When A Mage Revolts Chapter 43

Chapter 43: The Bishop Kindly Requests You To Fck Off

Chapter 43: The Bishop Kindly Requests You To F*ck Off

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Thankfully, there was not much time for Benjamin to be worried about things.

Two minutes later, the Bishop opened his eyes, and looked at Benjamin with the same cold smile he had before.

"W-Why? What happened? Did you read my memories?" Benjamin made himself look confused as he gazed at the bishop.

The bishop nodded.

"So... Did you find anything, sir?" Benjamin asked.

The bishop did not answer. Instead, he said, "Sir Lithur, thank you for your cooperation. We are sorry for interrupting your rest, and since its already late out, I will request my people to escort you back to your room."

Benjamin was not surprised after he heard the bishops words. He was relieved, actually.

The expulsion order given by the bishop was obvious for his intentions: I did not find anything, dont waste my time, f*ck off to sleep you brat, I have better things to worry about."

And that was exactly what Benjamin wanted.

"Ah, Ill go back then. Goodbye sir, and God bless," Benjamin knew the importance of going through the full act. After he made a gesture of prayer, he prepared himself for his departure.

"God bless," Although the bishop did not show any emotions, Benjamin still caught the slight annoyance leaking into his words.

Now, the bishop was obviously going to ignore him, and even the shot he made to the elder mage was also deemed as a beginners luck.

He never expected things to happen so smoothly.

What could he say? The bishop could only blame himself for having so much confidence on reading memories. Well, to be fair, no matter how careful they were, they would not have expected someone could make up fake memories.

Benjamin walked out of the quiet chamber just like that, and the knight standing outside the door escorted him back to the Lithur manor.

"What method did he use to read memories? Is it the divine arts?"

He could not help but ask the System while he walked. Based on the process, Benjamin did not think it was the bishop did not cast any spells, nor did Benjamin sense a disturbance of magic. If it was not the divine arts, what then? What could the bishop use to read the memories of others?

Well, you could not blame Benjamins curiosity; he just got out of an extremely dangerous situation and was finally relaxed.

"Nope, that was not the divine arts; there was no spiritual disturbance around the bishop, nor did the holy lights around him gather, which are the essential characteristics of the divine arts," the System replied.

"What was it then?" Within Benjamins heart, the fire of curiosity burned.

"How would I know? I felt a force probing into your mind, and I just passed the prepared things to it. Why do you have so many weird question? Ugh, so annoying," the System grumbled.


The System was still the familiar System.

Although he wanted to taunt the System, he recalled the fact that it recently solved a huge problem of his. He decided to keep himself quiet for now.

However, the question he had in his mind was still present. If it was not the divine arts, does it mean that there were still other supernatural powers in this world?

Actually, after careful thought, Michelles mysterious appearances and disappearances probably were not the work of magic, as he did not feel any magical disturbance from it. What then did she rely on? Who could appear and disappear in a blink of an eye? There must be something behind this. Would it be similar with how the bishop read the memories?

There were too many questions, but no answers.

This world was apparently still very much strange to him.

He had too many enquires to be answered.

He felt like a high school student all over again, always sprawled on his table and pondering random thoughts like Who am I, where do I come from, what is the meaning of life, how did the universe come to be? He would not come to a conclusion no matter how long he wondered, and was always haunted by these pointless questions.

There was no use for him to think about this. He would not be able to get to the answer anyway. He might as well focus on the more realistic questions, the ones that he could find the answers for.

"Oh, right, the fake memories. What did you substitute the parts where I was training my magic with?" Benjamin suddenly asked. It was not an important question, but he was just curious.

"Oh, that was an easy one. I changed them with memories of you jerking off," the System nonchalantly said.


So, the memory that the bishop saw, was of Benjamin spending most of his time under his covers, jerking off? And each session was more than 10 hours?

Who the f*ck could masturbate for that long, anyways?

The System was indeed unreliable. However, when he remembered the bishops straight face, and he could not help but feel impressed.

He could still keep a straight face even though he saw that kind of a memory! He was truly a person born to be a bishop.

As Benjamin was grumbling about all this, he crept back into his room.

After some thoughts, he lit up the lights in his room, took out the Magic 101 and prepared himself to read. However, he hesitated and changed his mind after a moment. He hid the book, switched off the light, and lay on the bed to sleep.

He just came back from the church, he really should avoid any potential problems.

If the protective knights outside his room saw the lights on, they would probably feel suspicious too. After all, when he was with them, he acted as if he was extremely tired and sleep-deprived.

He was actually quite tired too. He did not sleep well in the first half of the night as he was worried that the church would grab him and peek into his brain. He could finally catch some decent sleep after two of his worries was resolved.

He tucked himself below the blankets and as the darkness welcomed him.

It was a quiet night.

The next morning, he was awakened by the maid even though he still wanted to laze around in bed. After he hurried through his breakfast, he was then sent to the army base for military training.

Yeap, Claude did not withdraw his orders. He still needed to go to the base and train alongside the newbies. He nearly forgot about this after the eventful day.

To be honest, his schedule was a tad bit packed, even the popular artists would not have the workload he had yesterday. He nearly did not even have time to breathe!

However, he was quite... delighted?

For some reason, he felt as if some switch was turned on in him. Under all these complicated and twisted responsibilities, the side of him who was a workaholic was gradually forced awake.

Although the life after the teleportation made him more exhausted, it also made him feel much more...alive.

Recklessly alive.

At this moment, he suddenly had an epiphany: If he was once again given the choice to teleport back to his original world, a place where he could once again get access to lights, air-conditioning and gaming consoles, or even an easy and high-paying job, he would probably find it difficult to fit in.

This world has changed him. He felt ambitious, even!

When will come the time when he will finally change this world?
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