When A Mage Revolts Chapter 372

Chapter 372: The Assassination Starts From The Small Towns

Chapter 372: The Assassination Starts From The Small Towns

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After leaving the "Crows" stronghold, Benjamin returned to his hotel.

He had already planned his next move.

Having so many priests walking all over the place was a huge issue, but he still had to solve it. Since Jessica had already discovered their leader, why should he hesitate?

He could start with the leader. If he could cut off the snakes head, the progress of the church would be disrupted yet again.

Thus, Benjamin issued a new command to the few mages and mercenaries who were closest to him spread out around Ferelden to investigate the leader of the priests in every city.

"All of you need to move quickly. I want to find out about the neighboring region's leaders by tonight." Benjamin rested his hand on the table and said seriously, "Tonight, I will make my move to assassinate them."

After all, his goal was to save the "Crow", if the priest were constantly dying, the focus of the church would naturally be on preventing further death. They would have no time to bother about the "Crow".

However, if too much time passed between each assassination, the remaining priests will be on high alert, making it hard for Benjamin to get rid of them.

"Why the rush?" Joanna frowned. But suddenly, her eyes lit up as she said, "So... after we find them, can we kill them ourselves?"

"No." Benjamin replied without hesitation.


Joanna looked disappointed.

Since the matter was time sensitive, they set off to complete their task quickly. Benjamin divided them into two groups and assigned them each a city. They gave Benjamin a salute before leaving the city.

The reason for this was because previously, Benjamin gathered had all his followers for a meeting. At the time, after saying some words of encouragement, his men had given him a salute. Ever since then, his lieutenants have started saluting to him too. Whenever they saw Benjamin, they would salute him, and nothing he did could get them to stop.

For some reason, he had a feeling that he was their very first leader

As he watched the mages and the mercenaries leave, Benjamin could not help but smile. Then, he turned and left through another gate.

To maximize efficiency, he was also in charge of a city.

Of course, since he was also responsible for the assassination, it should be a relatively simple task.

The Town of Torrey was located a few kilometers to the north of Rayleigh City. Previously, when he participated in the "seven days of hell", this small town had been the rendezvous point for the underground mercenary organization. Since Benjamin was already quite familiar with the town, the investigation should not be too difficult.

Although the church did not conduct any missionary work in this town, they had sent some priests here anyway. Benjamin did not intend to ignore them.

Benjamin did not plan to start the assassinations in Rayleigh City; if he did, the church could easily trace it to him. He would start with the smaller towns so that Johanns eventual death in Rayleigh City wouldnt be looked into too much.

Although Benjamin did not actually think that he could confuse the church, there was no harm in trying.

There were many ways to investigate the priest leader, the simplest way being to stalk the regular priests in the streets. It wouldnt be long before they attempted to contact their leader.

However, Benjamin decided against this method.

As he walked into town, he activated the water element sensing technique and asked the system to inspect his surroundings.

There were not many priests in the town - Benjamin estimated that there were at most 10 of them. Benjamin only needed to identify the one with the strongest spiritual energy.

"You can do it by yourself, why must I do it?" The system said unwillingly.

"Because I'm lazy," Benjamin replied smugly.

The system was speechless.

And so, Benjamin took his time walking around the town of Torrey whilst waiting for the system to send him the results.

In the afternoon, the town was still relatively quiet as there were not many people on the road. At one point, Benjamin was even stopped by a priest who was trying to spread the word of God.

However, something was off. There seemed to be quite a large number of mercenaries in the town. Doubt filled Benjamins heart.

Was this related to the illegal mercenary organization?

But... they should have been defeated by the mercenary association.

He thought of the rich businessmen who were killed during the "seven days of hell". Since so many influential people had suddenly disappeared, it should have greatly impacted the business community in Ferelden. And yet, he did not notice any changes.

Were the mercenaries here to investigate the murders?

As Benjamin was thinking about this, a mercenary walked toward him and shoved a portrait in his face, "Hey, do you know this person?"

The person in the portrait looked familiar. After examining it carefully, Benjamin realized that he was the leader of the underground mercenary organization.

It seemed that they were indeed investigating the incident.

Benjamin was surprised.

"So? Have you seen him?"

The mercenary was very sharp. Because Benjamin did not answer him immediately, he immediately realized that something was wrong and questioned him again this time with a much deeper tone.

Seeing this, Benjamin started his act.

"Yes he seems a little familiar." He frowned, scratched his head, and looked as though he was recalling something. A moment later, his eyes lit up and he exclaimed, "Yes! I think I saw him in the City of Snow!

"City of Snow? Why would he be there?"

"How would I know Hes a knight, right?" Benjamin said acting confused, "I do not actually know him, but it was on the day of mourning, I saw him by chance outside the palace. At that time, he marched behind the Queen and the Bishop, he wore a suit of armor and carried the Kings coffin together with a few others. Thats why I have an impression of him."

By now, Benjamin was a serial liar and had mastered his skill he sounded very convincing. Although he was still a bit skeptical, the mercenary looked as though he believed Benjamin.

Seeing this, Benjamin smiled inwardly.

Since the opportunity presented itself, he should seize it to cause the church more trouble. Fereldens businessmen had great influence over the nation; if Benjamin could make them turn on the church, wouldnt he be killing two birds with one stone?

But truthfully, Benjamin's only wanted to confuse them and interrupt the progress of the church; he did not actually expect both sides to start fighting. That would just be wishful thinking.

Anyhow, the church was a very strong opponent. Benjamin needed to make full use of every single opportunity to gain an advantage over them - even if it was just by a tiny bit.

The mercenary interrogated Benjamin a bit more before letting him go. Benjamin walked into an alley to disguise himself before continuing his search.

Finally, an hour later, the system finally found the priest with a much higher spiritual energy than his peers.

"It's him!"

As they passed by the market, Benjamin looked at the priest who was standing at a street corner. His eyes glowed as if he were a hungry tiger who had just found an injured lamb.
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