When A Mage Revolts Chapter 578

Chapter 578: Doing As He Pleases For Ten Minutes

Chapter 578: Doing as He Pleases for Ten Minutes
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Benjamin heard that and was surprised. However, he immediately recovered, picked up the smiley faces, and solemnly said: "You really did record it?"

The System said helplessly: "Of course, my database is not as forgetful as you."

"Then play it and let me listen to it again."

"Sure, it's not a big deal."

After saying that, the System played a short audio in Benjamin's ear. Benjamin listened to it, however, what he heard was just a brief rhythm that sounded very strange, like a foreign dialect pronounced consonant. However, the feeling of shock that he felt in the pure blue world when he heard the rhythm was no longer here.

Suddenly, Benjamin frowned.

"What are you playing?"

"This is the spell you chanted just now." The System replied with absolute certainty, "Believe it or not, if you listen to it closely, that's your own voice, I extracted it and filtered out the background noise. It was very troublesome."


Benjamin was lost of words. So, the System played the recording several times. After listening to it carefully, it really did sound like his voice, just that it sounded weird when it was being recorded and played by the System.


"Is it really that simple?"

It was a little unbelievable to Benjamin, the rhythm that sounded that mind blowing, now sounded like a meaningless moan made by a beggar that was being kicked on while sleeping on the street.

Was this really the rhythm?

"Of course it's that simple, what do you think?" The System said impatiently. "Its just a note, just shout it out. There was no need to make the deaf hear and the dim sighted see to say it."


Benjamin accepted it. He put the rhythm in his mind, made sure that it will not be forgotten, opened his mouth and tentatively chanted it.


The fused triangular runes made a light sound.

Over in the sky of the space of consciousness, the runes began to move rapidly, swaying around like a sand painting, and enveloped Benjamin. Benjamin was at midst of it, felt a cold touch, he cant help but to shiver and it had a subtle illusionary sense.

Benjamin was lost in the moment, when he came back to his senses, he found that the huge rune on top had suddenly disappeared.

Whereas in his sensing zone, tidal like water elements were gathering around him... to the point where Benjamin felt like he became one of the water element and was one with the heaven and earth.

Benjamin was surprised, he immediately began to try communicating with the water elements at the surrounding. As a result, he found out that there was no need for communication, the water elements will do exactly what he was thinking.

As long as he thought of a water ball, a water ball will immediately form in the air; when he thought of an ice castle, in a blink of an eye, a miniature castle of a hundred square meters will be made out of water elements...

Throughout the process, Benjamin hardly spent any spiritual energy.

He was greatly surprised by the results.

He... ... did he turn into God?

In the darkness of the space of consciousness, he constantly summoned more water element objects to challenge his limits. However, he found that as long as he had enough water elements, he can do whatever he wanted. Whether it was compressing an ice needle to its limit, or producing a powerful explosion, or even summoning hundreds and millions of water-shaped birds, each of them had to be... he found that there was no limits.

The only thing that was limiting him was the water element storage in his space of consciousness.

Benjamin was very excited, and was ready to proceed to the next step. However, right at this moment, he suddenly heard a "ding" sound.

Suddenly, there was a whirl of wind, when he recovered, the cold touch had disappeared, he found that the connection he had with the water elements had disappeared and the water elements surrounding him had also dispersed.

He even felt a little weak.

"... What...?"

Benjamin raised his head, the nebula map that disappeared just now appeared once again in the space of consciousness, but it seemed a little dull.

He was very confused with all these. Therefore, he chanted the rhythm again, but this time, the newly formed rune made an extremely weak sound, and there was reaction. The feeling of weakness deep in his soul seemed to be reminding him that "You need to take a break."

Suddenly, Benjamin was slightly disappointed.

When he thought that this state was permanent and will not be used up, but...

"Just now you entered the water element plane again." The System ran over abruptly and said solemnly, "I do not know what it was, but just now, you are not here."

Benjamin was very weirded out: "If I'm not here, then where can I be?"

"In the water elemental plane, that is, that pure blue world." The System said, "Previously when you went to that place, your main perspective would follow, and you who are in the space of consciousness were just in a daze. But now... your main perspective remained here, but your subconscious went to the water element plane."

Benjamin was confused after hearing that.

Which means... ... he once again entered the pure blue world, even though he entered the world, but his soul remained here, so he got to do anything he wanted?

That was so strange.

"Then, can I be in that state in reality?" He asked again.

"It should be okay." The System said, "You can be considered as a link, linking the elemental plane to another space, which is why you have so much power. The space of consciousness can be linked, so it should be able to work in the real world."


The omnipotent feeling that he felt just now was a little addictive. In case this state can only work in the space of consciousness, then he would want to cry.

In addition to that, the duration of this state.

Just now, he maintained that state for about ten minutes, now looking at the nebula map, it might need some time to recover, what he did not know was how long will it take to recuperate.

"Oh yeah, those runes on top of my head, what are those?" Thinking about this, he asked the System.

To be honest, he randomly survived and evolved, but he had a lot of question in his mind. The new space of consciousness, the new runes... he can only study about them one by one.

"That... it should be the elemental planes reflection." The System replied, "After the triangular runes combined, their power suddenly became so strong that it almost became a key. The water elemental plane is attracted to it, so it reflected an image in your space of consciousness."

...A reflection?

Benjamin slightly intrigued.

"So the whole picture of pure blue world is here? Can it be considered as a map?" He suddenly on a whim asked.

"You are over thinking." The System said, "The elemental plane is not something that you can understand, and I cannot explain them. Anyway... all you need to know is that you see what you can see, but what you see might not be its true form."


Trying to be a mystery again.

Benjamin did not know how the System opened up its mind and suddenly knew about so many things.

Screw it...

In the end, he put his focus on the newly formed rune.

The triangular rune, it was Benjamins cornerstone as a mage, but also the key to maintain the entire space of consciousness. Each time Benjamin cast a spell, he will need to go through them in order to communicate with the elements and complete the three specific magic. But now, they had a whole new look.

Benjamin did not know what kind of changes will be made to his magic.
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