When A Mage Revolts Chapter 517

Chapter 517: Having A Conversation With Runes

Chapter 517: Having a Conversation with Runes
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When his left hand touched the runes, suddenly, a strange picture appeared in his mind, as though someone had just stuffed a picture in his head.

Benjamin was startled.

It was a black and white picture with a number of white dots on the boundless black surface.

And by the time Benjamin regained his consciousness, the picture had vanished. At that moment the system wasnt there, so he did not have the systems photographic memory ability. Therefore, he was not able to remember how the white dots were bring distributed.

Although he did not know what the white dots meant, but once he touched the runes, a picture will randomly appear in his mind, that was certainly not something out of the ordinary.

It was a wonderful feeling.

After thinking about it, Benjamin once again stretched his hands toward the runes and touched it lightly.

To his surprise, the picture appeared again. But this time he was mentally prepared, in the brief moment that it appeared, he tried his best to memorize the shapes on the surface.

In a while, the picture disappeared and Benjamin fell into deep thought again.

In fact, it was a very simple picture, the white dots on the black surface were being arranged orderly into two groups, to the left and right. As Benjamin recalled the little white dots, he felt like hes doing an IQ test.

Suddenly, he remembered the "hello" that he had decoded previously.

Could it be... This was a similar method of expression?

He tried to recall the two groups of small white dots, then compare them with the alphabets. Finally, Benjamin came up with the word "Leave".

The moment when he saw that, Benjamin was left speechless.

The runes... Was it asking him to leave?

By associating it with the "Elemental Plane" and the "Will of the Water Elements", Benjamin suddenly came up with a thought---- could it be that the runes in front of him actually do have consciousness?

Instantly, Benjamin looked around and there were runes everywhere with different shapes. Just the thought that these runes may be conscious, and that they can "talk" made Benjamin feel a little eerie.

These things ... were they staring at him?

After thinking about it, Benjamin waved and greeted the runes that he touched just now. But as expected... without questioning, the characters did not have the slightest response, Benjamin was embarrassed and he felt like a fool.

It seemed like the runes cannot communicate in human language...

So, after hesitating for a moment, Benjamin grabbed a rune.

It felt very cold in his hand, as though he was holding a smooth metal bar.

At the same time, the black-and-white picture appeared again in his mind. However, this time, the small white spots wasnt arranged like the last time, it looked a little complicated. The picture will not disappear as long as he kept holding the rune. Therefore, he held on and began to decode the little white dots.

Finally, he came up with a sentence.

"Don't touch Me."

"That was the message that the rune was trying to express using in the picture.

However, although the rune seemed very unwilling, but it did not really respond to Benjamin, or suddenly make a move to push Benjamin away.

After thinking about that, Benjamin nodded thoughtfully.

He looked at the rune in his hand and suddenly got an idea. Not only did he not loosen up his grip, but he began to hold it tightly, attempting to rip down the rune bring framed on the blue wall.

Unfortunately, the rune was very firmly attached, no matter how hard Benjamin tried, he still cant remove it, it was as though the rune was painted on wall.

Not only that, during the process of Benjamin trying to remove it from the wall, the picture that appeared in his mind began to change.

"You don't belong here."

This was what he came up with after decoding the new picture.

Unfortunately, it was just a short sentence. Clearly, Benjamin was not satisfied. After trying for such a long time, he was still not in danger, which means that the rune will not hurt him. Therefore, he didn't loosen his grip and continued trying. As he started gripping tightly, the small white dots on the picture started to change.

Finally, the whole picture disappeared.

Benjamin was stunned.

"... The sound is gone?"

He released his grip and held it again, but the black-and-white picture did not appear again, and there was no reaction. After being stunned for a moment, he felt like maybe he was too annoying, so the rune gave up on trying.

Thinking about this made Benjamin felt very helpless.

Even he did not want to be like this, but he finally got to enter the pure blue world, it was impossible for him to not want to find out more about this place. His magic power had not been progressing and he might be able to find a solution here.

So, he turned around to look for another rune to touch.

However, as though the runes have been communicating with each other, no matter how Benjamin disturbed them, they no longer showed any reaction, even the picture being forcibly put into Benjamins mind was gone.

Benjamin explored around the pure blue world, but in the end, he still got nothing.

So, he had no choice but to stop.

Since he cant settle this through physical methods, then... he will try using magic.

He recalled the last time he used magic in the pure blue world, he was immediately kicked out, and it caused an ice storm in the City of Snow in Ferelden. Who knows what will happen this time.

As Benjamin chant the water ball spell, he suddenly heard a "ding" sound in his heart.

Benjamin was shocked.

He came back to his senses, he found a strange thing appearing in his hand. However, it was not a water ball that he summoned, but a blue triangular rune.

It had a dazzling blue ray, well defined sides, and a chipped corner Benjamin was sure that this was the magic rune in his space of consciousness, he was absolutely sure about it, he felt the connection.

He summoned the triangle rune?

There was a sense of absurdity in Benjamin's heart as he watched the rune shining in his hand.

In his space of consciousness, the magic rune was incapable of moving. But here, as long as his he changed his thoughts slightly, the tiny little rune will freely sway towards the right or left, it was as flexible as the water ball that he summoned.

Benjamin felt like... Everything that was happening was gone beyond his understanding. All he can do now is ignorantly rely on his intuition make the next move.

After hesitating for a moment, he ordered the triangular rune to fly towards a rune in this world.

----- It was the first rune that Benjamin had been harassing for a long time.

When the two runes touched, and he heard a soft sound. Then, his triangular rune shone brightly like a burning blue flame and the dazzling light was so bright that Benjamin cant help but squint.

This is...

Benjamin cant help but take a few steps back. Suddenly, he felt a pressure hovering over him. The pure blue world instantly became like an illusion, and the feeling of being in the real world vanished instantly.

Once again, he heard the sound of the ancient obscure whispers.




As though he had experienced it in the past, the murmurs quickly started to get louder, and the tide flooded Benjamin completely. It was as though there were 10,000 bombs exploding in his ears, the horrible sound waves made him feel numb in his head.


Benjamin clenched his fists and clenched his teeth, trying not to not lose consciously by the impact of the sound waves.

At the same time, he used his strong will to desperately put the word in mind.


He tried to open his mouth and read the word out along with the sound waves of the tsunami. However, he found it harder and harder to open his mouth, the impact of the sound waves was getting stronger and he was starting to lose it.

Before he was aware of the situation, he suddenly began to float like a lonely figure in the pure blue world.

Benjamin was starting to lose consciousness.

Whereas in front of him, the triangular rune continued to shine, brighter and brighter. Benjamin who was under the influence of the light ray had an idea flashing through his mind, then he closed his eyes unconsciously.

But when he opened his eyes again...

Long River Town was in front of him and he was hearing birds chirping. The morning sun was seeping in through the window and landed on Benjamin's face which caused him to squint his eyes.

Benjamin was dumbfounded.

It was like waking up from a big dream, his brain was still a little confused, he sat up from the bed and was stunned for a while before he finally came back to his senses.

What happened?

After a brief moment of hesitation, he immediately entered the space of consciousness.

Within the space of consciousness, the triangular rune was still sparkling. However, in this boundless dark world, there was suddenly a strange blue ripples. They echoed in Benjamin's space of consciousness, like the pond in the afternoon, where the spider jumped on the water, causing waves of water ripples.
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