When A Mage Revolts Chapter 851

Chapter 851: Gradual Expansion

Chapter 851: Gradual Expansion
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The meeting ended after two hours. As the people left the ship, there was uncertainty, shock, as well as an undisguisable agitation on everyone's faces.

"What What on earth have we experienced today?"

Even the calmest mage turned his head to look at his companions after they had come out, shaking his head in disbelief. He looked as though he was in a dream.

"I know, all of this is unimaginable." His companion mage nodded as well, saying, "Mage Benjamin He is truly everything I thought he would be. Those strange thoughts I don't understand how he comes up with them. He just doesn't seem like he comes from the same world as we do."

"Yeah But tomorrow onwards, I'm afraid we have a lot to get busy with."

As the first batch of members of the Black Nightmare Society, they had already receive the most direct instructions from Benjamin.

To go on a strike. It was not that they were to throw in the towel and call it quits themselves, but rather, they were to stir up the emotions of the people around them and create an atmosphere. Thus, they could set off a strike that could, at one go, produce an impact over a huge area, causing the Kingdom of Helius to feel a shock once again.

Benjamin's intentions were very obvious. The Black Nightmare Society had just begun. It was definitely insufficient to rely only on the thirty plus members. They had to stir something up and spread their reputation so that more people who were against the Church would join them. At the same time, a strike was also something that could create extensive social repercussions.

That was, perhaps, somewhat advanced for this era, but the taxes in the Kingdom of Helius were not light, and most of the money had indeed flowed into the Church. Because of that, there was definitely the possibility of the people being riled up.

The key was how they would go about it

"There is a cluster of workshops in the city of Worchester for the exclusive use of the Church, especially to print indulgences for the Church. It would be awesome if you guys are able to provoke the workers there." This was the goal that Benjamin had pointed out at the time. "These indulgences are used by the Church to make money after all. Once the task is complete, the people will realize that the so-called "salvation is bought with money" is merely a lie. I can't wait to see the look on those priests' faces."

After that, Benjamin issued to them the actual locations of the workshops. Everyone was rather astonished. They had been living in Worchester for so long, and yet they did not even know that there were such workshops in the city.

How on earth did he find out such secrets?

"I've always thought that the workshop in the west of the city printed books. Who knew that the Church was in control there." Someone sighed after coming out. "My neighbor's son works there. A dumb fellow who can't even read. I'm afraid he doesn't even know what he's doing"

"Those workshops are too remote, and I think they've never allowed outsiders to come near. I really can't imagine how the information was confirmed."

However, Benjamin did not explain the source of his information in detail. He merely said that he used magic to detect all of it. Hearing that, the mages could not help but sigh. This man's magic seemed to be quite different from theirs.

In actual fact After he had entered Worchester, Benjamin had, indeed, been searching the streets at night, using the water elemental sensing technique and coming across those workshops inadvertently.

The Church definitely had a lot of secret industries hidden in the midst of the people. Huge amounts of books, specially made armor, magical instruments such as the crosses It was absolutely impossible to outsource such things. Before, Benjamin had gotten the black operation of the Academy to investigate these matters, but their results had been meagre. It was probably only through the water elemental sensing technique and the scan of the System that he was able to unearth these secrets.

And if they could destroy the workshops in the form of a strike, it would be perfect.

"Once we're successful, the Church will definitely notice the existence of you and I, and I'm afraid the pressure will increase." After the meeting had ended, the King looked at the members who were leaving the cabin, and suddenly spoke worriedly.

"Let them notice us. The Black Nightmare Society is a secret organization. It would be very difficult for the Church to aim at us," Benjamin, however, answered nonchalantly. "I can give you my guarantee now that not a single spy will be able to slip in."

The truth was Even that night itself, he had gotten rid of two unknown fellows.

Every member who joined the meeting was personally escorted by him. Under the scan of the System at close range, no matter what tricks the person had under his sleeves, there would still be a trace of it or two. Thus, Benjamin had quietly taken action, and immediately killed them off without anyone knowing.

He would definitely remain strict about the upcoming screenings of members.

"You can say that, but I still have a bad feeling," the King was silent for a while, before speaking thus.

Benjamin frowned. "Why?"

"I know the Church too well. Although they seem calm and poised on the surface, but in their core, they are more extreme than anyone else. I feel that they must be undergoing something unbeknownst to us."

Hearing that, Benjamin rubbed his chin. The Church had, indeed, remained quiet recently. Other than doing their best to cordon off the influence of the posters, it seemed that nothing else was being done. This attitude of letting themselves be butchered up really did not seem right.

What schemes were they plotting this time?

However, after some more thought, the Church was no longer what it had been before. Just like the ambush in the cathedral, thanks to Benjamin's magical ability, the Church had wanted to waylay him, and yet he had still been able to fend them off. Most importantly, he was in the shadows whereas the Church was out in public. Even if the Church wanted to plot against them, there was no place they could start with.

He slowly felt relieved.

Whatever it was, they must not mess up their own rhythm. They still had plenty more things to get done.

"Your Majesty, don't worry. Haven't you noticed that the administrative system of the Kingdom of Helius is soon paralyzed?" Benjamin opened his mouth to speak. "Most of the officers all over the country who helped us have gone into hiding, and the Church is afraid to harm those that remain, because touching them would cause the country to fall deeper into chaos. In reality, however, from the moment they put up those posters, they were already standing on our side."

"Do you mean that we should get in touch with them?"

"Rightly so," Benjamin nodded, saying, "The Black Nightmare Society needs the support of the people, but at the same time, support from within the administrative system is also necessary."

Hearing that, the King nodded and did not say anything else.

Having been freed from the control of the Church, he had never been an assertive person. All this while, Benjamin had been making full and adequate arrangements, and he seemed to have gotten used to this state of things. Even without the influence of psychic powers, he was exceptionally obedient.

This was not fitting for a king, actually, but Benjamin really had no mood to take on the additional task of nurturing the temperament of a king.

Thus, they ended the meeting and brought the people from the seas back to the outpost of Worchester's black operation. The next morning, Benjamin received the information he had wanted.

"Director, sir. This is the most recent news we have gathered. These should be the officers within the kingdom who have more discourse power," The person in charge of the Academy's black operation handed over a list of names, speaking in a lot voice.

"En Well done."

Benjamin nodded and took the name list.

They ought to start moving again.

The matters of the Black Nightmare Society could be delegated to the members of the Academy's black operation. After all these were all underground organizations, which these men had plenty of experience with. Also, a period of time would definitely be necessary to prepare for an event such as a strike, it must not be rushed. Furthermore, those thirty over people who had just become members needed time to get used to their new identities.

Because of that, in the evening of the same day, he took the King and the siblings with him once more, quietly leaving Worchester.
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