live in. So after their disguise, they had to live carefully in a remote hotel.

Five minutes after the four of them entered the hotel, Benjamin also went in.

He did not care about the shopkeeper at the door, he went straight to the room of the four thieves. He did not make a move first and instead, he gently knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" The voice came from inside.

"The housekeeper," Benjamin replied naturally.

Accompanied by the sounds of footsteps, they opened the door. Even after Benjamin entered the room with his head down and shut the door, they did not realize anything wrong.

A few seconds later.

"Wait... are you not the housekeeper? Why did you not bring anything with you?" Finally, someone sensed something fishy and asked.

Benjamin shook his head, revealed a smile and said, "All of you really are blind!"

The four of them were stunned.

Accompanied by Benjamin's words, countless water vapors suddenly appeared and blew the four of them, who were defenseless, to the ground. As for the wood pieces in their pockets, it was taken out by the water vapors and ended up in Benjamins hand.

The moment Benjamin touched the wood pieces, Benjamin felt that it was made with a metal-like material. It had a very smooth texture despite its rough appearance, as though he was holding a few pieces of iron in his hands.

He could not help but raised his eyebrows.

Such a magical thing?

He wanted to study about these wood pieces, but unfortunately, the four of them were still here. Hence, he could only put the wood pieces away and deal with the four panic-stricken thieves first.

He slowly walked towards them and looked down at them.

"Do you recognize me now?"

The four of them got up from the ground and stared at Benjamin fearfully.

"You... you are the mage who was guarding the house that night!" They took a few steps back, and subconsciously reached for their pockets, wanting to use the Magical Instruments to escape, but their pockets were empty.

Then, they looked at the window behind him. However, they saw a layer of thin ice sealing the window. The layer of ice started to spread around the room and soon, it was blocked off all the exit in the room, ruining all the possibilities of them escaping.

"This, this is bad...."

After that, they had a bitter look on their face.

"We are destined to meet again." Benjamin revealed a creepy smile and said, "This time, do all of you have any other ways to escape?"

At that moment, the four of them had a fearful and despaired look. They were stunned for a moment but finally, they said angrily, "You... we have already disguised ourselves nicely, how did you recognize us?"

Benjamin replied, "Oh really? We came across each other on the street and when you were passing by me, I recognized all of you immediately."


The four of them went silent with a speechless expression. They looked as though they were being greatly insulted and have lost the will to resist, like four rotten bitter gourds.

They were just lying on the ground, not wanting to move at all. They probably knew that it was impossible for them to escape.

"When you kill me, can you bury me?" A man desperately raised his hand and suggested, "It would be better not to bury me in Rayleigh City though, its too humid here and I do not like it."

Then, another one of them said, "I am not that picky, you do not have to bury me, please just cremate my body."


What were they talking about?

Benjamin was speechless, he shook his head and said, "Who said that I'm going to kill any of you?"

Instantly, the four of them were stunned.

"We stole something from you, are you not angry?" Some of them asked carefully.

"Of course Im angry." Benjamin nodded and said, "So, all of you will have to do something for me. Otherwise, I will make all of you suffer so much that you would rather die than live."

"What is it?"

Benjamin looked at them and said, "Take me to your elder."

After hearing that, all four of their faces changed.

"This... lets forget about it." One of them hesitated for a moment, then laughed and said, "Its so far away and it will be very tiring, theres nothing worth seeing so lets not go there."

Hearing that, Benjamin made a sound without showing his emotion but in his heart.

As expected, the elder did not have a good combat skill and the most powerful mage in their organization couldnt be contacted at the moment. Otherwise, these thieves would not have panicked.

After getting this information, he was relieved.
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