When A Mage Revolts Chapter 577

Chapter 577: A Whole New World

Chapter 577: A Whole New World
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As though water falling from a high altitude, Benjamin who still had a little consciousness left in him suddenly sobered up.

He instantly opened his eyes.

In the pitch black space of consciousness, he saw countless runes flying around, like stars that covered the night sky. At the same time, the golden halos that were surrounding him, looked as though they recieved a command, retreated like a falling tide and disappeared along with Benjamins pain in the unknown space.

Benjamin looked astonished.

What actually happened?

The transformation between being in the space of consciousness and being in reality was too drastic, therefore, his judgment was still a little confused. He did not know whether this was the real world or was it an illusion... or he might already been dead, and this was the so called hell.

However, when he gradually recovered, he clearly felt the familiarity of the connection between flesh and blood this was his space of consciousness.

... He survived.

Even though he did not understand exactly what was going on, but he seemed to have actually survived a life threatening situation.

And... What was the thing above his head?

He looked up, the sky in the space of consciousness was filled with runes yes, this was not an illusion that he saw when he was confused, these were all real.

At the moment, the sky looked like a nebula map found in a planetarium, the blue lights were flashing and it was dazzling. Benjamin did not know where did all these thing come from, but looking at all these runes, he suddenly felt a sense of familiarity.

These ... were they not runes from the pure blue world?

How did they appear here?

Benjamin looked at them carefully, and even reached out to touch them. However, he found that these runes were not entities, but some kind of virtual image or a picture, and it somehow appeared in the sky of his space of consciousness. These runes that scattered all over like stars in the sky or men on a chessboard, they really do look like a nebula map, it was just a "picture".

At this moment, Benjamin's focus had gradually recovered.

He immediately realized that the runes in the sky was not the only thing that changed. The three triangular runes which were originally very close together were now closely bounded together, forming a pyramid-like object that emitted a faint blue light, rotating slowly in the darkness of the space of consciousness.

Benjamin was shocked by the changes.

Originally, the three runes were slowly getting closer to each other while he meditated. But lately, as time went on, their speed got increasingly slower. Therefore, he thought that the three runes might get closer and closer, but they will never touch each other.

However, just a moment ago, during his life and death situation, the three runes so seamlessly bonded together.

Not only that, the originally free-flowing water ripple-like blue spiritual energy now condensed into two small irregular particles, revolving around the newly formed rune.

Their appearances had changed too drastically, Benjamin also relied on the connection between him and the spiritual energy to made sure that the two of them really were the water ripple-like spiritual energy that he stole from the pure blue world.

What happened?

Benjamin took a deep breath, the System was drowning him with one after another question.

Was it... the rune that saved him? During the most critical moment, the runes fused together and commanded the ripple-like spiritual energy and drove those golden halos out of his space of consciousness?

But... why did he vaguely remembered that he did something before the golden halos retreated?

"What did I do?"

The feeling that he should have remembered it, but he could not recall what happened, it was making him anxious, while he tried to recollect his memory, and he said that.

At this time, the unpleasant mechanical voice travelled to his ears.

"You followed my guidance and recalled the spell you heard on the elemental plane, read the spell, activated the spiritual energy that does not belong to you, and that is what you see now."

Benjamin turned around and saw three funny faces appearing in front of him.


He did not know what to say at the moment.

"What is going on? Are you thinking about how grateful you are for my step-by-step guidance which got you to where you are now today?" The System stopped in front of Benjamin and said with a subtle three-toned echo, "If so, think about it slowly, no matter how exaggerated it seems, it will not be too much."

Benjamin heard that it, and was speechless again, then he said: "...No, I was just thinking, It would be better if I died in those golden halos."

Just now when the halos invaded, the System disappeared without a trace, but now it appeared again, and was split into three. The changes that happened was hard to believe.

The System... did what?

"Okay, I know you do not mean it, and you are very grateful to me." The System said shamelessly, "If I did not remind you constantly, you would not have thought about the spell being in the element, and read it out during the most crucial moment."

Benjamin directly ignored the first half of the Systems sentence.

"A spell..." he thought for a moment, and asked hesitantly. "Are you saying that I read the rhythm that I cannot recall just now?"

"Yeah? Dont tell me you forgot about it again?"

"I... I do not know, before the halos retreated, my memory was a little vague, describe what happened."

"There was nothing much to talk about, just that the spiritual energy of the light element was torturing you, when it was just about to kill you, your brain suddenly opened up and chanted the spell. Right after that, the three runes fused together, then the spiritual energy of the water elemental was activated and it chased away the hostile spiritual energies."

Benjamin heard this and was lost in his thoughts.

This... was really incredible.

The phrase from the pure blue world represents the "water" rhythm, he has tried countless times to recall it, but he never succeeded. Up until just now, the oppression of the golden halos reminded him of rhythm, perhaps the stress activated some kind of reaction in his body, and his subconscious was being stimulated, therefore he chanted the rhythm.

The fusion of the triangular runes drove the golden halos away and made the space of consciousness too look like this... Benjamins intuition told him the rhythm or the origin of "water" might have a great connection with the nature law of the world.

However... he realized that he still cannot recall it.

After being aware of this, a feeling of being cheated rose in Benjamins heart.

What the hell was this rhythm? Even if he cannot recall it previously, but now he had already read it once, and it completely remodeled the entire space of consciousness, how can he forget about it?

Do not tell him that because of his biological level, he was not qualified to remember the origins rhythm.

"What? You forgot about the rhythm again?" The System that was at the side seemed to have noticed something wrong with Benjamin's face and asked.

"... Well." Benjamin replied unwillingly.

"Is that so? Your memory is really bad, why dont you eat some walnuts?" The System sneered coldly and said, "But it does not matter, you should not be too depressed, I recorded it. Do you want to listen to it again? "
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