When A Mage Revolts Chapter 350

Chapter 350: Cold Wheelchair

Chapter 350: Cold Wheelchair

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With a weird look, Benjamin followed behind the four thieves and walked into the house.

The house looked quite spacious from the outside, but on the inside, it did not look spacious at all. A large variety of metal materials was arranged on the shelves in an overly compulsive manner, even the position and angles were the same. It looked as though it had been copied and pasted.

The whole house was filled with shelves. All the shelves were neatly placed together and the spacing between each shelf was the same. There was a gap between the two shelves which could nicely accommodate two people to pass through it. Moreover, other than shelves, there was basically no other furniture.

To arrange his house like this, the elder must have been crazy.

Benjamin could not help but complain.

"Im sorry, its not convenient for me to move around, so I cant get the door, please do not mind." At that moment, that person's voice came from a few shelves away.

Accompanied by a squeaking sound behind the shelves on the left, a man was sitting in a wheelchair which was specially made of wood and metal, he pushed the wheel and slowly moved out.


Benjamin raised his eyebrows.

"You are the Elder?"

Benjamin saw a very thin young man sitting on a wheelchair, he looked like he was at most 30 years old, but his hair had all turned white with not even a strand of black hair, he looked very odd. Maybe because of the lack of sleep, his had a tired look in his eyes and together with his white hair, he gave people a feeling that he might suddenly drop dead.

At that moment, the guy in the wheelchair also started observing Benjamin. Then, he nodded his head.

"Thats just a foolish nickname. There are no gangs here, so, the elder position is just bullsh*t." He smiled politely and said, "As for you, Ive not seen you before. Why did you come all the way here?"

Hearing that, Benjamin had a bad feeling.

The elder might have had some tricks, he found out that he was trying to use the water element to peep. Therefore, although he looked very kind, Benjamin could tell that the elder did not have a good impression of him.

That was bad...

"Im Benjamin, I purposely came here to visit you." He quickly introduced himself and said, "I think that you should have heard my name before?"

Needless to say, they had previously sent people to secretly exchange the robes in the exhibition and Benjamin was the organizer of the exhibition, how could he have not heard about him?

As expected, upon hearing Benjamin's name, the man in the wheelchairs eyes changed.

After a brief silence, he doubtingly looked at the four thieves behind Benjamin.

"What is going on exactly?"

Instantly, the four of them squeezed together and hesitated, but in the end, they did not say anything.

"Let me explain." Benjamin took over the conversation and said, "I caught them while they were trying to exchange the robes. However, when I saw your robe, I was surprised to find that there was someone who can create magic tools in Ferelden. So, I caught them and forced them to bring me here."

Hearing that, the man in the wheelchair helplessly held his forehead.

"Elder, its not our fault. This mage is too powerful, he forced us to do it." One of the thieves quickly came to support the man in the wheelchair and said carefully.

"... All of you get out."

The four people were relieved, they bowed to the two of them, turned and happily left.

"But why? Why did you find the four of them to do it?" Seeing that, Benjamin, he could not help but to sympathize the four of them, so he asked.

"They are the most suitable candidates." The man in the wheelchair shook his head and said, "Although they are not stressed, before this, their performance in professional skills were still passable. So, I thought that they would be successful. I even gave them a few useful little tools. "

Hearing that, Benjamin smiled, "Useful little tools... ... you mean this?"

He took out the wooden magic tools that he got from the thieves.

Seeing that, the man in the wheelchair suddenly looked a little dignified.

"It seems like I cannot put the blame on them." He narrowed his eyes and looked at Benjamin, "They failed their mission not because they were useless, but because of you, right?"

Benjamin felt the tension in the air, so he put his hands out and explained: "Do not worry, I am not here to accuse you of anything."

He once thought of tying all of them up, then putting the man in the wheelchair to work for him. Unfortunately, looking at the state that he was in, after torturing him, before he could even start creating magic tools, he would have been dead already.

Moreover, he was a genius, he did not want to do that to him, so he spoke nicely.

"So... you are here for my magic tools?" The man in the wheelchair asked.

"Yeah, you can say that." Benjamin nodded and tried his best to look sincere and honest. "But, the biggest reason why I came to visit you was because of the incredible quality of your magic tools. Such talent should not be buried in the desert."

Hearing that, the man in the wheelchair laughed emotionlessly.

"Wasted talent... ... then how will you define a talent that is not being wasted? Building a workshop, earning big money, or building an army to conquer the world?" He shook his head and said indifferently, "I think Im doing good here. "

Seeing that, Benjamin could not help but take a deep breath.

As expected answer...

Someone who chose to live in seclusion in the eastern desert, it shows that he did not have much ambition. So, it was normal for him to give such an answer.

But, Benjamin was not discouraged.

"If you really think that youre doing good, then why did you put so much effort into studying magic tools? You even sent someone to secretly exchange our robes, you wanted to compare the difference between our methods of production?" He looked into his eyes and said, "What you said from before were just excuses, you obviously want to improve, thats why you did that, right?"


The man in the wheelchair was speechless.

Therefore, Benjamin smiled, he took the wind storm cloak that the boss made and handed it to him.

"This is the robe that we made, I believe this is what you need." He said with a smile. "Actually, I'm also very curious about the difference in our production techniques."

The man in the wheelchair heard this and silently took the robe. He did not refuse it.

He attentively analyzed the details on the wind storm cloak.

"From what I see, there is not much difference in our design." He put the robe down and said, "The materials and procedure should be the same. Your knitting technique is not bad, but the coordination of the elements and materials is a little rusty. Therefore, the impact of the magic robe is not that great."


Benjamin nodded thoughtfully.

"Then... do you have any books regarding this?"

The man in the wheelchair sneered coldly and said: "Why would I have any. There might be some in other places, but in Ferelden, there will not be any books regarding magic tools production and the technique to create magic tools does not exist. "

Benjamin frowned.

... He was still not willing to reveal any information?

"How about this, lets have a deal," He thought and said, "I will tell you the source of my designs and you will tell me yours."

The man in the wheelchair man shook his head and said, "I already know about the source of your production technique.".

"How did you know?"

"Because of the invitation to your exhibition, I got one of them." The man in the wheelchair replied calmly, "In the catalog of the exhibits, those are all magic robes that were popular three hundred years ago. I think you should have explored some relic and accidentally found something that mages of that era left behind."

He ... guessed it.

After hearing that, Benjamin became the one who was speechless.

"Mage Benjamin, I appreciate your ambition and hard work, but, not everything that you do will be rewarded." The man in the wheelchair saw that, shook his head and said, "Since you came, you tried to use magic to peep on me and you put a curse on the four of them. To be honest, after everything you did, its hard for me to believe in what you say."


Benjamin had no words.

Did he not sleep? After staying up the whole night until one oclock in the next afternoon, how did he have such clear thoughts!
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