When A Mage Revolts Chapter 498

Chapter 498: A Malevolent Messenger

Chapter 498: A Malevolent Messenger
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At that moment, Benjamin was so frightened that he was getting goosebumps.

He ignored the King standing at the side, immediately step forward and ran straight out of the tent. At that very moment, the general was still walking away, the messenger behind him had already taken out the cross but the soldiers at the side did not even notice what was happening.

The general looked at Benjamin who suddenly rushed out of the tent with a dumbfounded look.

"Why are you..."

However, Benjamin shouted while he ran: "General, be careful!"

Benjamin saw everything clearly through the General's shoulders, the priest was holding the cross in his hand, aimed it at the General and seemed to be chanting something in his mouth. Whereas the several soldiers at the side did not understand the situation, they just stared at Benjamin blankly with no intention of stopping the priest.

He cannot wait any longer...

Benjamin had no choice, he had to make a move.

Accompanied by a deep voice chanting a spell, a huge water ball suddenly appeared and was falling down from the sky, heading toward the priest who was pretending to be a messenger!

At that moment, the priest looked a little nervous. He clearly did not expect Benjamin to be here, but, after hesitating for a short while, he kept the cross, turned around and ran.

Benjamin's face sank.

Trying to escape?

His waved his right hand and the water ball in the sky exploded like fireworks, transforming into a water curtain, covering that whole area.

The priest who was in that area, so he naturally cannot avoid being trapped in it.

Therefore, he stopped, turned around and began chanting, looking as though he was ready to fight against Benjamin head on. However, Benjamin sneered coldly and shook his head, the huge water curtain suddenly started to draw closer, as though it was a fishing net with fishes in it which instantly trapped the priest.

The life-saving cross on the priest broke apart, forming a shield to protect the priest by blocking off the water. However, Benjamin controlled the water curtain to re-form a huge water ball which wrapped the priest in it.

The moment the water ball was formed; a muffled hum was coming from within the water ball.

The priest was stunned when his chant was interrupted by the anti-magic water ball.


However, Benjamin just shook his head.

"Just give up, youll never be able to escape."

The time span of that whole process only took a little more than ten seconds, the soldiers at the side, the general who turned around and the kings who was watching from the tent... Before they can even process what was happening, Benjamin had already kept the priest under control and stopped walking.

After that, the soldiers had a panicked look on their faces.

"You ... who are you? Why did you run out of the general's tent?"

After hearing that, Benjamin got a headache. The situation was somewhat complicated, he was a wanted criminal with his portrait plastered all of the places, and since he suddenly rushed out and fought the "messenger" sent by Gealorre - who knew how will all these ordinary soldiers think?

What if they misunderstood...

Fortunately, at that moment, the general spoke up: "This is my guest, everyone please do not worry."

The soldiers recovered from the shock, turned around to look at the priest who was trapped in the water ball: "But what about the messenger? He was sent by Gealorre!"

The priest in the water ball shouted, pointed at the general and scolded: "How dare you hide a fugitive! As a general of Gealorre, are you trying to disobey the Kings command?"

The soldiers heard that and looked at the general suspiciously. The other soldiers surrounding that area also come forward, more and more people started to gather together.

Instantly, the general could not help but frown.

This is getting out of hand.

"Shut up, messenger? Hes just an assassin, how dare you claim to be the messenger of the King?" Before he had the time to say anything, Benjamin quickly said, "This man wanted to attack the general just now, if it wasnt for me, the general would have surely been dead. "

However, the priest did not give up and continued saying: "Nonsense! You are the number one wanted criminal on the arrest warrant, how dare you show yourself. Ladies and gentlemen, catch him and send him to Gealorre, you will be heavily rewarded by Your Majesty!"

After being pointed out, some soldiers looked at Benjamin and seemed to have recognized him.

"He does... he does seem like the bandit leader."

"What is going on..."

The soldiers started discussing among each other.

Suddenly, Benjamin realized the severity of the situation. Even though this group of army was under the leadership of the general, but they still belonged to the king, so they need to follow and accept Gealorres command. If the soldiers did not believe in the general enough to listen to his command blindly or if they were fooled by the orders of the imposter king, the situation might turn into a mutiny.


They need to prove their identity to the soldiers.

"You evil heretic who stole my throne, how dare you appear in front of me?" Looking at the situation, the king had no choice but to walk out of the tent, with a crown and fancy clothing.

Suddenly, everyone's expression changed.

"Your, Your Majesty?"

The general responded quickly and immediately shouted: "Quickly salute to Your Majesty!"

The soldiers were all dumbfounded, but even though they had doubts in their heart, they still kneeled and saluted.

However, the priest stared at the King with his eyes wide open, as if he wanted to break free from the water ball and tear the King apart.

"Please stand up, my good soldiers" The king nodded and looked towards the priest trapped inside the water ball.

It was his time to shine.

Therefore, he went on saying, "As all of you can see, this so-called messenger is actually a spy of the enemy. Now that the royal palace is under the control of the church, they let an imposter to take over my throne. Whereas the mages who protected me were branded as bandits and are wanted in the country. "

After hearing that, the soldiers looked at each other in silence.

The king then glanced at the crowd and said: "Now that Icor had already invaded into our doorstep, but the church did not think about how to defend against the enemy attack, instead, they ordered all of you to do nothing. Soldiers, do you really want to look at how the enemy invade our country bit by bit? Will the real King of Gealorre give such command? No, I will never do that. "

Immediately, the look on the soldiers face changed again.

The rumors about the real and imposter King was being spread around some time ago and they also heard about it. As a soldier, of course they chose to believe in Gealorre and support the "King" being protected in the palace. However, when the king who was branded as a "liar" appeared in front of them and it seemed like even the general was siding the "liar", they could not help but to re-evaluate the rumors.

Also... the most crucial issue was Icors invasion.

The king spoke into the bottom of their hearts.

The war has already begun, but they cannot do anything, they do not even know if their families in their hometowns were being affected or not. That was something that they definitely cannot tolerate. If not for the vow that they made to the King, they would have already presented petition and rushed to the front line to defend their country.

The soldiers suddenly had doubts about the churchs command to "do nothing".

Therefore, no matter which was the real King, at least ... the king in front of them now did not say anything that raised suspicion.

"No, do not listen to this liar, he is not the real king! What do they know?" The priest in the water ball still did not give up and shouted loudly, "Your Majesty is now in the palace, not doing anything is just a counterattack tactic which they do not understand!"

"Oh really?" Benjamin smiled and said, "Everyone please listen to him, isnt this person's accent a little strange?"

"You ... what do you mean?"

Benjamin asked, "Are you a native of Gealorre?"

"I, of course I am."

Benjamin smiled, shook his head, then looked at the soldiers around him and said: "Everyone must have heard it. This guy is from the Kingdom of Helius, how can he be the messenger of Gealorre? Needless to ask, he is a spy sent by the church."

After hearing to what he said, the soldiers were also aware that something was off and they started looking at the priest hostilely.

"No! You have to believe me ..."

The priest continued to yell, but Benjamin did not want to listen to it anymore.

He aimed his right hand at the priest and suddenly clenched his fist. At that moment, the water ball wrapping around the priest started to stir up and turned into a water vortex prison. In just a few seconds, it destroyed all the live-saving crosses on the priest and smashed the shield protecting him which drowned him completely
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