When A Mage Revolts Chapter 406

Chapter 406: Rain

Chapter 406: Rain

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"Keep on struggling, no one can escape the Final Judgment."

But, facing the three dancing phoenixes, the bishop kept raising the cup in his hands high, as if he has gotten rid of all human emotion and was only left with zeal and fanaticism.

The giant sword in the middle of the sky maintained its slow speed, slowly slicing the air towards Benjamin and his squad.

At this moment, the three mages continued ordering the Flame Phoenixes around, slowly flapping their giant wings. Thus, the feathers came off from their wings into countless fireballs and attacked the bishop.

------Because the sword was not that fast, they wanted to circle the bishop and attack him.

But, when the fireballs were shot, they were siphoned by something and was unable to move, and they changed their direction and flew towards the giant sword. In the blink of an eye, they hit the sword, but did not cause any damage to it and disappeared, which resulted in no damage to the bishop at all either.

But with every hit of a fireball, the giant sword still shuddered.

Seeing this, Benjamin frowned.

From the looks of it, with three high level magics working together, they still had an effect on this thing called the "Holy Sword". But, the ultimate skill they have been buying time for would not just create a small effect!

"Is there no way to just attack the bishop?" He asked.

The three mages shook their heads but did not speak.

They could not relax their mental energies. High level magic was not easy to control, they had to try their best to control the fire phoenixes to create even more fire plumes to attack the giant sword.

One moment, the plumes gathered together and formed a white fireball. The inferno devoured the whole giant sword, and at that moment, the giant swords advance seemed to have been stopprf. The bishop and the priests started looking as if they were using more energy.

Benjamin saw the light of hope once more.

Thus, he waved his hand to order the rest of the mages to cast their spells, to combine their attacks. A fireball was probably insignificant to the giant sword, but with a few hundred, together with the white inferno from the phoenix, would probably do something.

Thus, countless of fireballs flew and hit the giant sword. At that moment, the blade shuddered, and holy light gleamed from it, there was even thunder and lightning in the skies. The temperature around started rising, some of the fauna even burst into flames, making every person around sweat.

But, the mages continued to add fire, the priests tried their best to concentrate the holy light. The giant sword continued being baked under the high temperature, but there was no signs of relenting.

Both sides were almost even.

For the soldiers, they were trapped below, between the inferno and the giant sword. Some of them were on fire already, screaming out in pain, but no one heeded their cries, as if they were just sounds from collateral damage.

Benjamin saw this, and condensed a few icicles. He wanted to use this chance to move around to avoid the strange magnetism from the giant sword.

But, the results were not that successful.

When the icicles just flew out, before they could circle, they could not withstand the high heat and melted into water, dropping onto the ground and evaporating into thin air.

Benjamin was shocked.

Light and fire were both high-temperature types of magic. With the two of them clashing, the temperature they created were surprising.

"Trying to ambush us? Dream on!"

At the other side, the holy knight noticed Benjamins failure to attempt a sneak attack. He took out his last bag, and held on to a few remaining crosses and stared at Benjamin.

It was obvious, whatever Benjamin tried to do, he would counteract by crushing the crosses to protect the bishop.

Under these circumstances, Benjamin could not do much anymore.

Why were there so many fire magic specialists? Why not conjure a few ice phoenixes instead? This would make Benjamins job much easier.


But, Benjamin thought for a while, and used the Mirror of Illusion again to secretly create one of his own mirror images to stand in front. As for himself, he slowly backed off to circle them by coming from a far distance, to see if he could do a Thousand Years of Death on the bishop.

There was no choice, with his personality, he could not just stand there and watch people fight.

Plus, if he was careful enough, and circled far enough, with the bishop busy fighting, maybe his sneak attack would work!

But, after circling for about five minutes...

There was another bout of thunder and lightning, at that moment, Benjamin hid inside the bushes far away, slowly advancing and observing. Suddenly, he felt something drop onto his nose.

He looked up to the sky.

Very quickly, drop by drops of water fell on his face, it was drizzling, and then it became heavier.

This...is it raining?

Benjamin did not expect this.

It was cloudy at first, he thought it was good weather to ambush the enemy. But just now, when the bishop summoned the giant sword, there was thunder. Thus, Benjamin thought the thunder was just special effect that came along with it, but not natural ones.

But..it was real thunder, and the rain was real as well.

"Hahahaha! This is Gods Will! God is helping us, you are all dead for sure today!"

The bishops laughter could be heard clearly by Benjamin who was afar, which proved how loud the bishops voice was.

Benjamin turned to look.

He saw, as the rain grew heavier, the inferno holding the giant sword in the sky diminished.

Uh oh...

Benjamins heart sank.

The reactions of the other mages did not need describing either. The rain fell on their faces, turning their clothes soaking wet, but no one bothered to create a barrier to block the rain.

They clenched their fists tightly, faces full of anger.

"How could it be so.."

Tony looked up at the sky, with despair. Being a caster, he was clear how this rain could affect them. They had to use potions just to be able to cast high level magic. With this rain, at least thirty percent of their control weakened.

The pressure the giant sword exerted on their mental energy increased at that moment by a few times!

They thought that the other side would have relented eventually. But right now, the tides have turned, their mental energies were depleting, and it became them.

------They were about to lose.

In his heart, Tony was already prepared to die. He was a member of the Mages Freemasonry once, if not for Benjamin, he would not have left the guild to join Benjamin, and would probably have been burnt to death together with Aldrich. His life was reclaimed, but it was time to return it.

But..he was unwilling to do it.

His friends all ended up dying because of Aldrich, in that deep pit in Snow, they did not even get a proper burial. The Church used the Mages Freemasonry, and used the trust of all these mages who did not know any better. When he thought of his past self, he might have done things for the Church unwittingly, he felt disgusted.

The Church already has the kingdom of Helius, why..why are they not satisfied?

Ferelden was their home, what makes the Church think they deserve it!

But, at this moment, other than a deep unwillingness, Tony could feel his mental energy run dry, and the laughter at the other side grew stronger.

...Was there no other way?

Sadly, they did not have any trump cards remaining.

Tony did not know how much longer he could last, his mental energy was almost finished, his brain felt the sensation of needles piercing it. At that moment, he looked in front, the three flames phoenixes have vanished. What was left was just the giant sword and the rain.

...What loathsome rain.

Why now of all times?

At that moment, the damage to his mental energy bound him in place, he was not able to escape. He closed his eyes and awaited death..


In the long bout of despair, suddenly, he felt his body grow lighter, his mental energy deterrence was gone. He opened his eyes, to see that the giant sword turned into holy light, like the inferno that bloomed in front of them, with great beauty, it dispersed.

Tony was stunned.

What happened?
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