When A Mage Revolts Chapter 354

Chapter 354: Spying On The Forbidden Land

Chapter 354: Spying on the Forbidden Land

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Three days later.

Ferelden's capital - the City of Snow.

Benjamin disguised himself as an ordinary person and walked into the city.

Up until the afternoon, the capital was calm as usual. The streets were clean, there were pedestrians and street traders everywhere, the soldiers were also patrolling the streets in an orderly manner, It looked as though nothing had happened.

Looking at such a scene, Benjamin could only pray in his heart that nothing would really happen.

Before coming here, he took a trip back to Rayleigh City.

Rayleigh City was calm and peaceful and the probationary period of one hundred and fifty mages were still underway. However, Benjamin was clear that there was no time for them to slowly take the test.

Therefore, he had a meeting with the senior mages.

During the secret meeting, Benjamin did not tell them everything, but, he told them about the concurring urgent issue. Everyone had doubts as they did not know what happened, but they did what they always did - they chose to believe in Benjamin.

"Teacher Benjamin's judgment, it will never be wrong!" Joanna said.

Therefore, they followed Benjamin's orders, quietly contacted those probationary mages and told them to gradually stop all their activities, then organized them in another way. As for the senior mages, they needed to start hiding in Rayleigh City, as though they were invisible.

On the day when Benjamin went to the City of Snow, all of them packed up, gathered as a team and watched as Benjamin left Rayleigh City, then, they disguised and hid.

"When Im gone, all of you empty up the house and hide properly, then wait for news when Im back." That was Benjamins orders.

This trip to the City of Snow, he had a feeling that he might encounter some difficulty, and it might be very dangerous. But with the current situation, he had to go. Therefore, he made some preparations in advance. In case something happened, there would be a backup plan for him and the mages.

No matter what, Benjamin would not fight before he fully prepared himself.

After he finished giving orders, he quietly left Rayleigh City and flew all the way to the City of Snow.

In this quiet afternoon, Benjamin went straight to the Mages Freemasonry.

The building that looked like the national library, it looked the same as the last time he came, even the gatekeeper remained the same. But this time, Benjamin did not walk in, instead, he walked beside the walls like a pedestrian while he used the water elements to explore inside the walls.

After getting found out by the bold mage the last time that he was here, this time, he was a lot more careful.

Therefore, after inspecting multiple rooms that were filled with books, finally, Benjamin found the "forbidden" corridor and a room which looked like a storage room.

There were two mages sitting in the storage room.

To avoid alerting them, he briefly looked at the two of them, then he went to look around the storage room. The storage room was relatively empty, it was just storing one thing, which was a material called silver leaf grass.

Seeing that, Benjamin took a deep breath.

It cant be wrong ...

He remembered what Vinci said.

It was a material with affinity to the holy light, the church had a large demand for it but the mages here had not much need for it. Vinci also said that there were church spies in Ferelden who brought a large amount of silver leaf grass and secretly transported it to the Kingdom of Helius.

Benjamin did not expect himself to be able to verify the man in the wheelchairs word so quickly.

The Mages Freemasonry was really working for the church.

"Hey, super invincible artificial intelligence, can you read lips?" Suddenly, Benjamin spoke in his heart and asked.

In the storage room, the two mages were writing something, but now, they had begun talking. Just now when Benjamin was passing by them, he felt that the spiritual energy of the both of them were just average. Therefore, they would not notice Benjamin and that gave him the idea of eavesdropping them.

He wanted to know what they were talking about.

"Do you think Im Doraemon? I can do anything you want?" The system replied bluntly.

"Previously, you sorted out a face database, right? The language system is the same." Benjamin did not give up and said, "I can scan the shape of their mouth, oral cavity and tongue ... through these, you can compare it with your previous database and form a sentence, it should not be a problem for you."

The system went silent for a while, then said reluctantly, "... Ill try."

At the moment, the two of them in the room had stopped talking. But based on his observations just now, the whole scene had been stored in the database of the system through the water element, it could be played again repeatedly, so it did not matter.

While Benjamin waited for the system to finish analyzing, he continued to walk forward.

He wanted to investigate more rooms.

Probably because he knew that he entered the "forbidden" area, he took his time to ponder deeply over everything that he saw. There was a room full of assassins, who knows who they were preparing for. In another room, there were a few mages who were discussing an issue and the names of most of the ministers in Ferelden were written on a paper.

Looking from the outside, the Mages Freemasonry was a harmonic and leisurely place. But, looking from the inside, these group of people were so busy, they were all in preparation for something, as though a storm was coming.

Seeing that, Benjamin felt slightly better.

If not for the magic tools, he would not have met the man in the wheelchair and they would not have disputed for such a long time, then, at this moment, he would probably still be clueless and not to mention peeping.

He was saved.

However, Benjamin gradually did not dare to continue peeping.

He noticed several powerful mages, if he were to stay a little longer, they might be alerted. Benjamin was very clear that he must not be found, or he might raise suspicion, who knows what would happen next?

There was no doubt to the betrayal of the Mages Freemasonry, but the most important thing now was to meet the king.

He should tell the king about it!

Therefore, at next intersection, Benjamin changed direction and walked towards the palace.

"The results are done." While nearing the palace, the system finally spoke and said, "But... it might not be very accurate, you will roughly understand."

Immediately, the conversation of the two mages was sent to Benjamin.

"Why do we need to stock up so many silver leaf grasses? This thing seems to be of no use."

"The people from above instructed it, it is said that there are a lot of holy light magic beast recently and there is a huge demand for holy light resistance potions, so we bought it. Dont ask me, Im not too sure about it."

"Hey, do you think the atmosphere of the guild has been quite weird lately."

"Shhh... stop talking, what if someone hears us? Lets get back to work.


Quite a brief conversation, the system had polished the conversation so it would not be as inaccurate as Google translate. However, after listening to it, Benjamin was caught in deep thoughts.

Although there was not much content, but from their attitude, most of the mages in the Mages Freemasonry probably did not know who were they working for.

In other words, they were still kept in the dark.

That ... if they realized that they were serving the church ...

Benjamin suddenly felt that he might have found a way to deal with the plan of the Mages Freemasonry.
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