When A Mage Revolts Chapter 432

Chapter 432: Secret Church

Chapter 432: Secret Church
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"A ban? Are they really using the same, old method?"

Benjamin scoffed at the news. Without a doubt, the bishop had started panicking and instinctively reacted.

"Do you have anything to tell the King?" Mikel asked, "Dont hope for too much, the King has already issued the ban. With the bishop pressuring him, you cant hope to stop it."

To this Benjamin replied, "If I cant stop it, then I will at least try to delay it."

"You can try, but it wont last for long."

Benjamin nodded, "Every bit helps."

The ban would bring a multitude of effects for the distribution of the booklet; Some will pick it up specifically because it is controversial, but the majority of people will avoid it.

In addition to that, giving books out randomly to strangers would become extremely dangerous. If they meet any loyal followers of the king, they might get reported, which would cause them a lot of trouble.

Thus, he needed the King to buy them more time.

Over time, the Declaration of Freedom of Promoting Magic could prove itself and its influence would naturally grow, severely diminishing the effects of the ban. If they wanted to successfully induce a nationwide response, they had to distribute more.

And so, they had to make use of their time wisely.

After thinking for some time, Benjamin asked, "Oh yeah, isnt the Church secretly training local priests? Where is the secret training spot located?"

Mikel raised his eyebrows.

"Theres a few of them." He did understand why Benjamin was asking this but replied anyway, "Theres one in Galloway, another at Halleyden beside the ocean, and a few others that Im not so sure about."

Benjamin heard this and asked, "Tell me about the one at Halleyden."

"Why are you suddenly asking this?" Mikel did not understand.

Benjamin smiled, "Because, I have to do something to distract the Church."


Benjamin promptly gave word to the other mages and proceeded to make a new plan. Then, he set off for Halleyden together with Frank and Mikel.

Benjamin and co. safely arrived by dawn of the next day.

"Were here." Benjamin landed and gently woke up Mikel who was still sleeping, "Quick, lead us to the location of the Church?"

Mikel yawned before lazily replying, "Are you not tired after travelling for the whole night?"

Frank shrugged and replied, "Im used to it."

Then, they disguised themselves and walked through the city gate.

Halleyden was a coastal city but, they have yet to find any neighbouring countries to trade with. However, this city was still convenient to travel from other coastal towns, allowing the town to grow to become one of the most economically developed cities in Carretas.

Walking into the city, Benjamin did not taste any salty air but instead felt water elemental energy surging all around - much more active than in other cities. How convenient.

Benjamin had previously sent some mages here, but they have already left for a neighbouring town after getting word of Benjamins plan. So, now the three of them were left alone with the townsfolk.

They reached a storage area some ten minutes later. Being a merchant town, the port had a lot of storage rooms. Some were packed to the brim, while others were left empty and abandoned.

This particular area was filled with empty storage units. They were once inhabited by crooks and lowlifes which have all inexplicably left leaving the area to become the most deserted place in all of Halleyden.

But Benjamin knew the real reason why: The Church had turned the entire complex into their training facility.

The three snuck around the storage area and stopped in front of the smallest one. Benjamin felt weird, but after working his water elemental sensing technique, he delved inside.

The storage was empty with only a few priests guarding it. But digging underground, Benjamin saw a whole new world. There were countless tables and chairs arranged neatly, delicate religious murals coated the walls, a red carpet had been rolled out and a grand the podium stood magnificently at its head.

The Church has built an underground chapel here.

Benjamin whistled in amazement.

The chapel was rather big and housed about a hundred people. These people were wearing priest-like uniforms and had their hands clasped together, obviously praying. However, they did not look like normal priests - they were just trainees under the Church.

On the podium, a priest held a bible in front of his face and was preaching devoutly.

"That secret church is inside but is hidden underground. The entrance is at the side of the storage area but Im not that sure who will be guarding it." Mikel said in a hushed voice.

"There are five priests at the entrance, but no holy knights."

Mikel was stunned, "How do you know?"

Benjamin smiled, "I just do."


Mikel was speechless. Frank was the one who continued the conversation, "Teacher, what should we do now? Go in and massacre them?"

Benjamin shook his head.

He simply condensed an ice blade, knelt down, and started carving into the floor. Very quickly, he drew up the whole floorplan including the locations of the five priests.

"This is the situation inside." He turned to look at Mikel, "Can you take these five people out silently?"

Mikel was shocked, but examined the floorplan silently and nodded.

"Then lets begin." Benjamin said calmly.

Mikel did not ask anymore and simply stood up, looked at Benjamin like he was a madman, then walked to the entrance.

While walking, he drank a potion. The potion caused him to become a shadow and he swiftly disappeared from Benjamin and Franks sight.

Benjamin wasnt shocked but Frank was confused.

"Where where is he going?"

Benjamin shrugged.

"To go kill some people."

After a few minutes of silence.

A low groan rumbled out as the front door opened. Mikel walked out calmly while cleaning his dagger. He nodded at Benjamin to signal that the job was done.

Benjamin stood up silently and dragged Frank, who was completed flabbergasted, to the entrance.

They closed the door as they entered and immediately saw the five priests corpses hanging over some chairs. Their throats had been slit and warm blood was still pouring out from their necks onto the floor.

Frank was shocked to the core, but Benjamin simply nodded and smiled.

"Not bad." He winked at Mikel, "You didnt stain their clothing, so can make use of them."
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