When A Mage Revolts Chapter 467

Chapter 467: The News Regarding The Detention Centre

Chapter 467: The News Regarding the Detention Centre
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Unless... Not all the local mages of Carretas were secluded. There might still be some of them who were still being locked up and brainwashed by the Church until they have trained them to be as evil as Aldrich?

Otherwise, there were no any other explanations that would explain those detention centers, priest's teachings, and their outlooks.

For a moment, Benjamin felt that he has found a new direction with this accidental information.

What much can he do if a group of mages was locked up?

"Where is it?" He turned towards the Holy Knight and asked shortly. As he was afraid that his identity might be revealed, he naturally kept a low voice.

"What did you say?" It seemed like the other party did not hear clearly, so he repeated again, "Please just help me this once. If you have any issues the next time, Ill definitely help you!"

After Benjamin heard that, he gave it a thought and without speaking, he nodded his head.

"Youve agreed? Good! Youre the man!" The Holy Knight saw and his voice immediately buzzed with excitement. He then patted Benjamins back and said, "Dont worry, you can look for it in that direction. Ill look for you when Im done."

Just like that, he happily turned around and left; Benjamin was now a lone Holy Knight again.

However, Benjamin had already decided that he will not take the opportunity to run away.

"You dont have to look for me." He looked at the direction the other person was going towards, nodded his head and quietly replied, "Ill look for you soon."

Regarding this detention center, the only thing Benjamin needed was, was its location. There was no news from the Kings end which evidently showed that they knew nothing about it. Then... the source of this information could only have come from this Holy Knight who was standing right in front of his eyes.

He had thought of probing the language and just say the words out. The only thing was, his opponent and him, in his disguise as a Holy Knight, seemed as if they were quite familiar with each other. If he were to ask, in case he let the cat out of the bag, then it would only end with him having rice when he was supposed to steal a chicken.

Hence, Benjamin did not want to take that risk.

He could wait a while longer. The mage task force was hiding in a hidden place in the Candela Mountains where their safety was ensured for the time being. There were five mages left but by having Miles there with them, there should not be any problem.

Yet right before his eyes, even though the Holy Knights were diligently searching but it has already been a full night, humans too would get tired.

Benjamin had already marked that Holy Knight just now. He needed to wait until they were both alone, then he would hit him unconscious, bring him out secretly to a safe place; only then would he slowly start his interrogation.

Just like that again, for most of the night, it was as if he was fishing in muddy waters in the wilderness. When the sky slowly bleached white, the Holy Knights showed how fatigue they were. With that, he quietly sneaked beside the Holy Knight and took him to a place where there was no one residing. After, he threw a water bomb in his armor to hit him unconscious.

Following that, Benjamin dragged him out by using water vapor to leave the place.

"Wheres the detention center?"

Slightly more than half an hour flew by, they were hiding in the forest. Benjamin wasnt talking nonsense as well; he woke the Holy Knight by throwing a water ball at him, and started the interrogation. But when the Holy Knight saw Benjamin took off his armor to reveal a cloak, he was stunned.

"You... You... You are that.... "

"But I am that mage who just killed one of your Bishops." Benjamin shrugged, said frustratingly, "Now, you will need to tell me everything you know. If not, I will guarantee that you will not die as relaxed as your Bishop."

The Holy Knight blanked out for a while. When his attention came back, he burst an angry roar.

"You shameless bastard! You must be dreaming. Even if I die, I will never tell you anything! You "

He roared for about half a minute; his voice was as loud as a trumpet until he was short of breath and eventually stopped. Yet Benjamin waited until his opponent was resting only he opened his mouth as he shook his head.

"Save your energy. Your voice has already been cut off by my spell. You really think shouting like that will attract your companions?"

The Holy Knight was distracted - knowing that his own thoughts could be read, he revealed a worried expression.

"You... You can kill me if you dare."

"Nicely thought out."

Benjamin revealed an evil-like smile, clapped his hands and called upon a row of ice needles. Again, he started on his torture trip once more.

"Ah --!"

The miserable scream went on for approximately half an hour.

Without saying, the determination of the Holy Knights was still stronger compared to the businessman. In the process of the torturing investigation, the opponent had already been unconscious for a few times; his mouth subconsciously reciting the prayers, as if it would give him enough strength to carry on.

The degree of determination of this belief even surprised Benjamin.

Of course, this also arose the imagination of the person he was torturing, making the whole interrogation much more interesting and lively.

"Enough... Thats enough, please dont do it again. Me... Why am I seeing a swan, and a frog - what is this... Am I dead?"

At last, after a series of bloody and brutal torture, even when the Holy Knight was hallucinating, he did not pray. Instead, he words became mixed up.

No doubt, Benjamin threw a Waterball of healing, waking the person, and coldly asked, "Wheres the detention center?"

No matter how strong determination was, it could still shake. Finally, the Holy Knight let out an unintentional whisper and open his mouth, "In... In Amber City."

Benjamin raised his eyebrows.

Amber City? He stopped there for quite a long time and yet there was not a single trace that made him realize?

"Where in Amber City?"

"In Theres an abandoned hospital on the piece of empty land near the West City. A few months ago, we caught some mages and locked them there."

Benjamin heard and thoughtfully nodded his head.

That place was closer to the Town hall which he rarely went indeed.

After some thought, he asked again, "Hows the security there?"

"Fifty Holy Knights, ten Priests... The school has been sealed by a Divine Art tool. No one can escape, only.... Only the person with the key can enter."

"Wheres the key?"

"Its... Under my bed."


Benjamin helplessly shook his head.

Forget it... This bastard was exhausted by the torture - the defenses in his heart collapsed and seemed like he was speaking with a bit of awareness now. With where they were in this interrogation process, Benjamin too, should not hope for more.

Its only just the Divine Art, it does not matter if there was no key.

Just like that, he again asked a bit more information on the detention center. As Benjamin stood up, he ended the Holy Knights life. He dealt with the body and walked out of the jungle. It was already afternoon, with the sun shining, it was another new day.

He should go meet with Miles.

Benjamin also did not know whether Miles would worry since he had not shown himself for one night.

But... They had already decided on a meeting place, a cave near Candela Mountains. Miles only needed to bring five mages and wait there - basically it is not possible that anything would happen.

That place was a bit far, he better make a move quickly.

With that, Benjamin rubbed his tired eyes, regained his attention and slowly headed out towards the north.
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