When A Mage Revolts Chapter 476

Chapter 476: Drink X Without Forgetting To Xx

Chapter 476: Drink X without Forgetting to XX
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After further his investigations, Benjamin found two suitable teenagers with talent in the village.

For the small village of a hundred, this was not a bad result. Benjamin taught beginner level magic knowledge to them and they happily accepted, quickly becoming student mages.

However, the villagers were still hesitant when it came to matters of resisting the Church.

"The throne being hogged by bad people is indeed an enraging matter, but. Its like not we can do anything about it, right?"

Within the village heads home, the head greeted them warmly as he poured two glasses of malt beer for Benjamin and the King. But he was obviously still troubled as he stated his opinion.

Benjamin could understand where he was coming from.

From the villagers point of view, the dignity of the throne needed to be preserved, but they were just regular villagers and townsfolk, this was not their responsibility.

Moreover, they were already willing to let Benjamin and the rest stay in the village and treated them kindly. This in and of itself bore some risks.

But Benjamin suddenly changed the topic, as if nonchalantly asking, "Lets not talk about this... Right, I noticed that the location of this village is a bit further off. Has it been inconvenient for you and your villagers?"

The village head did not quite understand why Benjamin brought this up but still nodded in response to the question.

"Its just a small matter," He paced himself to speak slowly while showing a worried look, "The location here is not too good. Every time we need water we need to wake up early in the morning for the laborious journey. Other than that, there's a band of mountain thieves in the nearby mountains. They make trips to our village once in a while. We have written many letters to the capital, hoping they would send someone to take care of it but we have yet to hear back from them"

Hearing the village head blabbing nonstop, Benjamin quickly cut in and smiled, "I see. These are small issues that we can help you solve."

The village head was dumbfounded, "Re-really?"

The King also revealed a rather puzzled look, as if not understanding the reason behind why Benjamin was being such a busybody on these small matters.

Benjamin nodded and promised the village head that they would help dig a well for the village and wipe out the mountain thieves. The village head was so touched that he almost knelt down in gratitude.

Benjamin then left the village heads home with His Majesty.

"Now why did you have to go and do that? Isnt it better to just head over to the next village?" Once there was no one around, the King couldnt help but ask.

Benjamin shook his head.

"Your Majesty has been a King for so many years. Havent you realized how important it is for the people to feel connected?"

"Connected what's that?"

The King was in a complete daze.

"Ah well, Your Majesty will soon understand," Benjamin shook his head and redirected the conversation, "Ah right, about the crown as well as that emblem, where did Your Majesty obtain them from?"

The King hesitated for a moment before explaining, "I took them with me when I escaped from the palace."

Benjamin frowned, "But Your Majesty, you didn't mention them before."

One is a crown and the other is a royal emblem. These two items were the best proof of a Kings identity. Why didnt he take them out sooner?

The King fell silent before responding, "They are my only remaining assets. If these were taken away, then I will be nothing. That is why I was so afraid to tell anyone about them."

Benjamin nodded and did not say any more.

So, the King was still holding back huh...

But, if the King had taken out these two items, it could only mean that he now fully trusted Benjamin. By now he must have felt that Benjamin did not have any desire for the throne and was not just merely using him as a stepping stone.

If that was the case, Benjamin was not unhappy at all.

Benjamin was pressed for time. Therefore, he started to fulfil his promises to the village head as fast as he could. He used the water element sensing technique to search for underground water sources and then gathered the villagers at a specific point.

He then told the villagers that they would be digging up a well.

There was no point in being a secret Santa; He needed fame, so the higher the profile, the better.

The villagers were overjoyed upon hearing that Benjamin would be helping them build a well. Under Benjamins instruction, the King also made an appearance and gave a speech to the people.

"This is my nation and you are my people. Perhaps in earlier days, I have failed to do anything for you, but from today onwards, I promise I will work hard to improve your lives."

Although his words seemed scraped together but to the villagers, it seemed that the King himself had come before them to help improve their lifestyle. This alone was tremendous news.

Benjamin and his subordinates then summoned magic and started digging downwards. With the help of magic, things moved quickly and before long, they had built a well.

"There is really water"

The villagers gawked at the sight of the endless stream of water.

This was the point at which they realized that magic was a divine ability that was there to improve their lives, not some cheap demon trick.

Benjamin nodded his head towards them.

"Its getting late. If you do not mind, we will take our leave now to wipe out the mountain thieves. Once this area is clear of these bandits, you can live your lives in peace."

Benjamin and the few mages took off once he finished his speech. They flew up into the sky and soon disappeared from the villagers sight.

The villagers faces were awestruck.

Honestly speaking, Benjamin made sure to be extra enthusiastic with every movement and word as he kept sending the same message to the villagers "Look! Were the good guys! Were doing good things! You must support us!"

But, they really were bringing improvements into the villagers lives. Hence, the villagers did not find them pretentious.

No matter what, these villagers were the direct benefactors.

"Praise His Majesty the King! As well as Sir Mages, you are good people!"

"Thank you, Your Majesty You really are a rare good King. We will carve your name on the well and we will always remember each time we fetch water your good name will live on for generations!"

"Magic is great. If only I had the talent for it"

The King was in awe and felt humbled at villagers heartwarming response. Throughout his life, he had experienced many butt lickings and countless ass kissing. However, this was the first he has been so satisfied.

The people, huh

The King shivered at the thought of the entire nation seeing him this way.

At this moment, his face teary and eyes burning with hatred, "These bandits They have shamed my sister. If you are really going to kill them, then I will be forever indebted to you. I will even help you stall the army if you need me to!"
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