When A Mage Revolts Chapter 821

Chapter 821: While Escaping

Chapter 821: While Escaping
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While the bone dragon was still a distance away from them, Benjamin took the opportunity to take a glance at the water elemental sprite inside his space of consciousness.

After having been hit hard by the tail, the water elemental sprite was in bad condition. It could only hide within the space of consciousness, healing itself by absorbing water elements. However, it was comforting to see that it was healing very quickly, and at the moment, was halfway done with recovery.

If the bone dragon caught up to them, could he get the water elemental sprite to delay it once more?

After being strengthened by the strange powers, Benjamin was unable to figure out just how strong the bone dragon was now and whether the water elemental sprite would be able to withstand it. He could only keep hoping in his heart.

"Actually, if you abandon these mages and set off at your highest speed while using the healing drizzle to obstruct the enemy's pursuit, the bone dragon would basically be unable to catch up with you." The System suddenly spoke, "Bringing them in flight like this, you lot would be able to flee for only an hour at most, according to my calculations, before the bone dragon gets within thirty meters of you."

"...Don't even think about it. I will never abandon them and escape alone."

"Then I wish you good luck,"

The System spat out these words in a slightly sarcastic tone before shutting up, leaving Benjamin looking really worried in the air, and the nervous mages behind him.

As before, Benjamin cast the Elemental Order - Heal every now and then. Every time the drizzle fell upon the skull of the bone dragon, its speed decreased for a few seconds, and the hope in their hearts grew.

However, in such a helpless situation, they began to feel more and more pressured.

"...Mage Lara, what is that in your hand?" Suddenly, the male mage turned his head mid-flight, yelling doubtfully at Lara, who had been silent the entire time.

Lara raised her head and opened up her hands, saying, "These are pieces of the liches' skulls."

"This is"

"There must be some special reason why these revenants are able to produce force fields that restrain magic." Lara stared at the dirty pieces of bone in her hand, saying, "If we can figure it out, we might be able to turn things around."

Hearing this, the other mages were startled.

"You want to begin research while we run?"

Lara nodded, and took out a few glass tubes from her backpack, saying, "I've participated in the research of the undead team and have learnt a bit from a few teachers. I can give it a try."

The mages gaped, not knowing what to say.

Their flying spells were certainly not magic that required much effort. Furthermore, with Benjamin leading them, they did not need to expend too much energy to control their flight. However, research on materials Especially one involving a topic as complicated as the secrets of the undead, would require a huge mental focus.

To have been able to join this undead exploration team, they were all people who were not just proficient in dark elemental magic, but understood the academy's research on the undead as well. They knew how to investigate the habits of the undead, and had conducted many experiments on extracting unknown energy from the remains.

Because of that, Lara's words moved them.

"...Let me help too." The male mage gritted his teeth and spoke. He took out a piece of lich bone from his material box. Using magic, he held up a smelting pot and lit a fire within it as he flew at high speed, doing his best to keep its balance.

The other mages forced themselves into a calm state, and went into a state of research. They discussed the structure and composition of the lich remains, taking out various experimental potions and mixing them into the pot along with the lich remains. A careful refining process thus began.

This was a somewhat mystical scene.

Benjamin flew at the forefront, fleeing for his life while using the healing drizzle to obstruct the bone dragon. Behind him was Miles, who lay as though dead on the flying wooden plank, and a few mages conducting experiments in mid-flight.

Although they seemed to be in a mess, very soon, they had somehow managed to draw up a few wooden planks and build a simple bench. All kinds of equipment were placed upon it, kept in balance by magic. Some were in charge of mixing the potions, some were responsible for the operation of the experiment, and others recorded data The entire process happened alongside their frantic escape. They really did not look as though they fit into the picture, but for some reason, still seemed rather presentable.


Listening to the discussion that was getting heated up, Benjamin could not help but cast a few glances at them, an expression of admiration on his face.

What weird monster had his academy created?

Nevertheless, Benjamin did not dare to place his hopes upon them. The topic of the revenants was too deep, and might even involve the laws of many planes. It would be very difficult for them to come up with anything in these short ten minutes.

In the end, he still decided to handle the bone dragon alone.

"Activating the deep sea domain and the descending of water would produce some abnormal reactions, right?" Thinking, Benjamin suddenly asked in his heart.


"If I activate both at the same time, together with the water elemental sprite, even if I had to face the bone dragon head on, I should be able to delay it for some time, yes?"

Hearing this, the System was quiet for a few seconds, before asking, "Are you thinking About splitting ways with them?"

Benjamin nodded, explaining in his heart, "Without a doubt, if we split up, chances are nine out of ten that the bone dragon's target would be me. I still have the intangible form. With so many hidden cards, protecting myself would not be a problem. They only have to escape towards the Spirit Abyss and get out from the netherworld, and they would be completely safe."

The soul of bones seemed extremely anal about laws. It was furious about the living stepping into the domain of the dead. Thus, as an undead, it would definitely not step an inch out of the netherworld.

Because of that, Benjamin felt that the possibility of this plan succeeding was rather great.

"You are so impressive. Such a selfless and noble feat. I wish to cry a few crocodile tears for you." The System said indifferently, "However, may I remind you that the energy of the entire netherworld is gathered around the body of the enemy? Your 'protecting myself would not be a problem' statement might be a little too cocky, don't you think?"

"...So you think that I won't last ten minutes?"

"Oh, that's too much." The System answered monotonously, "Seeing as we've been together for so long, I'll give you a bit of respect. You'd last half a minute."


Benjamin was at a loss for words. He glanced behind him, at the bone dragon. From the beginning until now, the distance between it and them had shortened by at least twenty meters, and it was decreasing. The burden upon Benjamin's shoulders was growing, bit by bit.

If the bone dragon really were to grow as strong as the legends said it could

Suddenly, he shook his head vigorously and threw the thought out of his mind. Time was of the essence, and he did not have the luxury to think too much. He suddenly beckoned at the mages, interrupting their 'what could this lich have been before death' discussion.

"We had best separate and escape." He spoke solemnly, "The bone dragon's focus is on charging towards me, so it should end up ignoring you guys. Bring Miles and escape. Don't worry about it, I have ways to protect myself."
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