When A Mage Revolts Chapter 481

Chapter 481: Run

Chapter 481: Run
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Benjamin and the King remained in the tent, they could hear an uproar startomg outside of the tent which was quiet before. Tens of thousands of shoulders started marching, their footsteps like a rising tide.

"...What should we do?" The king panicked, everything has developed beyond his imagination.

Benjamin was still calm--when accidents happen, he has gotten used to it.

"Run." He shook his head and said helplessly.

A great amount of water vapor has been conjured by Benjamin, and it created a violent wind, which took the whole tent apart, Benjamin and the King were exposed under the night sky. The soldiers within the encampment that have gathered saw the tent being blown up and were stunned.

That moment, General Rexton who still tried to cover his bleeding wound looked at Benjamin, stunned.

Benjamin looked back at him with eyes filled with disappointment. He did not say anything, but took the King with him as he flew up.

"No! They want to escape!" General Rexton was stunned for a while but came back to his realization, quickly barking, "Where are the muskets? These are the fugitives of the country, dont let them escape!"

He thought he could catch them..

Benjamin shook his head.

Underneath them at the encampment, tons of soldiers wielded some weird machine and pointed them at the two in the sky. Benjamin waved his hand and created a gust of water vapor that blew towards them, forcing them to close their eyes and make their aim go off.

Gunfire sounded, only some of the shots were aimed properly. Benjamin summoned an ice wall which easily blocked them off.

"You are all soldiers of Carretas, why are you trying to hurt your King?"

Benjamin saw the chaos below and spoked in a loud tone.

The soldiers were stunned.

"Dont be tricked by them, they are the bandits which stole the crown and are trying to impersonate his Majesty!" General Rexton, who knew what he did, but even with severe wounds he could still speak loudly.

Under his command, the soldiers quickly aimed at the two again and started firing.

Benjamin saw this and knew that what he said was useless, so he conjured another plain of water vapor and blew it towards the soldiers. At the same time, he brought the King and started flying westwards without looking back.

"One day, you will all regret that you almost destroyed Carretas."

After saying that, he accelerated, with the King, he quickly disappeared from their view.

The soldiers that lost their target looked at each other.

"Gen-general, are you alright?" Some of them ran to General Rexton and asked.

"Im alright, find the medic for me." The general shook his head, his voice with rage," Send someone to Gealorre, let his Majesty know. These twotheir ambition is scary."

The soldiers were stunned, nodded, and turned around and left.

Under the pitch black night sky, after the momentarily chaos, the encampment slowly regained its peace.

At the other side of the night sky.

"Why is it so? I am the one that appointed him as general, after just a few years, how could he not recognize me anymore?"

After flying to a safe place, Benjamin and the King landed safely. The King was obviously disappointed in General Rexton.

Benjamin did not express his opinion, only saying: "Uh...you should wipe away the dirt on your face."

To be honest, the King has a generic face, plus they entered by digging a tunnel, of course it looked different. A few years not coming into close contact, you could not blame him that he did not recognize him.

In short...this plan to form an alliance has ended in failure.

Not only that, the opponent must have a way to report of their existence. Thus, the Church will be able to determine their position and would send a large squad to find them.

They had to change their route.

Very quickly, Benjamin and the King were back in the forest, together with the mages and the disciples. Using the night, they quickly left and went North, ready to leave this place before the Church arrives.

As for their location, if they went North.it would be the center of Carretas.

"Is it really okay this way?" While rushing there, Tony could not help but ask worryingly, "If we walk even further a little, we would be back in Gealorre."

"The most dangerous place is the safest place." Benjamin replied," Plus, we cannot keep staying at the edges, they are always villages nearby."

What was most important, they could not let the church reach them.

Just like hide-n-seek, the enemy had to predict their next movement, and they had to keep coming up with new plans and continue hiding.

"But, if the Church comes out from Gealorre, and we head there, we might run into them right?" Tony asked.

Benjamin nodded.

"Of course. But, we can ambush them." He said so," Most of us will hide, but some of us will use this opportunity to get rid of them."

They could sense if there were movements nearby, they still had the advantage for these things.

Plus, it was time for them to retaliate.

How many people the Church had in Carretas, Benjamin was unclear, until the end, they still had to get rid of these people. So, why not begin now?

With this, Benjamin changed the route they took and headed for the center of Carretas.

The villagers on the way, they would walk in, like before, they looked for people with magical talent to join them. Some of the villagers were too small, and were not known by the Church, so all of them went in successfully. Some of the villages are larger, Benjamin felt that some of the people in it were suspicious of them, so they went around it.

In the process, they really ran into people from the Church.

"Be careful, all of them are priests in this squad." Bringing his followers into the cave, Benjamin said everything after sensing it, "There are about three to four hundred people, and all of them have combat capabilities, not just the paddling kind."

The mages and the disciples heard this and showed a sense of danger.

"Should we do it?" Joanna asked.

Benjamin shook his head:" Of course not, how many do we even have?"

If all of the disciples could use some low level magic properly, he could at least try fighting them. Buthow long have they even been learning magic? If they could use low level magic that was already not bad.

For this kind of small squad, he could not hope for much.

"After they leave, we move." Thus, he gave this order.

But, on the second day, Benjamin realized that these priests did not intend to leave anytime soon.
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