When A Mage Revolts Chapter 575

Chapter 575: Stolen Spiritual Energy

Chapter 575: Stolen Spiritual Energy
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In the space of consciousness, the triangular rune was still shining, lightly floating in the condensed water element bubble, while the blue ripple-like spiritual energies were also resonating in the dark.

At that moment, Benjamin suddenly realized that the problem might lie with the spiritual energy that he "stole" from the pure blue world.

If what the system said was right, those golden halos were condensed spiritual energy entities, so it will most probably be another spiritual energy which was reacting with it. The spiritual energy pressure that was radiating off the priest had greatly exceeded the limits of human beings.

Where did the pressure come from?

Benjamin immediately thought of those runes in the pure blue world.

Those runes had their own consciousness and can be said to be some kind of creature. Whereas their spiritual energy helped Benjamin's magic to gradually gain intelligence...

Could it be that these golden halos were spiritual energies borrowed by the Church from the light elements?

After all, the fourth generation Pope had also been to another "pure white world," where the runes greeted him. Perhaps the Pope entered again and learned some special ways to make use of the runes spiritual energy.

Therefore, the more Benjamin think about it, the higher the possiblity.

"Things that does not belong... to you."

The priest under the Holy Light stared at him closely, the empty look in this eyes seemed as though he was being possessed. But Benjamin was very clear, this sentence, he was afraid that it was not the priest himself was talking.

The priest had become a vessel, a rune was using his mouth to talk to Benjamin.

Therefore, Benjamin sneered coldly, imitated the tone of the rune and said:

"You too, do not belong here."

After saying that, he closed his eyes, placed his hands on his temples, and released the blue spiritual energy in his space of consciousness, getting ready to fight against these golden halos.

There was no doubt that this water ripple like spiritual energy can also be released into the real world. Usually, it will be infused into Benjamin's magic and use magic as a carrier to enter reality. But now, what he need to do was to release a large amount of these spiritual energies.

He did not know will he be able to use them again later if he were to release all of them, but at this moment, there was no room for consideration of these issues.

If he did not do anything, two thousand people will die in this auditorium.


The moment when Benjamin tried to release the spiritual energy, the triangular rune suddenly vibrated together and made a clear loud sound.

Benjamin felt his whole body trembled.

At that moment, he felt as though he was being pulled out of this body and rose to a higher perspective, coldly watching himself holding his head while struggling. A cold emotion flowed into the depths of his soul, and he felt as though he had become a mass of water.

A group of... pure water.

He did not know how to describe that feeling, but when he came back to his senses, he was being trapped in a water ripple-like shadow.

And the golden halos that was all over the auditorium was being pushed away slightly by this piece of light blue shadow around him.

"Who, are, you?"

There were doubts in the Priests mechanical tone, but at this moment, Benjamin had no time to care about him. He tried to keep the others under the faint shadow, but the golden halos were still too strong, the faint shadow can only attach around him and was not able to spread out.

Benjamin was in a panic once again.

Was it because he had not stolen enough spiritual energy?

"No... I think these spiritual energy are strong enough, the most important thing is how you control them." The System said.

"Obviously? Why dont you teach me how to control them?"

Benjamin felt how the blue spiritual energies had lost their physical form after being released, so it was extremely difficult to control them. After all, they did not belong to Benjamin, after leaving his body, they were completely out of control, so they just lazily cling onto him.

How can he use these powers to protect the entire auditorium in this state?

"I think... do you know any spells?" The System asked suddenly, "There are some vague memory fragments in the body, I feel that you need a spell to control these spiritual energies."

"A spell?"

"Yes! A very short and simple spell."

Benjamin thought of something in his mind.

He remembered before entering the pure blue world, the sound that echoed around that world.

But... he could not remember what that was!

"It does not belong to you."

The priest continued to murmur and sounded very psychotic. Benjamin heard this, then he suddenly took a step forward, he was covered in a water ripple like shadow and he quickly approached the priest under the Holy Light.

This time the runes spiritual energies were protecting him, so he should not be stopped, right?

What he did not expect was that the whole process was so easy that it was unbelievable.

The blue water ripples were protecting him, so the suffocating spiritual energy pressure had disappeared without a trace. Benjamin walked in into the Holy Light so easily as though he was walking upon a flat ground, even the wall created by spiritual energy could not stop him.

In just a blink of an eye, he stepped in front of the priest.

It was a moment of silence, they both looked at each other and the shine in the priests eyes was making Benjamin dizzy.

However, he did continue his nonsense, took out his dagger and aimed it towards the priests heart!

"Psszz", the dagger directly pierced through the priest's chest. However, the scene that Benjamin was expecting did not happen, the priest did not collapse, there were no blood flowing out of the wound. He was still looking at Benjamin with a weird look, the people moaning in pain did not stop, and golden halos was still reverberating in the auditorium.

It was useless...

Before Benjamin can be happy for just half a second, he was once again caught in a sense of urgency.

"He was just a vessel, it's useless even if you stab him to death." Then the System went on, "Its better if you try to recall the spell. My intuition tells me that only that can solve this problem. "

"But I really cannot recall it!"

Benjamin was losing his mind, he kept pulling out the dagger and stabbed the priest continuously... ... he was trying to stab him into a pulp, but after a while, the Holy Light shone on the priest and he was as good as before, then he continued to murmur the strange sentence.

"It's not yours..."

Benjamin had other choice, he strangled the Priest and asked coldly: "What exactly is the spell? Tell me! You know for sure, right? Tell me!"

The priest ignored Benjamin's interrogation.

Then, Benjamin suddenly frowned and looked towards the Priests glittering eyeballs. When he got really close, he found a tiny rune in the priest's eyes which seemed to flashing non-stop.

"What is that..."

Benjamin ignored the priests murmur, since he will not move anyway, so he got closer and looked at it carefully.

It was a chipped circle.

Benjamin frowned.

After thinking about it, he suddenly summoned a water ball and mimicked the shape of the rune and let it form a chipped circle in the air. He had no choice and he did not have time to think about it, the people in the auditorium cannot last any longer, he needed to do something.

Whereas the rune in the priests eyes, it might be useful in this situation.

Right after he precisely imitated the shape of the rune, he suddenly felt his whole body trembling, the golden halos at the side looked as though they were being angered and was furiously heading towards Benjamin.


The water ripple shadow guarding Benjamin began to tremble under the impact of the halos.

"This is, an attack, signal."

These cold words were coming out of the priests mouth who was standing nearby.

Benjamin was stunned when he turned around and saw all the halos in the auditorium were coming for him. The blue shadow was being squeezed to the point of deformation, and the powerful spiritual energy pressure had gradually emerged again.

Instantly, he was crying out bitterly in his heart.

Shit... it seemed like he accidentally triggered something.

However, the only fortunate thing was that all the halos seemed to be attracted to him. The crying and moaning in the auditorium had lessened greatly, the rest of them no longer painfully held their heads and rolled around painfully, they just weakly lay on the ground while breathing heavily.

... They were saved?

Benjamin was excited, since there was finally a good sign.

However, he did not get to be happy for too long...

He suddenly realized that the shadow guarding around him cannot last much longer.
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