When A Mage Revolts Chapter 744

Chapter 744: Freedom In Jeopardy

Chapter 744: Freedom in Jeopardy
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"Guild Master... I am afraid that hes in great danger, isn't he?"

In Regina's palace hall, the officers gathered there had specks of dust all over their faces, some of them even had dried hay sticking on them. After being rescued from the prison, they did not even have time to clean up, they immediately started working and finally calmed down the chaos in Regina.

In the city, the few blazing fires have been extinguished, the people from the Church either died or fled. The people were in a panic, but under the officers support, the city was finally being kept under control, the only thing left was the destroyed streets, and who knows how long it will take to rebuild it.

Then, when Benjamin returned to Regina, they rushed to the palace hall to discuss the immediate countermeasures.

"After the war ended, then we will pay tribute to the heroic monument of those who were sacrificed," Benjamin's expression was cold and his voice was low, "What about Icor's ruler? We need to get in touch with the army as soon as possible."

After hearing that, an old man among the officers walked out and nodded at Benjamin.

"Director, I am the Prime Minister sent by Carretas to govern Icor. Just now when I was rescued by the mages, I wrote a letter and sent it to the soldiers who were stationed at the border," He said systematically," In addition to that, I have also sent a message as soon as possible to Carretas and Ferelden, telling them what happened here."

"That's good"

Benjamin nodded, slightly relieved.

However, the transmission wood piece in his bag rang extremely abruptly at this time.

"Report to the director, this is the latest news I got," The voice of the spies from the black operation of the academy was heard, Benjamin did not try to hide it, and played it directly in the hall, "A large number of soldiers were being dispatched in the Kingdom of Helius, the Crusader Gateway has been completely sealed. Maybe tonight, the Church will officially send their troops!"

When the news came, it caused an uproar.

"How can it be that fast?"

"How many people have the Church sent? Will we be able to defend against it? Shit... what if we fail to deliver the message to the army"

"Do not worry, havent our spies been keeping us updated? There were no signs of any stationed troops from the Church. Now that they want to send out troops that suddenly, they will definitely not be able to gather such a big army."

At that time, the officers were discussing it. Benjamin frowned and thought about the situation.

What will be the outcome of this?

Assuming that the news did not reach the army in time, and the Church was extremely well-prepared. Then, the hundred thousand troops that might be eliminated at that moment. If the Kingdom of Heliuss army were to come from the Crusader Gateway to Regina, there were not many dangerous terrains on the way there.

The more Benjamin thought about it, the less optimistic it got.

"Other than the hundred thousand of soldiers at the border, how many more soldiers are there in Icor?" He asked.

"All the armies from all regions, adding up together, there are about fifteen thousand left," The executive Prime Minister nodded and quickly replied, "In addition eight hundred mages, three Holy Light cannons, thirty thousand enchanted armor, fifty thousand and two horses, rations... "

The information that he gave was very detailed, with the national crisis happening in the country, he cared less about whether it was confidential or not and told Benjamin all the military information Icor.

Benjamin's face did not change for the better because of what he said.

Hundred thousands of troops, it was considered fairly abundant, however, the Church was their opponent! Eight hundred mages, three Holy Light cannons... With just these forces, it was too weak, they will absolutely not be able to withstand the mighty priest army.

Clearly, most of the requisite mages were transferred to the border. In terms of spell power, Icor was considered weak.

"What about the liberty mages? The number of liberty mages in Icor should not be less than a number of five digits, right?" Benjamin immediately asked.

"Previously, we conducted a secret statistic on the liberty mages in the country, there should be around twenty thousand of them," The executive Prime Minister hesitated for a moment and replied, "Its just that... their attitude, they have decided that they are not too willing to participate in the war."

Under such a situation, who cared about their attitude?

At that moment, Benjamin almost cussed.

"The Church is all the mages common enemy, so they will definitely not stand by," After Benjamin calmed down, he continued speaking, "We are running out of time, how much information do you have regarding these liberty mages? Pass them all to me, we will settle them."

"It would be great if you are willing to do so."

The executive Prime Minister nodded and ordered an officer to quickly prepare all the information they had. At the same time, Benjamin contacted the academy, told them everything through the transmission wood piece, and asked them to send as many people here as possible.

In addition to that, although a message had already been sent to Ferelden and Carretas, Benjamin still used the transmission wood piece to request for reinforcements from them.

About two hours later, the Magic Academy sent a group of nearly a thousand mages here again. Most of them were students, they were standing at the city square of Icor, silently listened to Benjamins command.

Benjamin handed them the large amount of information that he got.

"These are most of the information of the liberty mages in Icor," He slowly said, "Take them and start working separately, get as many liberty mages as possible. I need you to convince them to join the team to defend against the Church. Even if they do not want to, make sure that they are aware of how scary the Church is."

The crowd below looked at him, started passing the information around and discussed on how to distribute their tasks.

After dozens of minutes, they were separated into groups, and the city square quieted down again.

Benjamin saw that, take a deep breath, and said slowly. He wanted his voice to be convincing and be filled with passion, but it sounded unexpectedly stiff...

"I know that most of you are students. You might not have been engaged in real battles, and many of you might be forced here in the middle of an exam. However, this was not a war where you can think about yourself. Be it a combat mage or a potion mage, this is your final exam, and it will test how will all of you survive through it. Once the Church attacks, there wont be any more academy, magic, studies, classrooms... Everything that you have right now will be crushed as all of you will become fugitives. Therefore, do not just stand by, and please do not let that happen. Its not only Icor that is at stake, but also the freedom of magic."
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