When A Mage Revolts Chapter 546

Chapter 546: Sudden Retreat

Chapter 546: Sudden Retreat
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The ice fog started spreading rapidly, causing the temperature of the cave to drop lower, the wall was covered in a layer of thin ice crystal. Soon, other than the area that was protected by a barrier made by the mages, everything else was completely covered in white mist.

The water birds that Benjamin summoned had also frozen into ice birds, but they were still flying, from time to time rushing out of the fog and fiercely attacked the barrier with its hard claws, then quickly retreated back to the fog.


The attack launched by the mages had failed. After seeing that, other than the few mages who can chant high-level magic, the rest of them stopped attacking and started to constantly summon shields.

"What is this? Has anyone heard of this magic?" Someone asked.

The other mages shook their heads and frowned.

After the Ice fog appeared, Benjamin was hiding within the fog and he was nowhere to be found. They did not even know which direction did he went, so they did not know where to start.

"Lets set the whole cave on fire." The Queen was being supported by several mages, but at that moment, she opened her eyes and said weakly.

The mages were surprised.

However, since the Queen had already given a command, of course they will not defy her commands. Nearly a hundred mages once again started chanting spells, and this time, they summoned fire walls, fire pillars, bursting fireballs... ... all kinds of highly flammable magic. They did not aim their attacks, instead, they launched it in all directions.

Even though as soon as the magic left the barrier, its powers were weakened under the influence of the ice fog, but since they were large in number, the fog was not able to weaken all the attacks! An overwhelming amount of flame started spewing out, and the surroundings began to lit up. The burning flame surrounded their shield, forming an alternative layer of defense to slightly push back the fog that was surrounding them.

However, they still did not find Benjamin.

"This kid is really good at hiding." Someone exclaimed.

The atmosphere was stalemated for a moment.

However, at that moment, the few elder mages who were chanting spells suddenly opened their eyes. The magic fluctuation around them seemed stopped, as thought someone pressed a pause button, and there was a sharp look in the eyes.

"Well... let him be, lets see where he can hide now."

The other mages heard this and were surprised.

"Amazing, you have finish chanting a high-level magic in such a short time."

The Queen was very calm as she only said: "Do it."

After she said that, the five elderly mages raised their hands, accompanied by the violent wind elements, a fierce wind suddenly rolled up in the cave, as though a level ten typhoon was compressed into a 10 square meters. The sea of fire created by the other mages was being instantly extinguished, the ice fog summoned by Benjamin was also being blown away by the wild typhoon.

Benjamin finally appeared.

He flew in mid-air with a huge water bubble protecting him and blocking out the wind. However, the strong wind caused the water bubble to be nearly deformed. Benjamin who was in it had a troubled look.

"This is bad..."

Five mages casting a high-level magic together, it was indeed a very difficult situation to deal with.

However... ... not knowing why, he felt the power of a high-level magic should be more than that. Although he seemed a little troubled now, but in fact, it was not to the point where he was threatened.

He felt like there was something wrong with it.

If it was just purely a wind-type magic, with the five their combined attack, he will definitely not be able to withstand the attack. But now, he protected himself with just a dozen water balls compressed into a water bubble.

Soon, the explosive power of the wild wind had slowly faded, and the ice fog had gradually returned.

But Benjamin was not relieved.

Was it really that simple? Was this not a combined high-level magic by five mages?

"What do you mean..."

Just when he was about to say something, he saw the Queen who was in the barrier smiling at him sarcastically.

A gust of wind surged again, but this time along with the violent earth element. The walls of the cave seemed to be affected, and suddenly "boom", a large hole was being made. The winds started rolling up the mages and blew them towards the hole at the side of the cave.

Benjamin was dumbfounded, then he immediately came back to his senses.

They... ... they did not plan to kill him!

They wanted to escape.

Being in the territory of Carretas, even if it was just being underground, these Icor mages dare not stay too long. Therefore, after the Queens strange ritual was interrupted, they had no choice but to leave as soon as possible.

After all, if they stayed too long, Benjamins reinforcements might arrive, but on the other hand, it was impossible for them to have any reinforcements.

After realizing this, Benjamin cursed in his mind and immediately flew toward the hole on the cave wall, attempting to keep the group of mages here. However, the wild wind was still here, wreaking havoc in the cave, and his flying speed was being slowed down by five to six times.

"Firstly a violent typhoon, then a wild wind boundary, next, an indefinable crack... who knows what will be the other two high-level magic." The System commented.

Benjamin finally flew to the hole on the cave wall.

He had a dignified look on his face.

Making use of typhoon to attract his attention, then making use of the indefinable crack to dig an exit, finally, making use of the wild wind to prevent his pursuit... As for the hundred mages who was being blown away, it should also be a high-level magic.

These guys, their plan was pretty good, and they were actually so good at acting?

Just when he sensed that something was wrong, they had already ran away already, it was such a pity.

He accumulated a large amount of water vapor in his space of conscious, Benjamin instantly released all of it and formed a gas shield surrounding him. Finally, the wild wind barrier was completely blocked out by his shield, he flew with his fastest speed along the tunnel that was created by the mages.

Soon, he vaguely saw the shadows of the mages.

"He finally caught up with them again..."

The mages who were flying at the back looked at Benjamin, immediately turned around, chased after the mages in front, and shouted.

However, just then, another wave of magic fluctuation was coming from the group of mages. Then, a high-level magic was being casted, a hard and white huge piece of rock appeared out of thin air and blocked the passage of the newly made tunnel, completely blocking Benjamins way.

"... Giant rock shield."

Benjamin saw this and had no choice but to stop flying.

It was known as one of the strongest earth type defense magic, it will not break unless it was being hit for at least ten minutes. Since it was thrown into this tunnel, he will most probably not be able to pass through it.

Damn it...

He reluctantly looked at the blocked path and ultimately shook his head.

He actually let them get away.
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