When A Mage Revolts Chapter 793

Chapter 793: Desperate Avengers

Chapter 793: Desperate Avengers
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"Let go of me! You... all of you are being deceived by the elders!"

The moment they were brought into the village, the girl started struggling violently with her hands tied behind her. It was as though something triggered her, she stared at guards furiously, tried her best control her spiritual energy and attempted to fight back.

However, there was a strange black wooden ring on top of both the boy and the girls head, the ring was covered with runes. As a result, their spiritual power were suppressed, and they could not take control of it.

The Ring of the Sinners... They know about the ring, but it was their first time experiencing it.

"Shut up!" The guard immediately walked over, kicked the girl, causing her to fall onto the ground and said viciously, "Traitor! You have not only failed to live up to the Goddess's expectations, but you even brought our enemy to the island. Do you think you have the right to speak?"

The girl was covered in mud, and she painfully curled up. The boy was in panic, he immediately moved towards his sister, but was being punched into the ground by another guard.

The villagers on the street who saw this avoided them, took another route, hid in their own houses and secretly watched what was happening at the entrance of the village.

"Those two of them... arent they the Harold couples..."

"Shhh! Quiet down, do not say their name. Did you forget what the elders said before? They have long been exiled by the goddess, and they no longer belong to our island."

"But, why did the two of them come back? I thought the elders have dealt with them a long time ago..."

The fearful and curious villagers were discussing secretly, even though the two siblings could not hear it, but their sharp gazes made them feel as though they fell into an ice prison.

They recognized them...

They had mixed feelings in their heart, bitterness, anger and shame... they seemed to have lost their strength to get up, and even got the impulse to end their life.

"You troublesome brats..." The captain of the guards looked at the two of them and his gaze was filled with disdain, "What, are you trying to put up an act? You better get the fuck up! What are you rushing for, in a few minutes, we will put you out of your misery! "

He stretched his leg towards the girl's face and forced the girl to raise her head upwards.

The girl clenched her teeth and her whole face was trembling, a few drops of tears streamed down from the corner of her eyes, but because she was covered in mud and sweat, it was not very obvious.

"We... we are not... traitors..." She said with a very deep voice.

"What? Quickly get up and stop wasting our time!"

"Brother Shawn, we are really not traitors. We came back to save all of you." The young boy climbed towards the guard and held his legs while he begged, "The elders have been deceiving everyone. They forced us to offer a sacrifice every year and random captured virgins from the village, it was not for the Goddess..."

"Hey brat, shut up!"

The guards captain known as Shawn kicked the boy and looked exceptionally angry. Before the young boy could even finish his sentence, his left front tooth was knocked off. A scream and dark colored blood flowed out of the young boys mouth.

The boy fell onto the ground once again, and this time, he can no longer get up.

The guard walked towards him. It seemed like that kick just now did not sooth his anger, and he wanted to go ahead and continue hitting him.

"Brother Shawn, please stop... stop hurting him!" The girl quickly raise her head and begged "You... didnt you always bring us out to fish when we were younger? For the sake of old times, can you please stop hurting him...?"

When the captain heard it, his face changed and immediately tried to deny it: "Nonsense! I-I have no relations with you traitors! Stop with your nonsense, I do not know you! I-I have nothing to do with the both of you!"

The girl was stunned, and the feeling of despair emerged in her heart.

At that moment, she found this place that she grew up in looked so unfamiliar. Ironically, before she found out about the elder's lies, she did not feel this way.

Those who abandoned them, were not only the elders and flamens...

She regretted, why did she came to this place for revenge. She thought they have already became strong enough to face their past. But just a few hours ago, she realized that they were still too naive, the three elders were too terrifying. She did not know since when did they started to be able to control the ancestral spirits, and even Benjamin was being caught in the illusion.

At that time, it was difficult to detect sound waves in the forest, and the girl did not even realize what was going on. However, one moment they were still talking to Benjamin, and the next, they were walking towards another direction.

At that time, neither of the two siblings knew what was going on, but Benjamin flew into the air in no time and vanished without a trace, no matter how, they could not catch up with him. That was when they immediately realized that the elders set up an illusion, but... they were not able to fight against their forces.

Because they used to practice psychic powers, they were not affected by the illusion, and they tried to crack it by reading it. However, when their spiritual energy started expending in all directions, it immediately collided with the energy of the ancestral spirits. Not only did the collision beat them up badly, it also enabled the flamens to locate them.

The moment their spiritual energy collided, the girl sensed a shocked emotion from her opposites spiritual energy.

she felt like they must be very shocked that the both of them were not dead.

At that time, the both of them realized that they were in danger and they wanted quickly move to another place, but in just a while a few flames and a group of guards have surrounded them. By then, mage Benjamin have been taken to another place by the illusion, and they were in despair.

They definitely could not fight against a few flamens and a group of guards.

Soon, the two siblings were being captured, and they were forced to put on the ring of sinners. They were brought into the altar and were subjected to a series of harsh interrogations. The elders confronted them for a long time with hatred. The girl clenched her teeth and did not say anything. In the end, because the three elders had to deal with the intrusion of the Church, so they had no choice but to stop the interrogation. The two siblings were also sentenced to be exiled.

Being exiled... the girl understood what it meant.

They will not be exiled from the island, but they will be exiled from this world. Their body that was covered with sin can no longer be qualified live in the world created by the Goddess.

Eventually, the guards will escort them from the altar back to the village. However, what used to be familiar to them no longer made them feel warm, and the people who used to be close to them were looking at them like strangers... They have already lost all hope, but now they told them that there was something even more devastating.

"Hey bastard, are you trying to fake death? Quickly get up!"

The captain walked to him, raised his left leg and kicked the back of the young boy. The boy screamed painfully, and started coughing violently, blood was being spitted out as he coughed.

The girl endured the feeling of despair in her heart, climbed over there and begged: "Dont... stop hitting him. Didnt the elder give an order to exile us? If he was killed, his soul will stay here forever..."

After hearing that, the captain had a fearful look on his face. He stopped and uttered a cold sneer.

"Forget it... you will both die anyway." He murmured and picked up the trembling young boy off the ground. Obviously, the young boy can no longer be able to walk, and they had no choice but to carry him towards their destination.

The girls had dull expression on her face, she lowered her head and obediently followed behind them. From time to time, she will raise her head and look at her dying younger brother, and there was fear in her eyes.

However, right at that moment...

"Brother Shawn! Quick, the elders have given a new order. We will exile the two brats later, you guys need to come with me quickly!" Suddenly a figure ran towards them, he was dressed the same as the rest of the guards and hurriedly shouted.

At that moment, everyone was dumbfounded.

"What's going on, you..."

The guards captain named Shawn seemed to have doubts, but the guard ran towards him, grabbed his hands and said: "Quick! The followers of the defilement have broken the barrier made by the flamens, and they are heading towards our village! We need reinforcements!"

Instantly, everyone was shocked: "They broke the barrier? How is it possible?"

"Its true, I do not have time to explain, you need to quickly come with us!"

"Then... what about the two brats..."

"Take them with us! The elders said that they could serve as sacrifices for our ancestral spirits, and only by doing so, we would be able to stop the enemy's invasion!"

The guards were still in a confused state. However, the anxious tone of the guard gradually affected them, and caused them to start panicking.

The barrier was broken? How could it be? But... if it was really broken...

The fact that mages beast or enemies appearing on the island was beyond their understanding. They were a little nervous initially, although the elders seemed very calm, but they still had a bad feeling based on the elders conversation in the altar.

The followers of the defilement were very strong! They were large in number! And their situation was very dangerous!

"Quick! We need to hurry there!"

A chaotic idea flashed through their mind, the captain was a little nervous, so he immediately shouted. He dragged the two brats, followed behind the messenger guard, and went outwards with the other guards... he did not get the chance to take a closer look at the messenger's face.
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