When A Mage Revolts Chapter 603

Chapter 603: A Thief Crying catch The Thief

Chapter 603: A Thief Crying Catch the Thief!

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They were weary youngsters, and the tone of voice in which they pleaded in was very sincere. The students and the teacher who was leading them discussed for a few moments, and as there were no objections, they allowed them to join the team.

"We stop at Randt City, so we cant protect you guys all the way. Do you know that?" Lara, who was in charge of leading the team, said emotionlessly, and gave them a look.

The leader of the travelers was a short haired, strong man. When he heard this, he naturally expressed a look of gratitude, and with his companions, nodded hastily.

"Understood, understood! We will not trouble you."

And so, bringing a few extras with them, the team on their practical training continued on their way. Along the road, the students, who had probably been shut up in the academy for too long, often struck up conversations with the travelers, and occasionally boasted about the magic they knew. It was obvious that some vanity was at work.

Benjamin did not join them, and observed everything quietly by the side.

He could understand this mentality; it had not been easy learning magic, so there would be a bit of an urge to play the hero, only... The identities of those travelers seemed a little suspicious.

"These people are Holy Knights, yes?" He said slowly in his heart. "Although the water elemental sensing technique has not detected anything, but.. I still feel like something is not right."

But the System asked: "Why? I have not discovered any conclusive clues."

"Im not clear as well. Just my instinct, I guess." Benjamin sighed in his heart, saying, "Although their tone of voice, clothing and what not are all perfect, but... I just feel like they are people from Havenwright. Their bodies are giving out a very mild familiarity."

Hearing that, the System was quiet for a moment, as though using its logical methods to analyze Benjamins suspicions. After about half a minute, it spoke once again, answering in the negative.

"Impossible that they are Holy Knights. I have just scanned them, the composition of their bodies is not accurate enough."


It was useless for Benjamin to ask any further. He did not any clear proof; it was purely a gut feeling. Or perhaps he had too many suspicions, with that idea in his heart, so everyone seemed to be from the Church.

Furthermore, even if these people were really Holy Knights, so what?

He was following the practical training team to prevent such accidents. The "Descending of Water" had been frozen well enough already, and he had absolute confidence in himself before the situation became especially dangerous, he did not need to step in; it was enough for him to observe in the dark, and he could also observe how well these students were able to adapt.

And thus, having made his decision, Benjamin was relieved. He did what he had to do, and at the same time pay attention to every move the travelers made.

"Big brother, are you also with these honorable mages?"

However, while Benjamin did not go over to them, they had come over to strike up a conversation with Benjamin instead. The leader, the strong man, walked over, looking friendly and warm, and asked the question.

Benjamin shook his head.

"You esteem me too highly." He said smilingly. "I am only returning from Carretas after having conducted some business deals, and have lost my companions. These mages are kind hearted and willing to bring me along, otherwise, my life might have to be forfeited here."

"So thats the case. I dont know where these mages came from? The mages Ive met before have never been willing to care about people like us."

"Hoho, yes indeed..."

Benjamin did his best to cut the conversation short, so the other person found it very difficult to continue. Because of that, finally, the strong man could only give an awkward haha, and returned to their companions side.

But Benjamin felt even more puzzled now.

Had this fellow discovered his identity?

After long years of practice, his skills in disguise have long been perfected; even if people came very close to him, the typical person would not be able to notice anything out of place. Now, following in the group, not just the students, but even Lara, who had been following him for so long, had not been able to recognize him. This was something he was absolutely sure about.

Was he overthinking? Or was it another strange and weird tactic by the Church?

With suspicions in his heart, after journeying for half a day, once again they encountered some magical creatures. The students dispelled the danger skillfully, and the few travelers clapped and cheered from the side continuously.

Only, Benjamin felt that the look of these peoples eyes were as though they were secretly observing the students.

Every move the students made towards their targets, their level of experience while they were casting their magic, the power of their magic... This focused observation did not look like it belonged to some passer-by who had no knowledge of magic, but an agent with an ulterior motive.

There was no doubt about it, agents. He had actually thought of this word.

These few people did not have any weapons on them, so it seemed that they were not really dangerous, but Benjamin could feel that they seem to be collecting the students information, perhaps to pass on to some authority.

Were they spies from the Kingdom of Helius...

The Church seemed to have learnt and become smarter, and did not send insiders like priests or Holy Knights anymore. They had turned to use these specialized intelligence agents, perhaps wishing to obtain more information about the academy.

Realizing this, Benjamin really wanted to strike immediately, and slay these spying fellows on the spot. But... He had to hold back; things like news could, no matter what, be leaked. Also, once he struck, the practical training this time would be of no use to them anymore.

He really hoped that these students would quickly realize that there was something wrong with these people, but what a pity that they were still chattering happily away.

"Thats so powerful! What other magic do you know?"

"Of course. I know a total of three beginner-level magic. This is a burst of fireballs, Im not too familiar with this yet, and this is..."

The few "travelers" kept on flattering the students, putting on a reverential expression towards their magic. And the students were completely defenseless against their behavior; there was no need for them to ask much before the students gave away all sort of information to them.

Benjamin listened, speechless.

Their vigilance was too terrible. They were lucky that these were all men. If they had been girls, would they have just run off with them?

Fortunately, Lara, who was leading, seemed to have noticed that there was something fishy going on.

Along with a low murmuring of spells, a few shadows flew out, and immediately bound those few men up Lara struck casually, and before anyone could react, had used magic to restrain them.

"Who are you? What are your intentions?"

Even the students around were shocked.

"Teacher, this is..."

"Shh, dont talk. I am interrogating the spies sent by the enemy."

The students were stunned, rooted to the ground, and looked at each other.

"M-mage, I dont understand what you are saying?" Tied up together by the black shadows, the few men showed alarmed and panicked looks, and hurriedly shouted, "We are only passing by, heading towards Randt City..."

"Nonsense." Lara laughed sarcastically, saying, "If you are really people of Ferelden, then what is up with the badge of a sword and shield under your clothes?"

The man was stunned, and immediately protested, "You must be mistaken, there is nothing under our clothes, how would we be wearing the Royal badge?"

Lara shrugged, saying: "Really? But I seemed to have never mentioned that the badge of sword and shield represented the Royalty of the Kingdom of Helius. You are not from Ferelden, this is something that only the people of the Kingdom of Helius know."

"No We We have been there once, so weve seen their badge..."

Those few people were still trying to explain, but the students expression had changed.

"Could it be that they are really the Churchs spies..."

They looked at the few people who had been tied up, disbelief showing in their eyes. The feeling of having been lied to by someone was obviously causing them a lot of uneasiness.

"No! Please believe us, we are really not some spies!" The leader, the strong man, began to shout again, and suddenly looked at Benjamin, saying, "You should be asking him. Look at his disguise, he is the one who is from Kingdom of Helius! He is the spy sent from some other place!"

The students were stunned again.

Seeing that, Benjamin held his head, speechless.
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