When A Mage Revolts Chapter 776

Chapter 776: Charging Towards Regina

Chapter 776: Charging towards Regina
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The distance from Rock City to Regina was not far. Icor's army only took about two days to arrive and surround the entire city.

"When do we start attacking?"

After camping outside the city, Benjamin glanced at the tightly shut gates of Regina and suddenly asked.

"Tomorrow morning," The Guild Master replied with a dignified look, "We have made contact with the people in the city and when the time comes, they will open the door for us. The Kingdom of Helius reinforcements are not yet here, so there are only a few hundred people in the city. There is no chance they will be able to stop us. "

Benjamin heard this and nodded.

It was a good thing to have the support of the citizens.

As for the "Light Slayers" preparations, they were not able to do much over such a short period. Everyone understood how Grant fought and had conducted some practice sessions with one another, but they were still going to be thrust into this battle relatively headfirst.

However, Benjamin was quite confident in them.

There was a huge difference in number, with only a few hundred soldiers from the Kingdom of Helius. The so-called "Light Slayers" did not plan to kill Grant, they just need to keep him busy so that the rest of them could regain Regina.

When that happens, Grant will be outnumbered, so he will be at a disadvantage.

With that in mind, Benjamin took a deep breath, returned to his tent, and made final preparations for tomorrow's battle.

Whereas on the other side of Reginas city wall.

"...They are pretty fast."

Grant looked at the army in the distance and murmured.

"Pope, this... Do you insist on defending this city? You should have seen that they have taken all our holy light cannons..." General Press said hesitantly.

"Are you afraid?" Grant turned around and snapped.

"N-no, you misunderstood me, Your Majesty." General Press quickly explained, "I... Its just a little unfortunate; if you kept the disfigured queen, we might be able to negotiate with them."

"The soul of a sinner must be destroyed besides, I am not interested in negotiating with them."

Then, Grant turned and left. General Press was frightened, so he dared not continue to bother the Pope. He lowered his head until Grant left before gradually raising it once again.

He glanced at the direction which Grant had disappeared to and looked at the army of Icor outside the city. He looked dismayed.

The next morning.

"It's time."

Icors fifty-thousand strong army was lining up neatly outside of Reginas gate with more than a thousand mages waiting for the gate to open. When the gate opens, the mages were to fly over the city walls and head straight to Reginas Palace.

Meanwhile, Benjamin would be leading the twelve "Light Slayers" and wait for an opportunity to strike.

There were hardly any soldiers on the city walls, with the few guards present shaking in their boots. It was as though the whole city was still in the state of a deep sleep.

However, based on the information from the people in the city the Kingdom of Helius did not plan to give up, instead, they forcibly conscripted a large number of people and formed an ill-equipped and untrained army. They should be hiding behind the city walls at the moment, ready to defend against Icors army.

Of course, these soldiers would not have high combat capabilities, moreover, they had an intense hatred towards the Kingdom of Helius. Therefore, some of them were likely to turn against the Kingdom of Helius and open the gates for Icor.

Some of Icors spies had agreed on a secret code with them.

Before long, it was time.

The Guild Master was flying in front of the army, he suddenly reached out his hands and a group of sparkling flames formed in front of him. With a gentle sway of his hands, the flames rose to the sky before bursting in a colored explosion, like dazzling fireworks under the clear sky.

As the dazzling sparks spread throughout the sky, there was a commotion in Regina. Then, the tightly shut gates suddenly shook.

It seemed like something was hitting the door from the other side.

The Guild Master saw this and frowned. To be honest, he did not know exactly how many spies there were inside the city, or whether they could even open the door which under the supervision of the Kingdom of Helius soldiers or not.

However, even if the spies failed to open the gates, they had prepared the tools necessary to break open the gates themselves - it would not be a problem to take over Regina.

"Rush them - we will let the mages fly through the walls first, the few soldiers in the city will not be able to stop them." After waiting for a while, the gates still did not open, so a general suggested.

The Guild Master nodded and gave the order to charge forward. However, what he did not expect was the gates to slowly open at that instant.

Reginas gates swung wide open and the chaotic situation inside was revealed to Icors army.

"Quick! Come in! Someone went to inform the Pope. Be careful, the pope is guarding the palace, and they have gathered a lot of firewood there, so they might want to start a fire!"

Several citizens rushed toward them from the city in a panic and shouted hoarsely. Immediately after, a few holy light bullets struct them, turning them into ashes right in front of the army.

The Guild Masters face suddenly sank.

"Kill --!"

However, the city gates had already been opened, Icors army no longer needed his command. The soldiers roared, raised their swords and rushed in. The mages instantly flew into the air, like a large swarm of bees, they flew over the city wall of Regina.

"Grant is hiding near the palace! Dont make the first move, wait for him to appear before attacking." Benjamin turned around and said to the members of the "Light Slayers".

Miles was the only non-mage member of the group, he rushed into the city alongside the soldiers and headed straight for the palace, waiting for the chance to make a move.

The soldiers rushed through the city gates and immediately began to fight the soldiers inside. The Kingdom of Helius had very few soldiers, but there were quite a number of mages. Therefore, Icors army faced a bit of difficulty and were held up.

However... since there were so many of them, the priests would not be able to last very long.

Benjamin did not worry about them. They flew into Regina exceptionally smoothly without much obstruction. The city was dead silent, and all the windows and doors were closed; it was meaningless for them to stop, so they sped straight toward the palace.

However, at that very moment, Benjamin subconsciously scanned the city with the water element sensing technique.

His expression suddenly changed.

"Look out! There is an ambush in the city!"

He could not care less about his identity being exposed and immediately shouted to the group of mages. The mages were surprised and lookout on guard as they stopped in mid-air.

Suddenly, a large group of people rushed out of the previously dead-silent street.

"Rush! Kill those bastards!" General Press appeared in the crowd and shouted. They were ordinary Kingdom of Helius soldiers, knights, and quite a number of priests.

Benjamin frowned.

If he did not scan the area, he would not have noticed them - there were tens of thousands of troops waiting to ambush them in the city.

The reinforcements... they have already arrived!
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