When A Mage Revolts Chapter 627

Chapter 627: Ancient Battleground

Chapter 627: Ancient Battleground
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After the encounter with the strange elemental light clusters, both Benjamin and Miles continued forward, this time making sure to be even more careful.

The elemental light clusters could be warded off by the "scent" of Miles special physique, but the other things that exist in this world might not be. Even though it was his first time, Benjamin had already encountered living organisms that have a resistance to magic. Because of this, Benjamin was extremely wary.

Who knew just how many beings in this valley were beyond their comprehension?

"How much further do we still need to walk?" As they were trudging on, Benjamin could not help but ask in his heart.

"At least another hours walk." The System answered, "Of course, you could choose to fly. Your journey would then be much shorter; that is, as long as youre not afraid of being shot down."

Benjamin shook his head helplessly.

He could fly, but the higher altitudes in this valley seemed to be somewhat odd. When he flew to a certain height, the spiritual energy he needed to exert greatly increased; he might not even be able to sustain the energy required to get to their intended destination. Furthermore, in such an unfamiliar and dangerous environment, conserving his spiritual energy was of utmost importance.

Who knew what frightening organisms could be lurking in the skies?

As they continued on, they yet again encountered quite a number of elemental light clusters. Because they knew that Miles could disperse them, they were not too worried. Thus, Benjamin decided to do some small experiments on the light clusters.

A runic attack? No effect. Water elemental domain? No effect... Benjamin did not use "Descending of Water", and so the only conclusion he could come to was that all the magical spells and techniques he had learned so far were unable to affect these unique elemental organisms.

But when Benjamin took out his crystal ball and smashed it over them, the elemental light clusters exploded like fireworks. With a bang, they dissipated into thin air.

"Magic is ineffective, but they are hurt by physical attacks, huh..."

Benjamin nodded thoughtfully.

He got the System to analyze the composition of these elemental organisms in detail while he waited. When the results of the Systems test were announced, Benjamin was taken aback.

"The composition of these things are very similar to the composition of my body." The Systems tone seemed a bit cold and disdainful. "Of course, my composition and structure is much more complicated and intricate than theirs. Comparing them to me is practically like comparing bacteria to mammals."


With the exception of the last sentence, the information relayed was actually worth thinking about.

The Systems body came from the Pure Blue World whilst the composition of the elemental light clusters and the body of the System were somewhat similar. Did this mean that this place had something to do with the elemental planes?

Benjamin had the urge to grab a few elemental light clusters and bring them back for research.

However, the danger presented by these things was still very real. Because of this, he let it go and, with Miles urging him on, continued towards their destination.


Along the way, a sudden, soft sound came from behind them. Benjamin furrowed his eyebrows and stopped dead in his tracks.

"Did you hear that?"

He turned his head and swept his gaze across his surroundings; neither his eyes nor the sensing technique detected anything amiss. However, he was not convinced and questioned Miles suspiciously.

Miles shook his head, "No. What sound?"

"A bit like the wind, but... I feel like the source of the sound is very near, like someone is blowing into my ear." Benjamin said.

"Hey, dont you scare me. Are there ghosts here?"

"I dont know, but.. I dont think I misheard it." Benjamin shrugged while continuing to survey the empty valley around him.

"Dont make such a big fuss over nothing, what noise is there? Youre being overly sensitive." The System said impatiently.

Benjamin shook his head. He may have been overreacting, but if it was not for such a weird noise, he would not have stopped his journey mid-way.

He would prefer if he had really misheard it...

Just a moment before the System had spoken, he had heard the noise again. The weak, soft sound of a breath seemed to come from behind him, seemingly less than half a meter away. But, when he turned his head, all he saw was Miles staring back at him, confused.

"You... Heard it again?"

Benjamin nodded, "You did not just breathe out on purpose just to scare me, did you?"

"Of course not, I just want to hurry on to our destination."

Hearing this, Benjamin felt a chill run up his spine.

What was this? Why was it like they were in a horror movie?

He was feeling creeped out.

What sort of place was this? He could accept that extraordinary organisms were living here, but... a strange noise that only he could hear was too much of a stretch.

"Lets quickly move forward, its too strange here," Miles said helplessly. "Didnt I tell you to give me the key and let me come in here alone."

"Forget it... Lets go."

There was no point talking about it now; the strange noise occurred approximately every half a minute. Other than Benjamin, no one else seemed to be able to hear it. However, the only effect it had so far was raising the hairs on Benjamins neck.

Perhaps it was just some sort of omen, or perhaps it was not as dangerous as he had imagined... but regardless, Benjamin wasnt taking any chances; He decided to wrap himself up inside a defense bubble before continuing his journey.

He just wanted to arrive at the location as soon as possible and figure out a way to leave this damn valley.

But regarding leaving, throughout their whole walk, they had yet to encounter anything that looked even remotely like an exit. However, he had with him the gingko leaf with the "Power of Spacetime", so he still felt somewhat prepared.

As long as no unexpected incidents occurred, all would be well.

Bad luck dictated that whenever Benjamin had such thoughts in his heart, a twist or turn would probably appear to throw a spanner in his plans. This time, however, surprisingly, nothing unforeseen happened.

After about an hours time, they did not encounter anything else other than some elemental light clusters. There was also no trace of the Churchs men - they were probably lost in the humongous valley. As for them, they had finally arrived at the location marked with a cross on the map.

"This... Is the place of the great battle?"

Miles took a few quick steps forward around the corner in the mountain trail before suddenly stopping in his tracks. His tone suggested that he was startled.

Benjamin followed him.

What they saw before them was an extremely vast basin. A few rays of light shone down from amidst the dark clouds thickly covering the skies, shining down like dim spotlights on the devastated land. The black and purple ground was filled with chasms and pits, broken bones were littered as far as the eye could see. These were remnants of a battle that had taken place countless years ago. The pressure they felt just by looking at it felt strangely suffocating.

Benjamin and Miles both took a deep breath.

They did not know where this repressive feeling in their hearts was coming from, but, the great battle that had taken place in the past here probably had something to do with it.

Benjamin could not help but be reminded of the legendary Great Battle of Cain and Abel.

Could this be where it had taken place?

While Benjamin was in the midst of forming his thoughts, the strange noise suddenly appeared in his ear again. Only, this time, the short breath was followed by something else.

"Hu... You are finally here."
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