When A Mage Revolts Chapter 696

Chapter 696: The Mages Standings

Chapter 696: The Mages Standings
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After hearing the news, Benjamin was stunned.

When did these two research groups...join together?

"When Icors army ambushed us, I had noticed the incorporation of runes in their battle strategy, so I did some research." Noticing Benjamins stunned expression, Morris immediately asked, "Did they forget to tell you?"

Benjamin answered with a shake of his head, "Its alright, it isnt too late to tell me now."

Although he was the Director of the Academy, but the Academy of Magic had developed to quite a complex organization, so it wasnt exactly possible for him to be informed of everything happening in the Academy. Benjamin was also constantly on trips, what with all the things happening recently. Somebody might have told him about it before, but he probably let it slip his mind.

That wasnt the point now

"What did you guys find out?"

Although the Cannon of Holy Light was important, but if runes and magic tools could be combined together, Benjamin was sure that the conclusion of that research would bring results more powerful than the Cannon of Holy Light.

Morris lead Benjamin to his work desk.

"This is a new product that we developed after being inspired by defense battle strategies." Morris held up a shield-like wooden plank, which was about as big as his palm, and explained, "Unlike the Churchs Automatic Defense Cross, this has a strong protective ability and does not need Spiritual Energy. After it is activated, even high-level magic can be blocked."

Benjamin took the small wooden shield from Morris and examined it, before asking, "Does not need Spiritual Energy?"

"Yes." Morris bloodshot eyes, from days of staying up late, glinted with enthusiasm, "Do you understand what this means? Even commoners with no Spiritual Energy could easily use these."

Benjamin heaved a deep breath.

Truly amazing

He suddenly realized that the impact of this invention would be bigger than they could ever imagine.

Now the world worked like this when facing powerful magic, the fighting power of commoners was quite weak, and they didnt even have the help of "battle energy" to enhance their abilities. Even foot soldiers, with the exception of people like Miles, were all afraid of mages.

But if this new invention could be mass produced, the current situation of the world could be flipped.

Besides, with the rapid development of technology, possible inventions in the future would probably not be limited to just defensive magic tools. Offensive magic tools, healing magic toolsThere could even be a possibility where any commoner could pluck a hand-cannon from their pockets and be able to fight on par with mages.

After all, the biggest feature of runes was that they could absorb elements on their own to produce strong energy. Older magic tools were mostly one-time use products to be used by commoners, with weak abilities. At most they were for self-protection, nothing else.

The status of mages could be completely flipped over.

Benjamin could not help but feel slightly worried.

The seed to changing the world was in his palm right now. If technology were to continue developing at this pace, what would the future of the world be like? Nobody would know for sure.

Seemingly sensing Benjamins unease, Morris consoled, "Relax now. Only I currently possess this technology, I wouldnt spread it around and it would only be used to overthrow the Church. After the Church disappears, I will seal them up."

Hearing Morris words, Benjamin was quiet for a moment before he shook his head.

"No, there is no need for that."

"Why? I understand why you are worried. If this thing were to be made widespread, the standing of mages would only fall, right? Since we are the Academy of Magic, the source of that should not be from here."

Benjamin shook his head again.

"Thisis the future!" he exclaimed.

Morris closed his eyes, seemingly unable to understand Benjamin.

Seeing Morris reaction, Benjamin chuckled lightly and explained, "I also do not want the standing of mages to fall, but the changing of history is never decided by one person. Even if we do not invent it, someday someone else will. The day where mages are not revered as gods, and were to be just the same as common-folk, is inevitable."

"Butdo we have to be the criminals in causing this?"

"We are not going to be criminals, but pioneers." Benjamin took a deep breath and continued, "Being mages is no easy feat, that is why there is so little of us. To the masses of commoners, this invention is something extremely impactful."

Hearing Benjamins words, Morris lowered his head, hands grabbing at his wheelchairs handles and uttered, "When the mages were ousted from the Church, the commoners did not stand by our side to speak for us."

"That was because they viewed us as different." Benjamin patted Morris on the shoulder and cajoled, "Maybeit is time for the mages to step down from our pedestals."

Morris raised his head in surprise.

Benjamin smiled, and continued, "The pride of mages is that we are different from common folk. However, has it ever crossed your mind as to why the Church is so popular? Have you ever thought about why the mages of these three kingdoms are always so uncaring of worldly issues? Becauseit is obvious that mages have not found a way to get along with commoners."

Morris furrowed his eyebrows in question, "Priests, magesarent they the same to some extent?"

"Yes, they are," said Benjamin with a nod of his head before continuing, "however, the Churchs ways are to worship and to believe blindly. But when we finally destroy the Church, the mages will need a new standing. Maybe being worshipped like the Church isnt such a bad one. But as time flows, commoners will get tired of always raising their heads, and that is when a new Church is birthed again. As long as we change to be the same as commoners and assimilate into their lifestyles, the seeds of a new Church will never be able to take root to grow."

Morris was quiet after hearing Benjamins words. After a moments silence, he nodded his head.

"I understand what you mean."

"Then, I wish you good luck." Benjamin smiled, "Dont forget, you are accomplishing something very amazing here. In history books thousands of years from now, your name will possess the power to torture students terribly."

"What is there to be so happy about torturing students?"

Benjamin could only cough dryly at Morris response. "Nothing, each to his own I guess."

Morris nodded his head and didnt question further. He turned his wheelchair around and started to resume his research.

However, as if he just remembered something, Morris turned to face Benjamin again and asked with a furrow of his eyebrows, "Right, what was it about the blueprints that you wanted to give me?"
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