When A Mage Revolts Chapter 382

Chapter 382: Wrath Of The Sky

Chapter 382: Wrath of the Sky

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Benjamin wished to speak out and lead the fighting group, but it was too late to do so. Something had to be done. He did not have the presence of mind to take on more now.

In the blink of an eye, the attack by his own mages were blocked automatically by the wave of shields propped up by their opponents. Over on the side of the Desert Shadow, the old man who had been chanting for a longer period of time suddenly opened his eyes and ceased chanting.

A powerful magical fluctuation emanated from him as the elements in the area seemed to stagnate. In that second, everyones expressions changed.

Although they had not heard the opponents spells, this stance seemed to be, at the very least, some High-Level Magic. It could even be a type of advanced High-Level Magic.

Benjamin could not help but take a deep breath.

The mages would put up shields to make time for the chanting, and then use some powerful High-Level Magic to attack their opponents- that should be the standard tactic of the Desert Shadow.

Under the control of a forceful fluctuating magic, something volcano like suddenly protruded out of the sky above the old man. A circle of blistering red heat unfurled fiercely in the middle of the blue sky. The insides of the little red circle were boiling like lava, as temperatures nearby increased.

This was bad

Seeing this, Benjamin hurriedly recited a spell, summoning blockade after blockades of ice walls like layers of glaciers, blocking them from the front. The mages behind him also started chanting, getting ready to summon shields to assist the defense against the enemys attacks.

He had never heard of this magic but seeing such ability to cause an anomaly of this magnitude was enough to raise goosebumps all over his body.

No wonder they had been able to control the Desert City for so long

All the inhabitants of Desert City had come out, raising their heads and looking with various expressions at the clash of mages in the sky.

"Young lad, do you regret it now?" The old man laughed coldly. "But its too late to escape now. I want you to know whom Desert City belongs to!"

Saying thus, he raised both arms towards the sky.

Suddenly, a sound of rolling thunder boomed from the sky. Immediately after, seemingly brewed to the point of perfection, the circle of red suddenly exploded. With a deafening noise and violent winds, innumerable flaming hot bullets shot out from the fissure. Like a fiery meteor shower, they flew straight towards Benjamin and his men!

"Good heavens"

The crowds of spectators on the streets were shocked, and started to scatter, fleeing in panic.

As for Benjamin and his men, even before the fiery meteors had reached them, they had already felt waves of sweltering winds that penetrated the ice walls and swept over them. They could barely keep their eyes open.

However, as things had come to this, they had no choice but to defend themselves forcefully.

With resolution in their eyes, layer upon layers of colorful elemental shields were summoned. Before them, a protection flashed like multicolored neon lights but everything paled in comparison to the infinite number of fiery meteors.

Only the heavy set of ice walls that were summoned by Benjamin, stacked up into a formidable structure, gave them a bit of security.

And yet, just as the fiery meteors were about to hit, Benjamin made a split-second decision. Controlling over three hundred blockades of ice walls, he suddenly rushed forwards and straight towards the fiery meteors!

Seeing that, the old man raised his eyebrows.

"How dare he retaliate Is he really that confident with his power? Is he not scared of getting smashed silly?"

But Benjamin did not show a trace of hesitation.

It was a simple principle: He had to take this blow alone. If not, even if the ice walls and the shields were stacked together and forced to take the blows, the mages on his side would be battered and discouraged.

Then, if the mages of the Desert Shadow attack again, who would resist them?

This was a gang fight. His goal was to win, not to deflect one blow.

The moment the ice walls and the fiery meteors clashed, Benjamin steeled himself, and his open hands suddenly clenched into a fist. Simultaneously, the ice walls in the sky self-destructed. The disintegration of the elemental structures created a massive force of impact, sweeping up numerous shards and splinters of ice, and exploded mightily.


It was a terrifying blast. Even the commoners on the ground almost keeled over and fell to the ground with ringing in their ears, let alone the mages who were in the sky.

A violent wind exploded from the point of impact, sending out a mix of limitless crushed ice and meteor. It looked as if a storm of two blended colors had broken out over the Desert City square below.

It was apparent that when both forces collided, a missile was detonated in mid-air as a result; an alarming wave of smoke and dust swept out. If it wasnt for the shields protecting both parties, it was likely that even their Flying Spells would not be sustained.

Nevertheless None of the meteors were able to penetrate the self-destructing ice walls to get to Benjamin and his men.

At that moment, the old mans countenance finally changed.

"He, he blocked it?"

As everyone watched in suspense, the smoke and dust settled down.

There was nothing left at the point of impact.

Both sides were visibly shaken. The ice walls and the fiery meteors... The amazing scene just now had lasted only for a minute and was gone just in an instant, disappearing altogether. The empty sky looked as though nothing had happened at all.

"What magic is this?" A mage whispered to himself, stunned. "A chilling blast spell? But This doesnt look like it, a chilling blast cant be this powerful?"

As for Benjamin, he had retreated and dusted himself. There was a cold smirk on his face.

"Well That wasnt too difficult to block." There was a tone of slight disappointment in his voice. "Considering the stance just now, I had thought that it would be powerful. But it looks like High-Level Magic could only do just that?"

"Just that?" Hearing that, the old man gave a cold humph. He stretched his hands out, pointing to the sky above his head.

In the sky, the red circle that had unleashed the fiery meteors did not vanish, albeit it had calmed down considerably. However, in just mere moments, fire elements started to swirl around it, and gradually, the inside of the circle began to emit thunderous sounds again.


Seeing this, the mages behind Benjamin immediately tensed up after having just relaxed.

Indeed, High-Level Magic was not easy to confront.

Nevertheless, faced with this, Benjamin showed not an ounce of alarm.

"Then lets have another round." He clapped his hands, and once again summoned blockade after blockades of ice walls. "You come once, Ill beat you back once. You can come at us however many times you want, its not a problem. Let us see which of us can last until the end."

The old man was now enraged. "Alright, then lets see who can last until the end!" Saying this, he raised his arms to the sky, and once again sped up the brewing of the next wave of fiery meteors.

It was obvious. How could he believe that, after having honed magic for so many years, the intensity of his mental strength could lose to a youngster who was not even done with puberty?

Therefore, although his face had an expression of anger, he was sneering in his heart, feeling confident that victory was in his hands.

The tactics of this young mage who had suddenly appeared in Desert City were somewhat strange to the old man - the kind of magic with no fluctuation, the never-before-seen means of manipulation... Because of this, no matter how confident he was with himself, he still had to beware.

Just look at his opponents ice walls, being ceaselessly stacked- ones that had actually blocked the first wave of the Wrath of the Sky. Even in his opinion, it was extraordinary.


The Wrath of the Sky was almost on par with the Anti Incantation, how could it be blocked so easily?

Watching his opponent, the old man nodded in his heart.

That youngster had been provoked to the point of rage and was now prepared for a fight to the end. This was, to him, the best advantage he could have. As the Wrath of the Sky was completed, creating another wave of fiery meteors would not expend much of his energy. But those ice walls, and the self-destruction thereafter His opponent should not be able to repeat that too many times.

While he thought of this, the old man let out a disdainful humph.

So what if he had great talent? This bunch was still newbies to pick a fight with him!

Very soon, the second wave of fiery meteors was ready. Followed by another thunderous noise, the red fissure in the sky exploded and countless of fiery meteors shot out. Over on Benjamins side, just as before, layers upon layers of ice walls had been summoned, ready to block this round of attack.

Seeing this, the mages on both sides knew roughly what to expect so they were not too nervous. Even the people of Desert City did not run this time. Instead, they gathered in pairs of twos and three on the streets with their hands on their ears, peering intently at the sky.

In the blink of an eye, the ice walls and the fiery meteors clashed again.


The crash was as deafening as before, but this time everyone had protected their ears. No one seemed the least bit shocked.

The people of Desert City looked at the storm in the skies which was a mix of dust, ice, and fire. They began to discuss excitedly, looking forward to the next shower of fireworks.

However, right at that moment, they realized that this time, other than the swirling shreds of meteor and ice shards, there was something else in the midst of the smoke and dust.

A descending shadow.
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