When A Mage Revolts Chapter 445

Chapter 445: The End Of The Tricks?

Chapter 445: The End of the Tricks?
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...Take this ball of mine?

Although the cannibalistic mages did not understand the meaning behind his statement, they still realized that Benjamin had no plans to retreat. The next wave of attack was about to come soon.

Thus, even though they were still disheveled, they had no choice but to buck up and prepare to summon more shields so that they could block the impending attacks.

Sadly, their actions were slightly too late.

As the infuriated elder raised his hand, he saw an unknown spherical object within the smoke and dust before him. He paused, and he did not manage to make a move before someone shouted, "Watch out!"

The person did not even manage to finish the warning before that unknown object from the sky flew to them with breakneck speed. Now, the elder could finally take a good clear look at the object.

That was a glittering crystal ball.

Unfortunately, the elder lost his consciousness the next second after he realized that.


Another loud noise.

The crystal ball fell into the crowd like a torpedo, once again causing the world to quake. Numerous people could not even grasp what was happening; they blacked out for a moment, nearly knocked out by the impact from their surroundings.

The crystal ball could kill a giant magical bear in a second. Its power could never be underestimated.

Not far from the center, Benjamins mages who were approaching the place also heard the collision. At that moment, they instinctively looked confused.

"Wait. Theres another explosion?"

Frank once again smiled, but he looked like he had a constipation. "Yeah, youll get used to it. Our teacher has a particular liking of causing all kinds of explosions. We have no idea why either."

Varys nodded in agreement, his face the epitome of tranquility. He said, "This sound seems familiar Is that the crystal ball?"

The other mages shared a look after they heard that. They had a rough expectation of how hard the fight was in front of them; Benjamin even got the crystal ball out of his bag. Thus, after their brief pause, they accelerated and flew faster towards the source of the sound.

Meanwhile, at Benjamins side, his situation was not ideal, really.

He had burnt out all of his spiritual energy after he caused the explosion of the ice hill; he could barely use any magic now. Benjamin immediately ingested a potion in an effort to restore his abilities. Besides, he knew clearly that the explosion of the ice hill would not cause much threat if the enemy could react quickly enough; after all, they had the advantage of numbers.

Logically, no matter how capable he was or how the surrounding was giving him an edge, that was still a few hundred enemies on his hands. He could never penetrate all the few hundred shields alone.

Thus, he could only utilize illogical tools.

The water crystal was a strange item that no one knew the extent its attack power. However, Benjamin could confirm that it was a very powerful item, and its power was very irregular, and that was perfect for situations like this.

The crystal balls total damage might not be as great as Benjamins stored ice hill explosion that caused an earthquake. But for a one-point breakthrough, the crystal ball was probably Benjamins most powerful move right now.

Hence, Benjamin did not even hesitate to fire his most powerful move once his spiritual energy restored enough for him to activate the crystal ball.

The crystal ball flew like a shooting star before dropping into the ice hill and causing a crater in the ground. Benjamin was pleased to see its spectacular performance - as long as someone was grazed by it, there would be injury or even death; even the enemies that did not come in contact with the crystal ball were shaken off guard by the shockwave when the crystal ball dropped to the ground. They were now sprawled all over the place in the dungeon.

It could be said that the crystal ball traced a bloody path from within the hundred of crowded people.

The crystal ball also shot through the elders strange method of protection, rendering the latter useless, and the dark element that once again gathered had dispersed after the impact. The most awful result of them all was that one of the elders, who were right on the projectile of the crystal ball, got his head hit right off his torso; he died on the spot.

That was quite a good battle result! With the crystal ball, Benjamin was finally able to do significant damage to the cannibalistic mages.

However, it was still too early to celebrate.

"You despicable being! I want to use your flesh and blood as a sacrifice to my people who have perished!" The voice of another elder was heard from the slowly diffusing smoke after a long silence. His voice was shaking with rage, just like a volcano before its eruption.

Benjamin crouched in response to that, his gaze quiet as he scanned the crater that is the dungeon before him.

Within the crater, the cannibalistic mages supported each other to climb out of the crater, and most of them had blood on their bodies. They stood outside the crater, chewing the broken limbs and broken flesh of their fallen comrades as they stared at the faraway Benjamin with animalistic eyes.

Benjamin, who had so much blood on his hands, still felt a cruel chill down his spine when he was presented with this scene.

They could really f*cking swallow that, huh?

He did a brief count and concluded that the fatality count was approximately 60 from that one ball he tossed into the crowd. On top of that, he killed an elder, which was good enough. However, there were still around 200 cannibalistic mages left that still had the power to retaliate.

200 was not a number that was easy to handle. Not mentioning the fact that Benjamin had totally exhausted his spiritual energy with his last attack, and that splitting headache he was having now was not allowing him to use even a Water Ball Spell. There was no way that he could hold his ground against the 200 cannibalistic mages.

"Why? Arent you all great and super just now? What happened now? Cant do it anymore? Attack us again then! Come!" Someone obviously noticed what was happening, and started taunting Benjamin while pointing at him.

Benjamin snorted coldly before aiming at the person, his arms outstretched.

Immediately, the cannibalistic mages took a few steps backwards, their trauma acting up from their previous experience with Benjamins magic. However, after they were on full alert and summoned their shields to protect themselves, nothing happened after a long time.

"What are you so scared of? Im just scaring you." Benjamin shrugged nonchalantly.

"You." The person was so outraged that he lost his words.

It was evident that Benjamins courageous move to fight a few hundred of them alone was scary enough for them. Thus, even though Benjamin ran out of his tactics and was obviously disadvantaged, his enemies would still be wary of his capabilities, and refrained from jumping the gun.

"Enough. His spiritual energy has worn out, he probably even overused it. He would not be able to do anything in a short period of time." Finally, an elder spoke chillingly to his people. "Kill him, and harvest his flesh and blood."

The cannibalistic mages nodded at the order, determined.

They impatiently chanted their spell, and at that moment, countless black shadows were summoned. They rushed straight towards Benjamin like thousands of black snakes!

"Die, you motherf*cker!" One of the elders shouted, his voice trembling with emotion.

Nevertheless, just as the black shadows were inches away from touching Benjamin, layers and layers of magical shields appeared before him, glittering as they blocked the shadows from their path.

The cannibalistic mages were stunned by the turn of events. Benjamin was still squatting at his position with a perfect smile on his face, perfectly unharmed. He was as cool as a cucumber.

At that sight, the elder tried to sense the source of the magical oscillation. Suddenly, he raised his head and gazed at the sky.

"Sh*t. The brats men managed to arrive in time."

Above them, hundreds of mages were in their lines as they flew. Their eyes were like daggers, boring holes into their bodies as they stared straight down at the cannibalistic mages. Once again, the cannibalistic mages were overwhelmed with a wave of shapeless pressure.

Within the hands of the mages were balls of flames, burning brightly in the sky.

"It was chilly enough just now, no?" Benjamins voice floated down towards them. "Dont worry, now its the time for you to feel the warmth of the fire."
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