When A Mage Revolts Chapter 700

Chapter 700: Ambitious Plan

Chapter 700: Ambitious Plan
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Benjamin was aware that the Fulners were in a sticky situation.

The Kingdom of Helius was not peaceful in the recent months. The newly-appointed officials were overly enthusiastic to prove themselves. Benjamin received news from the academys black operation that there were plenty of agendas taken once Grant became the pope. Apart from hunting down mages, the second to suffer were the merchants in the Kingdom of Helius.

As the business industry grew, merchants and nobles became closely connected. This was also one of the causes of the instability in the Kingdom. Out of profit, the merchants would easily befriend the mages and it raised the dissatisfaction of the Church. Hence, various operations, openly and privately, were carried out to oppress merchants in any way so that riches would end up in the hands of the Church instead.

And amongst them, the Fulner family was the representation of unity between business and aristocracy. Naturally, they would be the target.

Benjamin was unable to pry into the specific situation, but judging by the current condition, the Fulners must have encountered some difficulty. Otherwise, they wouldn't be sending Dick to visit the academy.

"Y-yes." Dick was caught in a daze before adding, "Father had me come over to inform of a gift he would like to present to the everyone at the magic academy."

Benjamin frowned.

"What gift?"

"An opportunity of a lifetime."

Benjamin held his chin in thought. Dicks response did catch him by surprise. It wasnt a call for help but rather a gift? Why did he have an odd feeling about it?

"Why dont you explain further?"

Dick swallowed his excess saliva in nervousness, "Currently, within the kingdom, merchants everywhere are unhappy. They are powerless against the tyranny of the Church. Many are unable to go on further. If the magic academy is willing to lend a helping hand, Im sure youll be able to rope in the people."

"Lend a helping hand? It hasnt been a year since the establishment of the magic academy. It is not as powerful as you think it is. The Kingdom of Helius is far away as well, how are we supposed to lend a hand?"

"No, we do not need you to do anything. We only wish that you release a statement." Dick explained, "We hope that the magic academy proclaims to the world, condemning the kingdom from oppressing the merchants and welcome all merchants of the kingdom to trade overseas with the support of the academy."

Benjamin couldn't help but raise an eyebrow.

What kind of a plan was this?

"You want me to make this statement, wouldn't that piss the Church off? What if they sealed off the borders and nobody is allowed outside the borders, wouldnt you all die in there? Who could get out?"

Instead, Dick shook his head, "It is in hopes that the Church be provoked and make an insensible move. There is still some disapproval of the current His Highness the Pope. It is just that it hasnt incurred public rage, so nobody dares to challenge him. However, as long as youre willing to make the first move, the Church will not stand for it!"

Benjamin was surprised, "You plan to overthrow Grant?"

"Not us, but rather, a lot of people." Dick lowered his voice, "Although he is your blood brother, you must still have known the things he has done. Even within the Church itself, there are many who are begrudging with him. We are already secretly in contact with these priests, and waiting for that one chance."

Benjamin couldn't help but take a deep breath.

This was no small matter. Grant once appeased internal strife within the Church in order to become the pope. And now, part of the Churchs rebels was teaming up with the nobles and merchants to launch a second strife to overthrow Grant.

They sure had guts

At that moment, Benjamin realized why Dick mentioned it was a "gift". To him, it was indeed a rare opportunity. If the Church was to face another revolt, causing Grant to step down, then who could be pope? He didnt doubt the Church would have other candidates, but experiencing one after another strife would cause a drastic decrease in the organizations capabilities.

A mere weakening of the might of the Church was a good news to them This meant a bigger chance to weed out the Church.

"It is very interesting" He nodded as his thoughts crawled in, "But, how sure are you? The Church is deeper rooted than you and I can imagine. Do you have the confidence to take the bull by its horns?"

"As long as youre willing to cooperate, then we are pretty confident," Dick nodded, with unusual solemnity, "Although it has not been established for a year, the name of the magic academy is already known between the merchants and nobles. We have contacted many forces and as long as we have your support, they are willing to be in on this."

"No What I mean is, I dont even know the state of Grants abilities, youre sure you are able to pin him down?"

"But of course, there are members of the Church that are in charge of this, you need not worry about this."

"I see"

With that, Benjamin couldnt help but start to consider this suggestion.

Judging by the other partys tone of voice, they were already prepared and seemed well about it too. He wasnt sure how the ability of Grant was like, but if a close member of the Church is preying in secret by poisoning; then Grant may not be able to guard against it.

He may even fall for a simple trick.

And then, at least, Benjamin as a participant would be worthy to stand before the fallen Grant and ask the reason he killed his father with his own bare hands.

At the very least, it would finally resolve the question that had been bugging him.

After giving it a thought, Benjamin questioned again, "About cooperating with us, do the rebels of the Church know about this? Wouldn't this be betraying their very own faith?"

"They dont know." Dick shrunk his neck. There wasnt anyone eavesdropping, but he seemed accustomed to whispering, "We will orchestrate everything. The people from the Church would think that it was only the nobles and merchants helping them overthrow the pope and will not know the participation of the magic academy."

"But You want us to make a statement. Wouldnt they know?"

"Of course not. Whats the relation?" Dick explained, "The statement by the magic school is to slap the arrogance face of the Church and garner peoples support. This would further anger those in the Church and the priests that are against Grant will naturally blame it on him."

Benjamin nodded and couldnt think of any other question.

Indeed, no matter what game the Fulner family was trying to play, the magic academy only had to do a simple task. Even if Dick had not visited on this day, they would also have a reason to make such a statement to condemn the Church They were, after all, sworn enemies.

At the same time, if the Fulner familys plan were to succeed, the magic academy would benefit a lot from this too, they would even gain that little chance to overthrow the Church.

He couldnt think of any reason to reject.

"It is an interesting suggestion. I think that I need to think this over. Why dont you stay in Academy Town for a few days? After three days, I will represent a definite answer."

However, out of cautionary, Benjamin had to say so.

There was no other reason, he just needed to think it thoroughly. It wasnt a small matter so he shouldnt make a rash decision.

"Alright Then."

Dick did not speak more and nodded. He turned and carried a chamber pot at the corner of a wall, leaving the meeting room as if he has been relieved off his heavy duties.
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