When A Mage Revolts Chapter 749

Chapter 749: The Holy Flames Of Sacrifice

Chapter 749: The Holy Flames of Sacrifice
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At that moment, everyones faces were frozen in shock.

"Its Its you! Why are you here?"

The fat bishop at the side stared at Benjamin, his eyes wide open as he pointed at the mage. His voice was high-pitched from the shock, his face pink with surprise, as he could barely form his words.

Benjamin was extremely quick after he drank the potion. The dagger swiped at the elders throat before he could react and seconds later, blood was gushing out of it.

"Apologies, Im not finished yet!"

Benjamin did not pause after killing the bishop. He returned to his Intangible Form and immediately flew pass the Holy Barrier of the other bishop. None of the priests around them had time to react.

The bishop scrambled backward in an attempt to escape from Benjamin, but, when compared to Benjamins flying speed, it was to no avail.


Another slash and the fat neck of the bishop now was torn wide open. Benjamin had already left his side by the time the blood started spurting.

At the same time, countless ice walls appeared in the sky without warning.

"He wants to catch us all in one go! Quick! Run!" The priests in the area finally realized the predicament they were in. They immediately turned and tried to scatter. Sadly, these priests were not even a match for Benjamin anymore - not even if there were a few dozen of them. When the ice walls appeared, they suddenly formed a gigantic sealed-up cube in the sky, which blocked off all possible escape routes.

Then, a terrifying snowstorm blew up within the irregular space within the ice walls. 10 seconds later, the ice walls disappeared, and in the air was filled with dozens of incredibly realistic ice sculptures.

"Whew That went quite smoothly. Next are those in the woods." Benjamin nodded, slightly relieved. Then, he lowered his gaze and flew back into the woods.

To be fair, everything went smoothly for him until now because the Church has divided their forces. The bishops had underestimated their opponent; they thought Icors soldiers would no longer pose any threat and became complacent. They never imagined that Benjamin would show up.

If they went along with the first team into the woods, then Benjamin would never have had the chance to take them out so easily.

However, it would not be so easy after this. When he dealt with the priests and bishops in the air, the priests in the woods finally understood what was going on. They were not blind, after all.

To them, Benjamin was an unending nightmare. Wherever he went, the priests and Holy Knights around would drop like flies.

The priests felt a collective fear.

"F*ck, that bastard is here too"

Bishop Hunt was initially battling the mages of Icor, but he had no choice but to stop and observe the ice sculptures in the sky. He looked troubled.

He turned and scanned his own priests - they looked unconfident. Bishop Hunts face darkened.

This could not go on, or they would probably die here today.

"What are you waiting for? Were here to execute Gods plan, the holiest and most divine will. Were here to cleanse the filth from our world," shouted Bishop Hunt, a cross suddenly held high up in his palms, "This is the most important moment of your lives. Do you choose to die for Gods mission, or to die cowering from the devil?"

Suddenly, the cross seemed to glow softly.

His voice was virtuous and loud, echoing throughout the woods. The priests were just starting to wallow in fear when they were pulled back by the voice, their motivation rising once again as they shouted in tandem.

"Sacrifice for Gods mission! Sacrifice for Gods mission!"

It was indiscernible what was special about the cross, but the priests looked frenzied under its soft hue. The mages of Icor that were around it suddenly felt a reluctance to fight as well.

It was as if some spiritual coercion had suddenly taken place inside everyones hearts.

"Hmph, that motto sure does sound nice"

Benjamin muttered coldly as he flew quickly towards the last bishop. He was like a meteor; ice shards surrounding him as he plummeted faster and faster toward the ground. By the time he was meters away from the bishop, his entire being had transformed into a gigantic ice meteor.

There were no fancy magical techniques in play. He was just planning to use brute force to crush the bishop to a bloody pulp!

Even so, the bishop did not even change his expression. Instead, he just raised his head and silently crushed the cross that was held high above his head.

"Arrive, Holy Flames."

With a fierce spiritual oscillation, a gold flame suddenly appeared from within the body of the bishop. It looked light and small, and it pulsed slowly under the night sky.

Benjamins face changed.

He immediately created a hole at the back of the ice meteor and flew out of it while the rest of the meteor continued hurtling towards the bishop.


A few seconds later, the meteor crashed into the bishop. An earth-shattering sound shook the ground, and soldiers from both Icor and the Kingdom of Helius needed to temporarily stop fighting to stabilize themselves. They stared at the source of the noise.

"Wh-What happened?"

"The last bishop. Did he die at the hands of that devil too?"

Benjamin, on the other hand, flew backward as fast as possible after the got out of the meteor. He stopped far away and took in a deep breath as he watched the smoke that rose from the impact, frowning the entire time.

That was

He felt a different type of magical oscillation.

Soon, the dust settled and he could finally see what had happened within. The land was scorched dark and empty, and the bishop was nowhere to be found. Not even a shard of bone was seen, but Benjamin refused to believe that it was his magic that disintegrated the bishop.

It was that fire.

The gold flame did not extinguish. It did not even change; it just floated in the place where the bishop once stood, like a feather, falling slowly to the ground.

Whats that? Was that. A Sacrificial Divine Charm?

Benjamin felt unnerved. He summoned streams of water to rush toward the ball of golden fire but soon found that an extremely high-temperature area had appeared within a half-meter radius of the flame. Anything that went close was incinerated, including magic-summoned tough ice.

Benjamin released almost a swimming pool amount of water at the fire, but it did nothing but make it smaller. It was half the size it used to be now.

Of course, if that was the case, then the Holy Flame would not be terrifying. But, Benjamin soon noticed that all the priests in the woods looked as virtuous as the bishop right before he disintegrated.

Then, balls of similar gold flames burst forth from the priests bodies, like mushrooms after a summer rain.
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