When A Mage Revolts Chapter 860

Chapter 860: Rescue

Chapter 860: Rescue
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The people in the skies did not linger, but flew over the trees swiftly, continuing their rush towards the cities in the north. Benjamin and his companions hid in the forest and watched that sight. They could not help but let out a sigh of relief.

It was successful.

"Quickly, we must rush back now while there's time!" After waiting for the priests to have flown a considerable distance away, Benjamin got up from within the woods, and brought the three others in a change of direction, flying towards Worchester without hesitation.

It had been a great difficulty luring them away; now was the best time to rescue the members of the Black Nightmare Society. Although those who had fallen into the trap had probably been sentenced to death by the Church already, but no matter what it might be, Benjamin still had to go and try.

He could not give up on those people straightaway.

Their journey there was smooth and without hitches, so Benjamin rushed back to Worchester very quickly. In the night, the entire city still looked very serene. The guards had not slacked even though the Church had left. The gates were locked tight, signifying that the lockdown order than sealed the city had still not been removed.

The person in charge of the Academy's Black Operation sent a report through a sound transmission. "The five members who had been tied up in the square, have been taken down and brought back to the local church. Their status is currently unknown. So far, after confirmation, there are altogether thirty seven people captured by the Church. The other members of the Black Nightmare Society have been gathered by us at the backup outpost. Their safety can be temporarily guaranteed."

After hearing all that, Benjamin had a grasp on the situation now.

They were all in the church, huh

He had to rescue the captive members. As for the others, Benjamin thought for a while before deciding to let them continue hiding in Worchester.

"Take His Majesty and hide in the forest outside the city," and so, he turned around and spoke to the two siblings. "I'll go in and rescue the captured members.

The two siblings nodded without hesitation, and turned around, taking the King and their spirit servants into the forest outside the city to hide. As for Benjamin, after they had gone into proper hiding, he suddenly lifted himself into midair.

Under the pitch black night sky, he gave a sudden burst of speed, and dashed straight towards the inside of the city of Worchester!


The guards on the walls could not even react. Benjamin skipped past them from above, like a shooting star, making a beeline towards the church. All of them only began to look startled after two seconds, with disbelief on their faces.

"What, what just flew over?"

"Oh no! Attack by the enemy! Enemy attack!"

After a flurry of panic, the horn of alarm on the city wall was sounded, startling Worchester from its deep sleep. The dark streets were illuminated by lights, and the shadows of the soldiers ran and moved hastily amongst them.

However, at the moment, Benjamin had already reached his destination.

With a loud crash, the colorful glass windows were smashed; his entire body was enveloped in a water vortex, dashing into the church. At the same time, he began scanning with the water elemental sensing technique, and immediately found the room where the Church had kept the captives in.

"Who is this? You"

The church had instantly become unusually noisy. The priests on duty there ran out, but before they could see Benjamin, a flood suddenly exploded out, like god's punishment descending from above, swallowing up the entire church.

None of the priests were surprised. However, the only thing they could do was to forcefully protect themselves by using divine charms. With their eyes wide open, they could only watch as a sound swooped towards the front of the store where the captures were being kept.

Attacked by a gush of water, the big doors of the store could only last ten seconds before they were dashed off, revealing thirty shocked and doubtful faces inside the room.

"This is"

The captured members of the Black Nightmare Society were stunned. At the moment, they were being chained up by the Church's Anti-Magic Shackles. Mages or commoners alike, their hearts had long fallen into despair.

From the time they were being captured, until the torture inflicted upon them by the Church, they had kept trying to fight back. However, it had been absolutely futile. There was a renewed sense of hatred piled onto the old grudges they felt, but finally, all of that turned into helpless anger, because they had even seen the Pope.

With the Pope around, they did not even consider the possibility of survival.

Because of that, most of the captives had already given up. They had even begun planning for a mass suicide. Even if they were of no use, they did not want to be hostages and drag down the others.

Nevertheless, it was at this moment that they heard Benjamin's voice.

"Come with me!"

Along with the loud noise of a fierce surge of water, everyone suddenly felt a force holding onto them, dragging them into flight. An ice blade sawed back and forth in their midst; in just mere moments, the shackles chaining them up were cut into pieces.

Supported by that force, they flew out from the store in the blink of an eye.

It was only at this time that they could bring themselves to respond.

"Ben- Benjamin, sir?!"

"It's me," Benjamin turned his head to give them a smile, saying, "Do you guys really think that I would leave you abandoned?"

The members could only stare at him, dumbfounded. They could not even believe their own eyes.

At that moment, half of the entire church building had been flooded. Benjamin cast a glance at the struggling priests, and waved his hand; huge amounts of water elements condensed once again to form a flood, crashing down like a waterfall. Bringing the captives with him, he immediately flew out of the window that had been smashed open.

Ten seconds after they had flown out of the church


There was a deafening sound, and even the earth shook slightly. The citizens of Worchester walked out onto the streets in a daze, only to see the magnificent church, right in the center of the city, breaking down like a collapsing snowcapped mountain avalanche.

The flow of water burst out from the cracks within. In the blink of an eye, the entire church was destroyed, turning into a pile of rubble.

Everyone in the surroundings watched with wide open eyes and gaping mouths. Only, by then, Benjamin had already brought the thirty over members of the Black Nightmare Society over the walls of Worchester, flying out. Absolutely no one had the time to jump out and stop him.

From the moment he had dashed into the city, until he had brought the people out, it had only been a few minutes.

After a few minutes, they landed in the forest outside of the city.

"Fuh We're finally out." Benjamin's nerves, which had been tight the entire time, could finally relax. He turned around, speaking to the people as he looked at them, "There might be people pursuing us later, so we have to continue moving. But at least, we're safer now."

The people who had just been rescued still had dazed expressions.

"Benjamin, sir You've really come to save us"

"Calm down."
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