When A Mage Revolts Chapter 559

Chapter 559: Stubborn Old Man

Chapter 559: Stubborn Old Man
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The old man couldnt believe what he had heard, about how the Queen was using a magic potion to control the entire mage guild.

"An ancient magic potion formula with added with some special technique on curses, huh?" He was deep in thought for a moment. Out of a sudden, he was filled with enthusiasm, "Wheres the formula? Quick, show me the formula!"

It was quite obvious that the old man was interested Just as Benjamin wished.

And so he passed the formula draft that was researched by the guild master of the mages guild over to the old man.

The guild master said the magic potion was hard to decipher and required someone at least of a grand-master level to do so. He wasnt sure if the old man in front of him was a grand master or not, but at least he was better than the potion mages under him.

Perhaps this old man could help them decipher this peculiar magic potion.

"... What about it? Any clue?"

He waited for a while and asked when he saw the old man took some time to respond. However, the old man impatiently swirled his arms, tossing a "Whats the rush?" signal, before continuing to lower his head and look into the various materials on that sheet of paper.

Benjamin was feeling a little helpless, but could only patiently wait aside.

The old man was probably working on it for more than half an hour before he slowly put down the formula and awakened Benjamin, who was almost fast asleep leaning against the chair. With a stern face, he sought affirmation, "Youre sure that this formula is real?"

Benjamin rubbed his eyes before replying, "It is real, all right, but this is a formula made by someone else so it couldnt be a hundred percent accurate."

"It has nothing to do with accuracy. Judging by the materials of the formula, I really cant think of how, when combined, they can reach that life binding effect youre talking about."

Benjamin frowned, "Then... What kind of effects could these materials achieve?"

"Well, this is where it gets complicated." The old man shook his head, "It could be a hallucination, debilitation... There could also be a mutation of Spiritual Energy. Anyhow, the essence of these materials is related to Spiritual Energy. Even if these are combined, it shouldnt affect the human body in any way."

Benjamin could not exactly comprehend.

"Is there something not right?" He shrugged, "Perhaps this magic potion, when combined with the curse, could create a connection between the mages Spiritual Energy and that of the Queens. Once the Queen died, the Spiritual Energy of the mages would be drained and they would die as a result of emaciation."

"I understand but... somethings not quite right."

Benjamin was confused, "Whats not right?"

"Well, leave it be. Youre not a potion mage so explaining it to you would be hard." The old man sprawled his arm and changed the subject, "Do you have a sample of the produced potion or the blood of those who drank this potion. If you want me to help you, you gotta provide some stuff."

Benjamin thought for a while before saying," It would probably be difficult to obtain the potion, but getting my hands on the blood of those who drank it would be easy."

"Easy? Wheres the item then?"

Benjamin gave a shrug, "Its not here. We have previously captured a few mages from the mage guild and locked them up in Carretas. If you want their blood, youll need to head to Carretas."

"How troublesome." The old man seemed lazy to make the trip, "There are many of those from the mage guild around. Just take care of one and get a couple bottles of blood here, cant that be done?"

"Of course not. Thats too conspicuous! The Queen doesnt know that I sneaked into Icor. Moreover, are you sure you can decipher it within a few days? After all, the blood wont be usable any longer once a few days have passed. Am I supposed to kill another to get you more then?"

The old man said as a matter-of-factly," Well, the more the members of the mage guild get taken care of, the better?"


Benjamin was rendered speechless.

... Just how vengeful was he?

"If you hate those from the mage guild that much, why do you still bother remaining in Icor?" He advised, "Get to Carretas. The captured mages are locked there and you can take their blood any time for research. The situation there is way better than it is over here."

He spoke indistinctively as if extending the invitation was only for the purposes of looking into deciphering the magic potion and dispersing the mage guild. However, it was obvious that Benjamin had a hidden agenda behind the suggestion.

The magic academy was nearly completed, yet he didnt have many potion mages who were capable enough.

The guild master spoke highly of this old man and, with that arrogant temperament, the old man must have possessed quite a talent. If he could use this opportunity to reel this old man into the magic academy, this would be added bonus.

However, the old was still as stubborn as ever.

"What shitty area is Carretas? Im not going."

"Senior, we are almost done building a magic academy in Carretas. All those who have talent, no matter rich or poor, could join the academy to learn magic. Now the mages in Carretas are free and many cities have opened up a mage area..."

"Stop right there. Are you saying all this to get me over to your side? Save your breath. My shop is here and Im not going anywhere."

Benjamin felt a headache coming along.

"Senior, I dont plan to force you to do anything. If youre interested in the Queens magic potion. We can get to Carretas to do the research. Once the research is done, if you think Carretas is no good, then we will not force you to stay."

"You think Im stupid? Will you not force me to stay? The people from the mage guild has already used this tactic."


Benjamin couldnt help but rub his forehead.

What was so good about this place anyway? The people from the mage guild would constantly come looking for trouble. Why was this old man as stubborn as a mule?

He was helpless in his current situation.

"If you refuse to leave for Carretas, then the research of this magic potion can no longer go on. Senior, think about the other mages of Icor. Youre saving their lives!" He braced himself as he pressed on.

The old man was indifferent, "What do their lives gotta do with me?"

"Dont you want the mage guild to crumble?"


"Then why are you so interested in the potion formula?"

"Because I am a potion mage." The old man replied with disdain, "The magic potion you have, is an existence that is unheard of. It challenges everything I know of, thats why Im into it."

Benjamin seemed to find a glimpse of hope in talking him into it, "Then the more you should head to Carretas! Once youre there, you get to research the shit out of this magic potion."

"Thats fine. I wont go."


Benjamin almost exploded.

This temperament... really was like a rock in a cesspit, stinky and hard.

The old man returned the formula to Benjamins hands, "Take back your formula. Since Im unable to go through with the research, leaving it here will be useless. If theres nothing more, please leave. Its almost Miss Mona Lisas tea time."

As he said those words, he picked the cat up and did not bother looking back at Benjamin.
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