When A Mage Revolts Chapter 760

Chapter 760: Siege

Chapter 760: Siege
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The strength of the Runic Defense Technique was closely affected by the concentration of the elements around it. Therefore, when thousands of mages in the Rock City cast their elements towards the barrier, the defensive power that it would show would certainly be much more shocking than it was before!

The first round of attack still came from the salvo of over sixty Cannons of Holy Light. The gigantic Holy Light Chargers were intermingled with some catapults, which struck the invisible barrier relentlessly. Accompanied by the shaking of the Earth and a horrifying roar, a blinding light bloomed again and surged towards Rock City loudly.

This time around, Rock City was well-prepared. Tens of Dark Mages continuously performed their magic, through the effects of Dark Arts, they managed to weaken the light to a manageable level.

Most of the soldiers in the city could maintain their conscious minds due to that.

"Charge! Charge! Charge! Now is the time when the Runic Defense Technique is at its weakest, all of you charge!"

At that moment, General Press roar was heard from the flood of attack once again, cavalries who were charging from the very front leaned forward to speed up as well, and were ready to complete their last stage of their charge.

In the sky, the impact of the attacks from the Cannon of Holy Light lingered. The Runic Defense Technique was progressively dissipating the threats of the gunfire through its unique method, but at the same time...a great number of elemental power was consumed as well.

The Runic Defense Technique was not invincible. As long as the power of attack surpassed the critical point, the toughest spring would snap too.

While the people of the Kingdom of Helius knew about this, the people of Icor certainly knew about it too.

"Catapult team, aim for the locations of those Cannons of Holy Light, prepare to fire anytime." The president flew down to the walls of the city, and said with a stern face, "As soon as the Runic Defense Technique is destroyed, we cant let the Cannon of Holy Light launch a second round of bombardment."


The soldiers held tight to the catapults beside them, and answered with reddened faces, countless arms were slightly trembling as they had exerted too much strength.

They raised their heads and looked firmly at the invisible barrier in the sky that was protecting the city. The barrier provided them so much security that deep inside their hearts they did not even dare to imagine what would happen if it was destroyed, but...if the barrier would not be destroyed, what was their purpose then?

They were soldiers of Icor, they must fight for their homeland.

Not quivering while they hid behind a magic barrier.

Through the breathless wait, in no time, the cavalries of the Kingdom of Helius who were in the vanguard of the attack charged into the Runic Defense Technique ruthlessly!

Hand-in-hand with the painful neighing of the horses, the hundreds of cavalries who were charging at the very front had all ended up in broken heads and a blood bath, the pikes were all snapped, none of them survived. Not only that, the invisible barrier even derived a series of counterattack measures - spattering wind blades, icicles. The cavalries who did not manage to avoid that were sacrificed in that round of attack!

Nevertheless, when the barrier blocked off the fearless attack of the cavalries, the army of priests in the sky stopped their singing too. At that moment, a powerful wave of magic spread out like waves, countless Holy Light were clustered together, an enormous ghostly image of a cross was seen in the sky.

Union Magic, it was a technique that the Mage Academy had not mastered since their research until now.

The crowded and closely packed priests were like a crossing of locusts, Benjamin could not even count the number of people who participated in the singing. Only that, when the horrifying cross that was purely made up by Holy Light started charging towards them, he could not help but felt that his scalp was going numb.

Among the priests, countless bishop-level figures were mingled inside as well... He could not imagine how powerful the Union Magic would be.

"Stop instilling the elements, get ready to sing."

Although he was not willing to abandon the Runic Defense Technique, but deep down, he had a premonition, so he could only send those orders to the mages.

The mages stopped supporting the Runic Defense Technique one after another, but in turn followed their rehearsed sequence and formation, then begun the singing of their respective magic ability.


It was at that instant that the enormous Holy Light Cross crashed into the invisible barrier. Accompanied by the distortion of the air, at last, the Runic Defense Technique that suffered incalculable damage let out an unprecedented buzz, which engraved on the city walls, the ground... The runes that surrounded the entire Rock City started to flicker too.

Whether it was Icor, or over at the Kingdom of Helius, everyone was breathless, they looked forwards anxiously, it was as if time had stopped for a second for the Runic Defense Technique.

Right after... A round of cheering was heard from the Kingdom of Helius.

"Charge! All of you charge!" There was a hint of an unparalleled cheer in the roaring of General Press, "Damn you tortoiseshell, youre finally destroyed! Give in to me!"

At the point where the Holy Light Cross and the Runic Defense Technique collided, a big hole that could be seen through the naked eye was formed from the collision. Some broken pieces of runes emerged from the air around, as if they were joined into a huge door. In their eyes, the Rock City behind that door looked as fragile as a snail without its shell.

The morale of the Kingdom of Helius at that moment hit its peak.

"Charge! Kill!"

Following after the cavalries and the priests, soldiers who were carrying the stakes to charge into the city had all dashed up against the slope, they gushed into the main gates of Rock City like ants transporting caterpillars.

However, they probably did not imagine that they were not the only ones who had been waiting for a long time.

"Rolling stones, release! Stakes, release!"

"Earth Mages, its your show time!"

"Catapult team, fire!"

"People from the archer team fire at will..."

Legion of orders were given almost at the same time, soldiers at the edge of the city shoved rolling stones and stakes that were long prepared and threw them towards the enemys direction mercilessly! Almost ten thousands of people from the archer team rolled up their long-silent longbows at that time, for the next second, a shower of arrows poured down like rain from the sky.

Meanwhile, about a thousand mages flew up and released the magic that they had sung. Quagmire Spell, Rockfall Spell, Earth Spike... Earth Magic that dazzled the people had turned the tens of meters outside of Rock City into a living Hell in just a flash. As the soldiers of the Kingdom of Helius moved forward, rolling stones were ahead of them, flying arrows above them, earthquake beneath them, suddenly they could hardly move a step.

As for the hundred catapults that were gathered in the city, they showed a terrifying power at that moment.

Going over the armies, numerous rocks crashed like a shooting star towards the location of the Cannon of Holy Light. It was not an easy task to aim, but to them, that round of attack did not require much precise aiming.

After that round of gunfire fires, the priests in-charge who were nearby the Cannon of Holy Light were all resting as they tried to recover their spiritual energy, but the big rocks that fell from the sky caught them off guard as they were smashed. Out of panic, many of them took out their cross that would protect them, a number of cannons were even smashed and turned over, they were left in a difficult state.

"This hateful man...hes unexpectedly well-prepared..."

General Press cursed in his heart, then started to issue order: "Do not retreat! Lay out the bamboo clappers, continue charging! Rock City is ours!"
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