When A Mage Revolts Chapter 630

Chapter 630: Cains Illusion

Chapter 630: Cains Illusion
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Cain did not even realize what was happening and was unprepared, so Benjamin got a clean strike.


At that moment, he lowered his head and looked down at the knife deeply embedded in his chest. The blade was now completely buried in his left chest, and Benjamin had even deliberately twisted the knife around to maximize the damage.

Suddenly, Cains expression changed. He looked at Benjamin with his eyes wide opened, his expression was a mixture of fear, shock, and doubt.

"W-why ..."

Benjamin looked very calm. Then, he suddenly pulled the knife out, threw it on the ground and replied casually, "Because you are not real."

Then, he looked at the wound in his chest. However, what he saw was surprising - the blood vessels around his wound looked as if they were sealed off, and not a single drop of blood was shed.

Cain was still in shock, but he suddenly calmed down.

"... You noticed?"

He asked slowly and cautiously.

Benjamin nodded and said, "Initially, I really did think that I had traveled through time, but your attitude made me feel that something was wrong. No one knows what happened thousands of years ago, but.... according to history, you and Abel should not have turned against each other yet at this point."

Cain heard this and kept quiet, not say anything. His chest injury started to slowly heal.

Benjamin sneered coldly and continued speaking.

"I deduced that I did not really travel through time and space and that everything I saw just now did not really happen." He casually brushed his shoulder before continuing, "It was all an illusion made by you, but you did not do a very good job."

Cain seemed annoyed, "What do you mean?"

"According to legend, Cain and Abel are heroes of mankind. Regardless of the version of the legend, they all agree that they led others to defeat the magical beast and created a paradise for people to live in peacefully." Benjamin said slowly, "But look at the environment around here if you cannot even unite mankind, then what is the point in fighting against magic beast or discovering new places?"

Cain replied calmly, "This is a long process, what you are seeing right now is just the beginning."

"If it was really the beginning, then previously when why did you change your expression when I mentioned Abel earlier?" Benjamin shrugged and said. "The illusion that you made was supposed to take place in the olden days, but... you seem to not be able to create Abel in your illusion. Therefore, you had no choice but to avoid talking about him and try to find excuses to not mention him."

Since he mentioned Abel, Cain's started becoming awkward, and that was when Benjamin started having doubts.

After noticing various clues, he raised a few issues, and gradually started clearing his doubts. Even if the background of this era was accurate, the "protagonists" performance was less than convincing.

Physically, he looked like someone from the era, but why did Cain behave as though he knew what was going to happen?

At the end of the day, this was still somewhat a wild guess on Benjamins part.

However, he was very clear that his actions would not have any impact, otherwise, it would almost certainly lead to a disruption in the space-time continuum. And since there would not be any impact, then why would he hesitate? Regardless of if it was reality or illusion, he should just stab him.

After stabbing him, Benjamin verified his doubts.

"Who the hell are you? Are you Cain? Or some lost soul in Gods abandoned valley?" Benjamin said while looking at him coldly.

Cain stared Benjamin, but he did not speak, and his eyes were gloomy.

At this point, the wound on his chest had fully healed, the torn magic beast skin robe had also recovered. But by now Benjamin knew that this was all fake. Even if he were to pick up the dagger and cut him to pieces, it will also be of no use.

Although he was a little worried, he was not fearful. The fact that this entity had led him into this illusion and attempted to convince him that it was genuine with this elaborate facade proved that his opponent did not have the ability to directly harm him.

Otherwise, he would have been dead a long time ago.

"So, you do not want to say anything? Then pardon my rudeness."

Benjamin shook his head, picked up the knife on the ground and started walking towards Cain again.

"What can you do?" Cain asked coldly, "You have lost your ability to cast spells and you cannot fight against this illusion. You cannot do anything."

Benjamin shrugged and said, "Well see."

After saying this, he bent down and carved an "affinity" rune on the ground.

Benjamin's sudden move seemed to have caught Cain off guard and he immediately took a few steps back. Later, when he found out that Benjamin was not trying to carve on him, his expression became unpleasant again.

"I did not expect you to have learned about the power of the runes." Cain lowered his head and stared at the rune engraved by Benjamin before saying, "But, the method that you just used is too superficial. Furthermore, what can you do with just an "affinity" rune? Use elements to blow this place up?"

He sounded sarcastic, as if mulling over how stupid this plan was.

Benjamin finished carving the rune, looked up and smiled, "I can destroy your illusion."

Cain heard this and frowned.

Benjamin did not plan to explain further; he threw the knife away and stopped talking.

There was nothing more to say, the rune had already been drawn, and it will soon be activated after he fills it with his spiritual energy. Of course, he was still very curious about Cains identity, but he would probably not tell him anything.

Therefore, he just wanted to leave this place as soon as possible.

As time passed, Benjamin and Cain remained silent. The woods that they were in seemed to have been frozen in time, as though a pause button was pressed even the leaves that were falling had stopped in mid-air.

Since Benjamin had realized that this was an illusion, Cain was too lazy to continue his act.

However, the quiet land was suddenly disturbed by a sudden shaking.

Cains expression changed.


Benjamin seemed to know what he wanted to say and nodded with a smile.

"That's right." He said slowly, "An "affinity" rune can at most attract elements, and on its own will not be of any use, but... But in God's abandoned valley, the runes that will be attracted are not exactly harmless."

The elemental light clusters floating around were composed of elements and because of this, were naturally attracted by the "affinity" rune.

They will be attracted by the power of the runes in the illusion, and then destroy this damn place from the outside.

The ground, the thick and lush jungle, the dense clouds... Everything seemed to reduce in quality and became blurry. Benjamin did not know what was happening in reality, but he suspected that the elemental light clusters that had earlier been cast away by Miles might have gathered together.

Cain's figure also gradually became blurry.

"Who the hell are you?" Benjamin asked one last time.

Cain heard this, and his blurred face revealed a sly smirk.

"I... I... am... Cain..."

Rough sounds rang in Benjamins ears, like a radio connected to a bad frequency. It seemed like it was a voice, but Benjamin could not make out what it was saying.

Soon, Cains distorted figure disappeared and the entire world around him collapsed.

At that moment, what was left in front of Benjamin was just a white light, shining so brightly that he could not open his eyes. When the white light disappeared, he opened his eyes once more and found that he was back in the real world.
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