When A Mage Revolts Chapter 425

Chapter 425: An Unexpected Reunion

Chapter 425: An Unexpected Reunion
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Benjamin used the water element sensing technique the entire time he was following the patrol guards.

If this was a trick to capture and kill mages, then later he would definitely be facing something that could restrain magic. Even though Benjamin thought that his act was so perfect that even the patrol guards could not tell who he really was, but who knows what could happen?

Maybe the order the guards got was to get anyone who enters the division building to the designated area by hook or by crook. And after use whatever methods specifically targeted at mages to get rid of them quietly.

Benjamin didnt think that he would be gotten rid of, but there was no harm in being a little more careful.

He had a thought that they might not be going to see the governor of the city.

There were still some ways to go before they reached the official residence of the governor, and they will pass a few remote streets. He would wait until there was no one around anymore before attack the guards; once he escapes, he would take all his mages and quickly leave the city of Ampere.

So, Benjamin followed the guards willingly but secretly he was just biding his time.

Maybe by following this route he would gain important information so that he would not go around Carretas like a headless chicken. But the risk was high and if he reached the destination and it was the smiling faces of a few bishops, then he would be in a mess.

"Hey, what are you doing? Keep walking."

As they were passing a quiet street, suddenly Benjamin slowed down. The guards turned to look, faces frowning with confusion.

Benjamin bent down expressionlessly.

"My shoelace is untied."


The guards looked at each other with disbelieving looks on their faces. The leader shook his head, gesturing to Benjamin to quickly tie his shoelace so that they could move on.

Just as Benjamin was about to grab his opportunity and use magic to sweep away the guards, the System suddenly yelled out and stopped him.

"Hey! Dont rush into it, there is someone coming."

Benjamin was shocked and even his movements stopped.

What is happening now?

In an instant the water element sensing technique showed him everything and it made him speechless.

There was a group of knights riding in from afar. They were just around the corner and if Benjamin were to make his move now, then he would be discovered by the knights. And the current distance did not allow Benjamin to take the knights down together with the guards. So, he could not make his move anymore.

Shit, why was he so unlucky?

Benjamin felt cheated.

It was so hard for him to get a chance; why did the knight appear now?

He had no choice, the opportunity was slipping away. It didnt take long for the knights to pass the corner and see Benjamin with the guards. And Benjamin stayed on the ground tying his shoelaces, silently observing the situation unfolding.

"Youre here? Quick, the governor gave an order. Something has happened on the outskirts of town, you have to follow us there now!"

The patrol guards were stunned for a while.

"But, we have not brought the trespasser to the governor."

The lead knight waved his hand impatiently and said, "Dont bother with that now, this is a critical matter, we dont have the time to deal with thieves. Follow me quickly!"

As he said this, the knight turned and hurriedly made as though to leave.

The patrol guards looked to each other. The knights were ranked higher than them, and their tone of voice was firm. So, the guards did not dare to linger and quickly marched after the knights.

The knights were fast because they were on horses. If the guards were not quick they would be left behind.

So, in an instant, the street became empty.

Benjamin was stunned.

The patrol guards just threw him here and left him behind.

Before he was still squatting on the ground "tying his shoelace", trying to figure out a plan to get rid of the guards and knights all at the same time. In the end, one word from the knights sent the guards running, Benjamin didnt even have to do anything.

What was going on?

This is ridiculous.

The guards were so adamant on taking him with them that he just followed them. In the end, these guards just left him here, and followed other people. After all the ruckus they made, were they joking?

He stood up and thought about following them, just to see what was going on at the outskirts of town when suddenly a sound from behind him gave him a fright.

"You dont have to be so curious, there is nothing going on at the outskirts of town. I used that to lure them away."


Benjamin turned around in shock.

On to see, a very familiar young patrol guard in armor, standing not far away from him in the abandoned alley. He had his arms across his chest and a look of nonchalance on his face.

"...Myles." Benjamin took a deep breath after a moment of silence and said, "can you tell me what the hell is going on here?"

Myles shrugged his shoulders and said, "It would take forever for me to explain and time is of the essence, I want you to meet someone, Ill tell you on the way."

He turned and just like those other knights, immediately headed off in the other direction.

"Hey, wait up!" Benjamin hurriedly yell, "Why must I follow you? Who are you taking me to? Why the rush? And how did you find me?"

He will not be like those patrol guards, and be controlled by someone without knowing what is going on.

Everything was happening really quickly.

With doubt in his chest, Benjamin even felt everything that was happening was so unreal. So much so that he even thought that he was dreaming, or the Myles in front of him was someone else in disguise.

And because of that, before he had a chance to react, Benjamin made his move and sent an ice arrow in that direction.


Before the ice arrow could hit him, it suddenly broke into pieces, it was as though it was influenced by something else with water element powers. And it ran like it was getting away from something.


Myles had a look of humiliation on his face.

Benjamin sighed a breath of relief.

It was him.

"Dont mind that, I was just testing to see if you were faking it." so, he said with an expressionless face.

"Whatever," Myles was still speechless, "Now that your experiment is over, we should go."

"But... is that person you want to take me to far away? I still have a lot of followers here; I cant just go as I please." Benjamin was still not moving, he was confused.

"With your speed, it is not too far away." Myles said, "Relax, youll be back soon enough, Ill guarantee that nothing will happen to you on the way. And regarding the question you have after seeing the Mages Freemasonry, youll get your answers after seeing this guy."

Shit... he might as well not say anything.

"You still have to tell me where this guy is." Benjamin was annoyed.

Honestly, even though Myles helped him, but can he really trust him a hundred percent? There was no need. And even if the other guy was really helping him, Benjamin hated to be brought about blindly.

What is the point of being so secretive, how can you gain someones trust without saying anything?

Myles opened his mouth and answered, "to the palace."
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