When A Mage Revolts Chapter 547

Chapter 547: Back To The Surface

Chapter 547: Back To The Surface
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Even so, Benjamin still followed behind them and chased for a while.

After spending nearly ten minutes, he finally blew up the giant rock shield, then he drank a bottle of agility potion and chased along the tunnel with his fastest speed. The Queen fled using a high-level magic, but since Benjamin's agility was increased, his speed was faster than the high-level magic.

Gradually, he managed to shorten the distance once again.

Benjamin's speed frightened the mages. However, they still had quite a number of skills, such as setting up stone pillars, raining fireballs, wind walls... In short, as Benjamin got closer, there will be all kinds of magic being thrown at his face, from time to time, there will be a high-level magic being casted, so there was no way for Benjamin to get close.

Since he was alone, it was indeed a little difficult for him to keep such a big group of people here.

During his pursuit, about a little less than 1 hour had passed, and the cave that they were in was not that deep. Eventually, the group of mages who were protecting the Queen escaped from the ground of Gealorre and flew into the sky.

Benjamin followed behind them and got back to the surface, but there was no way to stop them anymore.

As the queen was being heavily protected by the mages, it was impossible for his magic to bypass them and restrain the Queen or make an impact.

"Forget it... Let them go." The System advised, "What can you do after capturing the Queen?"

"I can put a curse on the Queen and control the whole of Icor."


The System was speechless.

However, even though he said that, Benjamin looked towards the direction of the group of mages who were leaving and shook his head helplessly.

In the end, he gave up on chasing.

He sensed that the few elder mages were quite good, each of them were as good as a bishop or even better. If Benjamin continued to recklessly chase after them, it might not end well.

Moreover, he had already destroyed the Queen's plan, so it was not like he gained nothing.

He turned around and looked at the exit that they made and went back in again. The King and their army of troops were still in there, leisurely walking out of the cave, so he better get back to them.

The crystal ball that he used just now was being deeply embedded in the cave, so Benjamin had to get it back.

Soon, as he walked along the tunnel, he found the King and the rest of them. When they saw Benjamin, they were all dumbfounded, not knowing what happened. Benjamin briefly explained what happened, then lead them across the tunnel. After quite some time, they finally left the underground world.

"The sun has set..." The King looked at the dark sky, shook his head and said, "The next time you have such a plan, I will not participate in it again."

Benjamin shrugged helplessly and said: "Your Majesty, please rest assured, this is not something that can be met under normal circumstances."

Indeed, it was a rather special situation that some kind of unknown treasure was buried under the palace. The Queen wasted so much effort to send her troops and fake her death, it should be rather impossible to be in such situation again.

Now that there was no more treasure in Carretas, the Queen will probably not continue to fight. After she withdrew her troops from Carretas, this war will finally be able to come to a conclusion.

Indeed, everything happened very suddenly. The sudden invasion and the sudden withdrawal. For the ordinary citizens of Carretas, they might not even realize what was happening, no one expected the war to end in such a way, they might not even know how the war ended till the day they died.

"Oh yeah, Your Majesty, you better inform the front liners about this." After thinking about it, Benjamin suddenly said, "The Queen is not dead after all, so they might encounter some kind of trouble while attacking, so please tell them to be careful."

The King nodded.

Therefore, they set on their path and returned to Gealorre half an hour later.

However, when they arrived, they found that the underground collapsing seemed to have caused a minor earthquake in the city. Many citizens were frightened, even the garden behind the palace collapsed slightly.

Standing near the back door of the palace, the king saw the fallen garden and shook his head nonstop.

"You said... the underground cave, what is that exactly?" He turned around suddenly and asked Benjamin.

Benjamin shook his head.

"Perhaps it is a treasure left behind by the First Emperor of the Empire." His expression was rather helpless, "We cannot determine how many years ago did this happen. Perhaps many years ago, the power of magic was even greater than we thought, so they were able to create what we went through underground. "

There were still many things they we cannot explain at the moment, so there was no point in dwelling on it.

The King heard this, sighed and no longer said anything.

Gealorre was still a mess, they had a lot to deal with. Benjamin also returned to the mages district, used an anti-magic chain to chain the dozens of enemy mages down, and then slowly thought about how to deal with them.

After all, they were all connected to the Queen, it will be difficult for Benjamin to convince them.

So... ... he needed to kill them?

"Teacher Benjamin, are you saying that the lives of these mages are linked to the Queen's life because of some kind of magic potion?" Frank stood outside the prison cell, looked at the captured mages and suddenly asked.


"Then... Why not we find someone who knows about magic potions to investigate them?" Frank suggested. "No matter how powerful the magic is, there will be a weakness. This kind of magic potion, there should be a cure, just that no one has discovered it yet."

After hearing that, Benjamin nodded and said: "Indeed, after all, we must find a way to break this connection. By undergoing human experiments, we might be able to find something new."

Seeing that, not knowing why, Frank suddenly had an unpleasant feeling emerging in his mind.

"Human experiments... what is that?"

Benjamin smiled: "Dont worry, obviously it will not be too cruel, we will at most get some blood sample from them, or force them to drink something... Anyway ...we are doing this to save them!"

Frank wiped the sweat off his face, he still felt that something was not right, but cant tell what it was.

Benjamin looked towards the captured mages once again, smiled, he finally knew how to deal with these guys, so he nodded with satisfaction.

At the same time.

Hundreds of kilometers away, a group of mages landed in an unmanned jungle.

"Your Majesty, there is no need to hurry, we will be back at our base soon." The elder mage supported the Queen and said attentively.

"The camp... our camp should be under attack now, what is the point in going back?" The Queen did not look as well, her face was pale and she said in a sarcastic tone.

The mages at the side heard this and were all quiet, they did not know what to say.

The queen was helped to a seat on a rock. She held her knee with her head down, as if she was thinking of something, but no one knew what she was thinking.

The whole atmosphere fell into dead silence.

Suddenly, the Queen raised her head, stretched out her right hand and started chanting a water ball spell. Along with a slight magic fluctuation, a water ball smaller than a baby's fist appeared in her hand.

"Your Majesty, this is..." The mages at the side looked at the water ball and were stunned.


Suddenly, the water ball seemed to have lost control, it fell to the ground like a crystal cup that dropped onto the floor from somewhere high and turned into a pool of water which shocked everyone again.

The Queen held her forehead with a pained look. At that moment, there was blood flowing out of her nostrils.

The mages were in panic.

"Your Majesty! Your Majesty, are you all right? Do you need me to use a healing spell on you... ..."

The queen ignored all the mages who were talking.

She took a deep breath, suddenly raised her head, looked towards the direction of Gealorre with hatred in her eyes and murmured: "That guy... ... if not for that guy... ..."

Her voice was very low with regret and anger, it was like poisonous vines filled with thorns which started growing rapidly on the purplish-black ground.
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