When A Mage Revolts Chapter 570

Chapter 570: Preparation Before The Ceremony

Chapter 570: Preparation Before the Ceremony
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Benjamin hurriedly returned to the Directors office.

"Whats the situation like? Is everything going smoothly?" After ending his inspection, he walked in and asked Varys.

"So far, there hasnt been any problems." Varys nodded, saying, "About ninety percent of the student body will be enrolled today. The sorting was smooth and the stampede problem you were worried about did not happen. The secret patrol team and the town guards have also been on high alert the whole time but have not yet spotted any suspicious people."

Hearing this, Benjamin nodded.

He had just gone out because he had been worried that the Church might try something on the first day of school. So, he had swept the whole place once over to confirm that the Church was not around using water elemental sensing technique, after that he had also sent a student safely to the hall.

After he had sent the student into the sky, he had suddenly felt a cold chill run down his spine and a strange intent directed at him, but... This probably had nothing to do with the Church, right?

Moreover, he had other things to worry about.

"What about the school opening ceremony? The class schedules? Have the students gone to the library to get their books yet? What about the pre-semester pep rally?" One after another, the questions flowed from his mouth.

"Dont worry, everything has been settled. As for the pep rally, I will give a talk to help them get used to school life quickly." Varys said with a chuckle.

"Thats good."

Benjamin felt more nervous than the students as he watched them walk to and fro near the main entrance.

"Is there anything else that I can help with?"

Varys smiled, "If you are willing, you could help with the renovations in the hall. However, as the Director of our magic school, and the legendary mage, you had best maintain a low profile in front of the students and not show yourself too easily."

"...Makes sense."

Hearing this, Benjamin nodded in agreement.

"You should rest well for a while, you have been too busy these past few days." Varys patted Benjamins shoulder. Having finished speaking, he took out his small notebook and started scribbling on it as he exited the room, ready to join the hustle and bustle of the new school term.

After he closed the door, the entire Directors office became quiet.

Benjamin nodded thoughtfully.

"Rest, huh..."

He looked out the window at the people walking about outside and suddenly revealed a cunning smile.

Ten minutes later.

"Mage Benjamin, you are so impressive! I have also met some mages before, but none of them could control magic at your level."

"No... How can you call him Mage Benjamin? You should call him Director!"

In the hall, little water figures flew about, painting the walls of the halls cream white. At the same time, a huge group of students were crowded next to a seat at the door, gaping in admiration of Benjamin, who was thoroughly enjoying the attention.

"This is not really difficult." Benjamin casually shook his head, saying, "If you work hard, who knows, you might even one day grow to have similar abilities."

Hearing this, the group of students became even more excited.

"Director, what magic is this, can you teach us?"

"Director, will you be teaching us in class?"


Outside the doors of the hall, Varys watched the merry scene take place; he could only give a bitter laugh as he rubbed his temples and shook his head helplessly.

"Hey, is it really okay for you to get puffed up like this?" Even the System could not help but nag angrily in Benjamins mind.

"Its not easy to act like a boss, just let me continue on for a while more," Benjamin answered in his heart.

Shifting his attention back to reality, he saw the students who were clustered around him, and could not help but chuckle helplessly. He had come to the hall to help purely out of a refusal to be idle. Who would have thought that it would create such a scene?

The students were also too excited. They were new, so all they could think about was to work harder and gain the favour of some people at the top; whos to say that there wouldnt be more surprises in their upcoming school life. Inside, Benjamin was very clear that these words were just snake oil.

However, he still wanted to enjoy it for a while...

"Alright, go and help build the stage in the hall." He glanced at the surrounding students before opening his mouth to speak, "Those of you who have already learnt basic magic can try to use magic to help. Just remember, never constrained by the original use of a magic. Dig into its potential. Every time you cast a spell, you learn a little more."

Hearing this, the students were all startled and disappeared. They quickly dispersed and continued to help with the hall decorations.

Benjamin used this chance to observe the students.

From their clothes, he could tell that most of the students came from a typical household and had basically never touched magic before this. At the moment, all they could do was generate some light breezes, and even that they struggled with.

Varys had also reported to him that seventy percent of the students had chosen to pay their fees with labour; only thirty percent could afford the tuition fees.

Benjamin did not feel worried at this, rather, he felt really happy. The strength of a fighting force who had been raised together would always be stronger.

More importantly, a few days ago, he had hosted people from the Mercenary Association. After taking them on a tour of the academy, the people from the Association had expressed that they were willing to donate a huge sum of money to the institution.

He would not mention the exact sum, but that money could practically solve all the financial problems in the short term.

Of course, in exchange, he had to add a "mercenary training" class into the curriculum. All the mages trained in the academy had to be enlisted in the Mercenary Association as mercenaries, and complete three rewardless tasks in the Mercenary Association before they could graduate officially.

Benjamin did not really mind. From a different perspective, this would actually grant the students valuable experience! Any opportunity to train their fighting abilities in actual combat would prove beneficial.

"It looks like you are living quite the life here."

Suddenly, a familiar voice called out from behind him. Benjamin turned around and saw Miles standing by the doors of the hall, solemnly shaking his head.

Seeing this, Benjamin smiled.

"Thank you so much for pulling the strings. I take it that the fact that the Mercenary Association would send their people here is all your doing, right?"

Miles shrugged, "I only reminded them of it. A place like the Academy of Magic if they do not get involved quickly, they will definitely come to regret it in the future."

"In any case, Im still very thankful." Benjamin shook his head, "Right... Have you gone to see the master of medicine?"

Miles answered sharply, "No. I dont want to go."


Benjamin was helpless. The anti-magic physique of this fellow seemed to still be hiding some secrets, which, he did not seem to want to reveal. Benjamin, on the other hand, did not intend to push him.

"Its up to you. Are you leaving?" Benjamin sighed and changed the topic.

Miles nodded and grinned, "Yes. I took up a new mission. I will leave Carretas and head to the Kingdom of Helius."

"Kingdom of Helius? What are you doing there?"

"Im really sorry. Our mission is to be kept a secret."

"Alright, then... I wish you good luck." Benjamin had a helpless look, and thought for a moment before adding, "Right, if you will pass byHavenwright, help me get some information about the Lithur family."

"Alright. Ten gold pieces once."

"That expensive?"

"Arent you very rich now?"

"Alright... Whatever."

Benjamin waved his hand casually and bid Miles farewell. He watched as Miles turned around to slink off into the crowd of bustling students and teachers.
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