When A Mage Revolts Chapter 554

Chapter 554: The Significance Of The Revolution

Chapter 554: The Significance of the Revolution
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Before Benjamin arrived, he had actually pictured many ways to deal with the rebel soldiers.

Obviously, the ideal method would be to hoodwink them through talk and just abandon them at Ferelden, so that they could seek asylum or find shelter in Carretas. But this would be rather difficult to pull off. Although the leader was very fond of him, he might not fall for Benjamins trick.

As for directly wiping them out through force, Benjamin just could not bring himself to do it.

Thus, he decided to act like a psychic and threaten the pitiful leader with some fictional tales. Fortunately, these people were not smart enough to see through his lies.

"Quickly leave this place and head to Carretas." Benjamin nodded and said as he looked at their flustered faces, "At your current strength, it will impossible for you to deal with the army from the City of Snow."

He had hoped that the leader of the rebel soldiers would obey him like before, but unfortunately, things were not so easy.

"No.... We cant! We cant leave this place!" The leader looked anxious and his tone was firm. "If we were to flee just because were afraid, then all our hard work would have been for nothing! We cant just give up."

"So, do you guys plan to die here?"


"Look, you didnt even think this through." Benjamin patted his shoulders and said slowly, "Think about all the soldiers who have been following you, their lives are in your hands. Do you want them to die for nothing?"

Once again, the leader fell silent.

Upon seeing this, Benjamin did not say anything more. He just sat aside quietly and gave the leader some time to think.

A few moments later.

"I need to discuss this with my men."

Benjamin smiled warmly and nodded, "Of course."

The fact that he was thinking about it was good news. By the looks of it, it seemed that the rebel leader had held Benjamin in much higher regard than he had initially thought.

"You tricked him even though he thinks so highly of you. Doesnt this leave a bitter taste in your mouth?" The System suddenly appeared in Benjamins mind and spoke condescendingly.

"There is no other way. It is more important for us to unite all the camps to againstto the Church." Benjamin shrugged and said, "Not to mention, even if they do carry on, it would just be a matter of time before they are eventually exterminated by Stuarts army. By advising them to leave, Im probably saving their lives."

"So, what if they do die? Theyre dying for what they believe in theyre dying for the sake of the revolution. Isnt that very normal?"

Benjamin took a glance at the leader and answered in his heart. "No, that is just what I said before to deceive them. They are at most, just determined protectors of the royal family who are revolting to protect the orthodox system; in my opinion, they are by no means a real revolution."


The System was speechless after what Benjamin had said.

As Benjamin drew his attention back to reality, the leader of the rebel soldiers invited him to spend a few days at the hideout. They clearly needed some time to discuss before they made a decision.

"No problem, I can stay here for a few days. Dont take too long to discuss or it might be too late."

"We understand."

However, as the leader was about to send Benjamin off from the hall to the best guest room in the hideout, a few men hurriedly rushed into the room, shouting as they pushed the door open.

"Oh no! Oh no! We have just gotten news that a powerful mage has just appeared in the City of Snow a few days ago. He even had a meal together with that old fool Stuart in the Palace. Boss, you..."

Those men were shouting as they rushed in but stopped when they saw Benjamin who was just about to leave. Suddenly, their words were stuck in their throats and they just stared at Benjamin was mouth gaping


They looked at him in horror as the atmosphere became very awkward.

The noisy surroundings instantly fell silent.


Benjamin felt that he had to say something to handle the situation. So, to break the silence, he cleared his throat and got ready to defend himself.

The leader suddenly turned around and gave him a startled look, "You...Youre on Stuarts side?"

Benjamin shook his head.

"No! This mage is lying! Boss, come over here quickly, stay away from him." The rebel soldiers who ran in immediately shouted, "This information is absolutely true. I have a contact who works as a servant in the Palace and he saw this mage and Stuart walking together joking and smiling!"

Benjamin was speechless.

Was this how the rebels got their information? No wonder Stuarts army was struggling to capture them - it was not because of how great they were, or how much advise they had picked up from Benjamin, but because they had spies who were always getting the inside scoop.

This time hes in trouble...

While Benjamin was having a headache, the leader of the rebel soldiers looked at Benjamin in disbelief and started to back off, his eyes now wide open and alert.

"You...What do you actually want?"

Benjamin stared at him unblinking and said, "I want to save you."

This was in a way the truth. Had he not wanted to save them, then he could very well have just annihilated them from the air. The people would become icicles before they realized what hit them.

It was just that he felt that killing these people who were so full of passion would be a waste.

"You liar! You...You..."

"If I wanted to kill you, we wouldnt be spending so much time talking now. I wouldve made my move long ago." Benjamin said bluntly, "Try to recall what had happened in the town back then. You wont be able to defeat my magic."

"So, what if thats the case. Were willing to die for the revolution, you might as well just kill me now!" A man in the back suddenly shouted loudly.

"Whatever youve been doing has nothing to do with the revolution." Benjamin shook his head and said, "Even if you do manage to overthrow Stuart, what then? Are you going to take over the government positions and become the General, first minister, or the Head Knight? Who are you supporting to become the King? Yourselves? Or the Princess who has now become an idiot?"

"Of course, we..."

"Youre all just dissatisfied and want to vent your anger. You didnt even think about the actual needs of the people in Ferelden." Benjamin cut him off and continued speaking, "If we continue with this faade then what will be the consequences? Are you going to die at the hands of Stuarts army? Or will you all toughen up and fight to tear them to pieces, but only to cause the people to suffer in the chaos. Or are you aiming to give other countries the opportunity to attack?"

The group fell silent again as they listened to Benjamins intense argument.

Upon seeing this, Benjamin shook his head.

"Youre still not thinking this through." He said slowly, "What class are you representing in this revolution? Have they gone through any serious oppression? Or are they actually living good lives under Stuarts reign? A hot-headed rebellion will only end up bringing more disaster to this country,"
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