When A Mage Revolts Chapter 759

Chapter 759: Provoke

Chapter 759: Provoke
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Was there a weakness in the Runic Defense Technique?

If they were talking about an Achilles Heel, there would be nothing of that sort in this barrier. The elements flowed around evenly to every corner of the Technique so that no matter which position the attack would be at, it would be quick enough to defend. However, that did not mean that Benjamin would tolerate the enemys army investigation.

The Church probably had some knowledge about runes, even if they would not be able to crack it, it would be unimaginable if they actually discovered the theory behind the Runic Defense Technique and stole that skill!

"The few of you bring some men and wipe them out." Thus, Benjamin said that without hesitation.

The soldiers around were stunned for a while, they had not even figured out the true intention of the enemy at that moment. Nonetheless, since Benjamin had an honorable reputation by then and the mages who were guarding the city nodded their heads one after another, before flying downwards immediately.

Benjamin also went to the headquarters to control the Technique and opened up a small opening in the barrier to let the ten over mages to fly out.

"What...what are you trying to do?"

Before the hundred-strong platoon of the Kingdom of Helius could react, half of them had already been burned to death. As the remaining people watched, they could only give up on probing the Runic Defense Technique, abandon their armor, and run in panic towards their campsite.

- Those people were the suicide squad who would put their lives on the line for valuable information. They had no fighting will and would definitely not face a battle with the mages of Icor.

Anyone who was able to escape would count.

When the mages who flew out saw what happened, they sped up quickly and chased after them instinctively. Benjamin immediately called out to them and shouted for them to return.

"Stop chasing! There are too many priests over there, come back immediately!"

Through his sensing, he could see that there were many priests over at the campsite who were on standby as backup. Obviously, the hundred-man troop was there just to research on the Runic Defense Technique, but at the same time, they doubled as bait.

When the mages heard the reminder, they simultaneously made an emergency brake and returned to Rock City in the blink of an eye. The opening of the barrier closed right after they re-entered. Upon seeing this, the priests in the campsite of the Kingdom of Helius could only show disappointed faces.

Nonetheless, they did not seem to give up.

"Youre the Mister Director of the Mage Academy arent you, why does it seem like youre as timid as a young maiden?"

After some time, a few priests suddenly flew out from the opposite campsite and slowly moved toward Rock City. Mocking words were heard from afar after it was amplified by the divine arts.

Such useless tactics.

Benjamin was not angry at all, actually, his heart was completely clear.

"Dont bother about them." He waved his hand and comforted the soldiers and mages who were agitated then said, "Guard well, if theyre here to probe the Runic Defense Technique again, youll just have to shoo them away; you must not chase after them. Dont fall into their trap, if we stay put in the city, itll make them more frustrated."

When he finished, he ignored the bawling of the priests and promptly left the city wall.

Under these circumstances, they had to remain calm, even if the enemy were to send over a womans dress, he had to yawn and act like nothing happened. As the defender, he had to be prepared for all these inferior taunts.

Outside the city, as they finished firing off the series of taunting and sarcastic remarks, the priests realized that there was no respond from Benjamin at all and returned to camp sulkily.

"Whats the matter? It didnt work?"

At the campsite, General Press watched the priests who returned empty-handed. He could not help but look disappointed.

"Weve said this before, that man is a devil, how can he be so easily angered?" The priest said coldly, "General, it will be best if you can just focus on planning the strategy for the attack and keep your mind off these useless matters."

"Is that so? What about the information regarding the Runic Defense Technique? What did the people youve sent manage to find?"


The priests were speechless again.

"Were in similar positions, so dont judge my extreme methods." The general casted a glance at them in disdain, then said, "Continue what youre doing, keep provoking them for a few more rounds who knows, they might respond then. You guys shouldnt laze around too, youll have to get the information that I asked for sooner or later."

Upon hearing this, the priests looked at each other and helplessly.

With that, from evening till late at night, the bawling sounds outside of Rock City and the probing archer teams continued.

The army in the Kingdom of Helius acted like rogues. They kept sending people near the barrier, used their attack to probe the defenses, but run away as soon as the mages in Rock City came out; the guarding mages eventually started to get frustrated too.

Honestly, for things to come to this stage, Benjamin no longer felt that the Church would be able to discover anything from the Runic Defense Technique, they were just sick people. Their current style of doing things did not match how the Church used to be. Unfortunately, Benjamin and the others had no other choice than to wait it out for the time being.

Fortunately, the enemy needed to sleep anyway. As night came, the provocation finally came to a stop and the people in Rock City could finally also get some rest.

The next day.

"... Its starting again, those people are doing it for real."

The executive prime minister stood at the head of the city; as he looked at the gradually amassing army who were gathered outside the city, he looked solemn.

Just yesterday the army of the Kingdom of Helius had fought their way here. As the soldiers were worn out, they had fired a test barrage using the Cannon of Holy Light. However, after a night had passed, they had sufficiently rested and reorganized now, the real attack was about to begin.

"Whats there to worry about, if they dare to attack, then they will have to deal the trap that weve prepared those traps are not to be trifled with." Benjamin shrugged and said as he looked unbothered.

The president nodded in agreement too.

At the moment, on the walls of the city, a large group of soldiers and mages were gathering. Stakes, rolling stones, boiling water... These items had been prepared to take advantage of the high terrain of Rock City. Even if the Runic Defense Technique were to be destroyed, it would not be easy for the enemys army to charge up.

With that, as the sun slowly rose up to the highest point in the sky, a horn signaling the start of the attack was sounded in the military camp of the Kingdom of Helius.


General Press who was at the front line of the army, raised the sword in his hand.

"Soldiers, to fulfill the glorious providence, let us rid ourselves of the evil mage, charge!"

With a roar that shook the ground, the cavalries at the front row held their pikes tightly and started to charge towards Rock City. Quickly after, the normal soldiers who were spread out all over the mountains and the plains started gushing forward as well. They carried a total of ten gigantic stakes to charge through the city and followed the cavalry as they ran forward.

Countless priests flew in the sky; from afar, they looked like an enormous wave. Behind the troops, the Cannons of Holy Light were set up, clearly ready to repeat yesterdays terrifying attacks on the Runic Defense Technique...

When Benjamin watched the situation before him, he could not help but took a deep breath.

Such a large scale... Was the Church still trying to destroy the defenses of Rock City with brute force?

As he thought about that, he suddenly let out a cold laugh.

"All mages listen up, channel all the elements that you can summon to the Runic Defense Technique!" Benjamins face was as cold ice as he shouted, "If they really want to strike, let them try!"
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