When A Mage Revolts Chapter 773

Chapter 773: A Counterattack

Chapter 773: A Counterattack
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The moment Benjamin led his army into their enemys camp, the tables had turned in their favor.

Under a rough estimation, there were nearly a hundred thousand soldiers in the camp. However, because they did not have a commander, they were like a bunch of headless flies. Before they could even put on their armors, they had already been forced to be in war.

Icor had a total of seventy thousand people who participated in the raid. Without knowing the reason, every soldier from the Kingdom of Helius felt as if there were enemies everywhere.

"Where is the Pope? The Bishop? What about our captain Even the captain is gone?"

Everyone was filled with confusion and despair, no one told them what they needed to do, so all they could do was to fight with their own instincts. They rushed into the crowd without a plan and died blindly.

The remaining priests and bishops in the camp were unable to escape the pursuit of the mages as well.

Initially, the Churchs strong point was their combined spell, however, under such a chaotic situation, all the priests, who had been scattered around every corner of the camp, had no choice but to get involved in the war, and so they did not have a chance to cast a spell.

Benjamin was moving around the battlefield freely, utilizing the Systems detection, and he specifically went for the powerful bishops. The injury to his spiritual energy did weaken him slightly. However, how could they defend against the few ice needles coming from the dark while the bishops were fighting with the other mages?

In short... the night intrusion plan was even more successful than they anticipated.

"You, you shameless bastard, when the Pope returns, he will not let this go, and he will kill you all one by one!"

On the chaotic battlefield, a bishop said painfully as he fell to the ground, staring at Benjamin; it was unknown how many curses were hidden under his venomous glare.

Benjamin chuckled and looked at him from above.

"I really do envy you religious believers, your spirit it is really incredible," He slowly said, "Unfortunately, if you put all your hopes on someone else, then you will be able to grow stronger."

After saying that, countless ice shards grew out of the bishops flesh and blood, completely ending his life.

Benjamin turned around, flew up to the sky, and scanned the war that was getting near to an end.

"We won."

He looked at the destroyed camp and the bodies lying all over the ground, he suddenly had an indescribable feeling as he said. This was not the first time the people from the Church had shuddered before him, yet this was his first true "defeat."

An overwhelming defeat.

This gigantic being under the holy light shield gradually looked less invincible in Benjamin's eyes.

Even the System said with a slightly emotional voice, "Yeah, its not easy, I am just a trivial little artificial intelligence, I need to live in disgrace and quietly develop. Ultimately, with an intelligence, I supported everyone and saved Icor as well as countless children of this country. Ah, how great am I!"

"...This plan has nothing to do with you."

"Either way, I'm the greatest."

Benjamin shook his head helplessly.

After such a conversation, his good mood had been completely destroyed by the System.

However, it was also not the time to be full of himself. Benjamin drank another spiritual energy recovery potion and flew into the battlefield to speed up the process.

Half an hour later, the last priest finally fell and they had surrendered. Icor have completely acquired victory over this war.

The soldiers raised their head and wiped away the blood on their eyelids with a tired look on their face. They looked around, the camp was already a mess, and the bodies were piling up like the rations in their food storage, it looked extremely tragic under the light.

"...Many priests escaped, should we chase after them?" The Guild Master flew to Benjamins side and whispered.

"Let them go, there is no point in chasing after them," Benjamin glanced around and said slowly, "Bring everything we need and return back to the Rock City first."

He did not forget, although Grant was being distracted, they had been fighting for almost two hours. No matter how stupid Grant was, he should realize what was happening.

He might return anytime soon.

The guild master heard this, nodded, and understood what Benjamin was trying to say. They did not have time to clean up the war zone, they took the prisoners and hurriedly transported the remaining fifty holy light cannons in the camp back to Rock City, and finally launch a bomb at the entire camp.

About half an hour later, they stood on the walls of the Rock City once again and looked westward.

The flames launched into the sky almost caused the dark sky to seem white.

"Director, you and the magic academy will forever be Icors saviors," The Executive Prime Minister looked at the flare with a blank expression before suddenly turning his head and said.

Benjamin shook his head.

As for the hidden secrets of the former Queen's and Icors change in politics, even their present officers were not clear as to what was happening. Therefore, they would not know how Benjamin had such a great impact on this country.

Benefactors, or perhaps enemies? He was not so clear

"Lets not celebrate too soon, the army of the Kingdom of Helius is still out there, it is just that they are temporarily separated because of the Pope," Benjamin said.

However, almost everyone's mentality had become extremely optimistic.

"There is nothing left to say, the overall situation has been set," The Prime Minister turned his head and pointed at the fifty holy light cannons. He was filled with confidence, "Even if we go directly and fight them heads on, we can also bring the Kingdom of Heliuss army down."

Benjamin nodded, "Is that it, it's just..."

He had other concerns.

Why had Grant not returned by now?

It had already been probably three hours since he was led off. Benjamin neither saw any signs of Grant nor did he get any reply from Miles; just what was happening there?

He was aware that Benjamin gave Miles the key to the heritage of the church. He was confident in Miles's strength, so he specifically gave him the key, but it had been so long, and he cannot tell a difference. Benjamin felt as though something was off.

Could it be that Grant was holding on to the keys?

Even if he had it, he should have returned to the camp first, right? It was indeed a little weird that there werent any shreds of news, it was as though this has nothing to do with Grant."

Benjamin's heart was filled with doubts. However, he could not guess what happened, so he had no choice but to return to his place and patiently wait for Miless reply.

The soldiers of Rock City had also just gone through a war, they were physically and mentally tired and they needed to rest. So, they could only think of ways to solve this tomorrow.

The lively Rock City gradually became quiet once again. The fire in the distance was being extinguished as time passed. Eventually, it turned dark.

At about three or four oclock midnight, the transmission wood piece that had been silent for a long time finally started vibrating.

Under the Systems calling, Benjamin stumbled to get up and activated the transmission wood piece. However, after listening to the brief message, only then had he fully awakened from his sleep.

Miles' voice was heard from the transmission wood piece.

"They are attacking Regina now, you better get here as soon as possible!"
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