When A Mage Revolts Chapter 617

Chapter 617: Recognition

Chapter 617: Recognition
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Perhaps it was because of the fact that Benjamin maintained a calm demeanor, the encircling priests exchanged glances within one another and frowned as if starting to realize something was amiss.

However, they did not plan to answer Benjamins question.

"The Gods have guided us to cleanse all of you sinners."

Finishing this sentence, they didnt plan to waste any more of their breath. They started chanting, and light elements between the heavens and the Earth gathered towards them. As waves of magic oscillation spread out, the mages next to Benjamin started to panic.

"O-oh, crap!"

"What should we do? What What can we do? Shield up or spread out and run?"

Benjamin shook his head and whispered to the mages, "You need not do anything. Take a good look."

Under the mages bewildered gazes, he stretched out his hand and drew a few characters mid-air. With a shimmer of light flashing by, water elements amassed violently up front, suppressing the presences of the priests as they were chanting.

All of them were in disbelief.

The light element attracted by close to a hundred priests compared to the water element that was only amassed now, was practically a small ripple in a vast ocean, carrying little to no weight.

"Elemental Order - Destroy."

Although forming a short sentence from runes could increase its controllability, Benjamin still used its previous name to call it. Once those words left his lips, the elemental turbulence had already formed in front of the priests encirclement.

Under the manipulation of Benjamin, the water element started to take a liquid form.

Hence, an endless shade of high speed, maneuvering, delicate water silk appeared before the mages, as if a huge net was weaved within the group of priests. The shield of holy lights was automatically activated before the priests. However, given the penetration power of the watery silk, the shield did not last a second, and the fragile, humanly bodies of the priests were exposed to these flashing water silks.

Blood splattered all around, yet it was also blocked by the penetrating water silks. The mages rubbed their eyes in disbelief, as though as they were hallucinating.

Wh-what the hell?

It was only a blink of an eye, and the priests before them had been pierced through and through.

"Wh-Who are you"

The encirclement of the priests was large. A few of them were not in the coverage of the elemental turbulence. However, when they saw their fellow fallen comrades, collapsing like autumn leaves, it sent chills down their spine.

They widened their eyes at Benjamin as if they saw the true embodiment of the devil.

Benjamin could only shrug.

"Alright, if you really must know, then lets exchange information, tell me how you found our location." He lightly brought up, "A spy within the mages? Or you have other tactics? Speak now, speak and I will tell you."


The priests were speechless.

Benjamin sincerely wanted to ask this question, but these priests thought that he was merely provoking them. Moreover, they seemed to be agitated as even after witnessing the forces of the elemental turbulence, they still glared at Benjamin.

"Evil mage, how dare you mock us"

Benjamin shook his head.

Under his control, the elemental turbulence grew and headed slowly towards the other priests. Instantly, the remaining priests ditched their speech and hurriedly flew away, trying to avoid being attacked by the turbulence.

However, Benjamin wasnt going to let them go easily.

Tuning in the water elemental domain, he suddenly started to move towards a different direction. The priests who just escaped from the elemental turbulence landed in Benjamin's domain. Icicles after icicles conjured midair and penetrated their shields, leaving massive holes on their chests.

"Oh-Oh, my god"

The mages next to Benjamin were stunned.

Right at this moment, almost all of them were beyond the ability to think. Cold sweat drenched their foreheads and they gulped subconsciously. Even the ditzy tall and short duo were scared off their pants, trembling as they held each other.

"This person is scary." They mumbling in a low voice.

Elizabeth watched on as she grew pale. She took a deep breath to ease herself.

After several rounds of massacres, the originally close to a hundred priests were now down to less than ten. They were caught in between Benjamin and the elemental turbulence. They looked like they were bound by a binding spell, cowering from head to toe with no more courage to run.

One of the priests suddenly turned over and looked at Benjamin. He was struck by a thought and his mouth, opened wide.

"You Youre that Benjamin!"

Benjamin smiled.

"Interesting." He slowly spoke, "Even you, who are in the Kingdom of Helius, recognize me. It seems to me that the Church has told you quite a lot."

He did not have to reveal his true identity, yet they could still tell who he was. This meant that the Church had informed the priests to watch out for his common tactics and style.

The Church seemed to have placed him as the number-one enemy.

Benjamin was unsure if he should feel honored.

Hearing the priests words, the majority of the mages were perplexed. and thought Benjamin might be some huge deal. Only Elizabeth frowned and fell deep into thought.

The remaining priests were still glaring at Benjamin with such fear.

"You How did you end up in the Kingdom of Helius? What is your motive?"

Benjamin shrugged, "You have yet to answer my question. What led you to us? You can choose to be silent, but I will spare one person to slowly torture until you open up."

As he said those words, he flew towards these priests, forcing them within the range of the water elemental domain.

These priests did not manage to dodge and were trapped within a huge water bubble that Benjamin summoned. They could not run.

"Humph Do you think that we will ever bow down"

One of the priests was enraged but before he could finish, Benjamin had already seen through them and directed the water bubble to spin. The priests within saw stars and became temporarily muted.

As a result, they could not end themselves using magic.

"This cheap trick was also used by your companion, so I am aware of it. I will not let you off the hook easily," Benjamin smiled, "Dont blame me. Blame the companion that committed suicide before you."

The priests inside the water bubble were in despair as Benjamin said this.

The mages jaw dropped.

" How could he know? This Mage Benjamin Just how many priests did he kill?"
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