When A Mage Revolts Chapter 701

Chapter 701: Crystal Production Formation

Chapter 701: Crystal Production Formation
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Just as Dick left the room, Benjamin contacted the Black Operations intelligence base in the Kingdom of Helius to launch an investigation to gather relevant information immediately.

After two days, the result of the investigation was relayed to Benjamin through the transmitting wood piece.

"It is hard for us to acquire news within the Church, but among the merchants, there are quite a number of them who are unhappy with the Church in the Kingdom. Actually, there was some conflict, but now it has suddenly magnified. However, for now, the majority of the merchants chose to be submissive. It is unclear if they plan to avoid being put in the spotlight, or if they have other plans."

Benjamin listened to his subordinates report and nodded.

So far, it seemed that Dick did not lie to him. The majority of the merchants had always never conformed to the Churchs religious teachings. The Church, too, had always been like that toward any strata taking hold, so having conflicts was no surprise.

Then should he take part in this?

Although he could never obtain intelligence of the Church, after thinking it through, he nevertheless believed that this matter could only benefit him. It was only making a statement. The Church had always been their arch-nemesis. Even if it pissed the Church off to the point they dispatch troops, it wouldn't be something bad.

Hence, after heavy consideration, Benjamin gave an affirmed answer.

Dick, overjoyed, left the academy. They quickly drafted that statement, using all possible sarcasm to reduce the Church to nothing, and made all sorts of encouragement to the merchants in the Kingdom of Helius to seek refuge overseas. Upon completion of the statement, Benjamin couldn't help but sigh. One look at this by any priest would send them straight to hell.

He then used the influence of the academy in every nation to announce it worldwide. He also had the Black Operation to secretly cart it to the Kingdom of Helius.

If there was a chance, he really wanted to post up "small notices" all over the streets of the Kingdom of Helius. However, it was not a good idea to be high profile at the present. Therefore, these announcements could only circulate within the merchants and at the same time "accidentally" get leaked to the Church.

The Church would definitely be agitated beyond words.

As for what was to come, they could only wait and watch.

In completion of all these matters, Benjamins life returned to its peacefulness. The incident in the Kingdom of Helius required a period of time to brew. The Fulners would be updating him with the news so he need not worry.

He could only practice patience and continue his daily life in the academy.

Hosting visitors, site inspection The world outside was ever-changing, but it remained the same and even thriving in the academy. The magic tool department has started producing Runes Stout Shield while the magic potion department was gaining momentum in commencing production, building steady sales relationship with neighboring forces.

It wasnt long until the Fulner family paid what was due. Apart from gold coins, Benjamin also obtained a lot of elemental crystals. These items now had minimal effect on him, hence he established these crystals as an award for the end of term examination.

He had to somehow set up a scholarship system.

However, Benjamin unexpectedly discovered a stable source of the volume of the elemental crystals.

"This thing could really provide elemental crystals?"

Previously, he had to deal with a high priest from a religion overseas in Gealorre and in the end, the soul of the high priest was mysteriously sucked into the rune. The entire rune became an uncontrollable elemental polymeriser. Benjamin couldnt just leave it in Fereldan. Hence, during his return to the academy, he brought it with him.

He handed over the rune to the research team for analysis. He didnt think that this group of people would complete the research that quickly.

"This is a phenomenal reaction. We couldnt figure out the inner principle," One of the mages introduced, "But, the spontaneous elemental polymerizing is very pure. If it is not combined with to be used, it will cause an elemental turbulence. Therefore, we have formed a affinity runes formation around it and found this result."

" Incredible."

Standing in the wide research lab and staring at the scene before him, Benjamin was in awe.

Not far away, a blue rune floated mid-air, dazzling a mysterious glow. Around the rune, strings and strings of characters were carved on the board and projected into the air, forming some blue-white light. It even had a subtle sci-fi feel to it. The elements that were attracted were sketching over the carvings, flashing multicolor radiance at times.

In the palm of Benjamin was stuffed with a piece of water elemental crystal that was produced by this formation.

"The speed of crystal production is not fast. Only one water elemental crystal per week. We are unsure why it is slower for other elemental groups," The mage explained further.

Benjamin toyed with the crystal in the palm of his hand and nodded.

Well, the original rune was drawn by him with the water element and now all elemental groups could be produced. This was quite a piece of magnificent news.

The ability to produce elemental crystals. If this news were to make known to the outside world, imagine the magnitude of response. Benjamins thoughts couldnt help but linger towards the art of psychic powers and overseas religions.

He wondered if this sort of reaction from the runes could be replicated?

If it could, then once he released this news, a whole lot of people out there would be rushing to fight the overseas religion. Benjamin didnt even have to lift a finger.

However, giving it a second thought, he wound up requesting the research team to keep quiet on this matter.

Another psychic power summoner with powerful Spiritual Energy couldn't be found in a short period of time, so they couldn't replicate the same scenario then. Truth be told, if this matter was affirmed, Benjamin felt that this would be the birth of various bloodshed power struggles.

Specifically training people on the art of psychic power just to cultivate to the point of producing this rune.. Benjamin felt it was too sickening.

In conclusion, it was better to leave it at that. Now they had a steady source of elemental crystal. This was a good news. He could just savor it by himself. They could now regularly provide elemental crystals as awards for future examinations. This, to the development of the academy, was only beneficial.

Benjamin sealed off this research lab. Only he and the minority of the research team held the key, and the rest were forbidden from entering. He then transferred the research team to another building, having the area where crystal production formation was hidden, deserted, thereby eliminating the chance of others coming close.

He subsequently waited patiently for things to unfold back in the Kingdom of Helius.

As a matter of fact, after releasing the statement, there were already merchants from the Kingdom that crossed the borders to visit him in the academy. Of course, he could only welcome them and help them be acquainted with business moguls of other nations. He had to play pretend all the way and had the Church believe that he was roping in these merchants.

Indirectly, Benjamin realized that he has seemed to form an odd business network in various nations.

These merchants sought refuge from him and he would sell them excessive magic potions and magic tools cheaply so that they could make sales out there. Gradually, these individual sellers were many that it formed some weird business faction that all of them seemed to be linked to the magic academy, causing those merchants from outside the Kingdom to join the venture.

"Director, I would like to apply to be a channel of distribution for your products, could I?"

"Now that the academys business faction is blooming in every nation. I suggest that you could team up with capable merchants such as us so that we can dominate the market in every nation."

The moment he heard the phrase "academys business faction," Benjamin was in a daze.

Since when did he establish such a thing?

It couldn't be helped, the original intent of this matter was to enrage the Church. He didn't think that Helius merchants that he provided assistance would cause a ruckus. Of course, dominating the market in every nation was out of the question. It was just some big talk.

However, as the academy moved into a steady direction, the products were building up. The channels of distribution was indeed a matter to consider.

Part of the distribution rights had already long been sold to sponsors such as Mage Vinci, but the academy has a huge potential and they still had many products at hand. There wasnt yet anyone that was a sales agent.

At that moment, Benjamin suddenly felt that the idea of the "academys business faction" wasnt that bad at all.
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