When A Mage Revolts Chapter 508

Chapter 508: Hunted Down With Icy Mist

Chapter 508: Hunted Down with Icy Mist
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Benjamin had never tried swinging the crystal ball at people before.

But he did it anyway.

The layers upon layers of holy crosses surrounding the bishop made Benjamin resort to drastic measures he knew that normal attacks would never penetrate the shields.

Hiding in the icy mist, he waited for the perfect opportunity before rushing behind the bishop. As he drew close, he raised his right hand like a basketball player and dunked the crystal orb directly into bishops head!

The bishop, however, did not just sit around waiting to die.

In the short amount of time he had, he moved all of the crosses to gather at the top of his head, trying his best to block the crystal ball from annihilating him.

Both of them reacted so quickly everything happened in the blink of an eye.


Like a person walking hard into a grandfather clock, a great buzzing noise came from inside the mist. The people on the streets covered their ears to mute the noise and stared up at the sky in confusion.

They strained their eyes as hard as they could to try to see what had happened inside the fog, but, all they could see was that the dim light inside.

What did this mean?

"...Has he won?" The king was taking off his noble robes when this happened. He paused what he was doing and looked at the sky.

"I dont know, maybe" The general looked up as well. He hesitantly put the crown he took from the king back on the kings forehead.

The light that emanated from the bishop was gone, did this mean the bishop was defeated?

In the icy mist.

"How...how could this be?"

The bishop had shock written all over his face.

At that moment, the holy crosses around him had all vanished. His wrinkly face was shuddering, but it was unclear if he was shaking in anger or in fear.

In his hand, the silver cross was split down the middle, he now only had one end left, which he held tightly in his balled-up fist.

Benjamin, he did not seem to be enjoying himself much either.


Gliding nearby, he summoned a few healing waterballs and held them against his wrist. That crystal ball was no longer in his hand but was instead suspended by Benjamins water vapour by Benjamin.

To be honest, he did not know what had happened when the crystal ball and the crosses collided.

Benjamin heard a loud sound, then felt himself shake. Following that, a great pain shot through his right arm. It was so bad that he almost fainted from the pain. Luckily, the System shouted at him, snapping him back to his senses, if not he would probably have crashed straight to the ground.

From the pain, Benjamin felt that he had probably dislocated his arm.

Luckily, his opponent was not in better condition.

Before the crystal ball hit, there were about thirty crosses around the bishop, illuminating him like a lightbulb. But now, the crosses were gone and the silver cross in the bishops hand was completely destroyed.

Benjamin did not know what the silver cross was, but after seeing the bishops reaction, he determined that it was just some magical tool.

The short amount of time needed to use high-level divine arts and the fact that he could summon so many crosses probably had something to do with the silver cross.

Thus, he was pleased with the result of their collision even though the bishop was not hurt anywhere.

Thinking of this, Benjamin narrowed his eyes and stared at the bishop who reacting in frustration. He controlled the icy mist to drift toward the bishop and become thicker.

The crosses of protection on the bishop activated, but did not last long under the pressure of the icy mist.

Very quickly, the crosses on the bishop cracked and exploded.

The bishop heard them crumbling and snapped to attention.

"You...destroyed the Cross of the Sacred Edict." He stared at Benjamin, emanating a deadly aura head-to-toe. All traces of his devoutness seemed to have disappeared, "Brat, accept the judgment of the Light!"

He started chanting and the holy light gathered from across the heavens and the earth.

Benjamin raised his eyebrow. He still wants to fight?

Even though his right hand was out of commission right now, Benjamin was still a mage, no?

He sighed and a small ball of icy condensed into an icy sword before drifting into the middle of the icy fog.

At the same time, the bishop finished chanting as well.

There was a sudden burst of light and the shining wings behind the bishop fluttered as if it had suddenly gained a power-up. Now, the bishop was looking at Benjamin in a rage.

But, he suddenly turned around and ran.

"...looks like he was bluffing."

Benjamin saw this but was not surprised. It was already strange for the elderly bishop to have the will to fight; do not forget, Benjamin had already killed a bishop when it was one versus three. It would be surprising, if the bishop still had the will to fight him one on one without the Cross of the Sacred Edict.

Seeing this, Benjamin was certain his opponent was devoid of morale.

But...did he really think he can just run away in the icy mist?

Benjamin pursed his lips before smirking.

The bishop ahead and rushed out of the fog at extreme speeds. As he flew, he would occasionally look backwards. After seeing that Benjamin did not give chase, he felt relieved and continued flying onward.

Was the boy really going to let him go like this?

He did not the answer. He knew he was in danger the moment the Cross of Sacred Edict broke.

Benjamin could have easily trapped him there if he wanted.

He regretted coming alone to check on the army camp; even worse that he did not wait for reinforcements before attacking then after discovering the king and his army. Still he could not help but wonder if they could really win, even if reinforcements had come?

Three bishops outnumbered the mage last time, yet he still managed to escape.

He was dangerous beyond belief.

It was now that the bishop realized that Carretas was no longer under their control. Unless Helius sent more people he shuddered at the thought.

He suddenly shook his head violently to dispel these thoughts. Whatever...escape is his priority right now!

The bishop could see that the icy mist in front of him was getting thinner; very quickly he would escape it.

But, at this moment.

"Are you done trying to escape?" Benjamins voice chimed out like a spirit, coming from deep within the icy mist.
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