When A Mage Revolts Chapter 861

Chapter 861: The Broken Heavenly Sword

Chapter 861: The Broken Heavenly Sword
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With a whoosh, light silks shot through Benjamin's body, but it was as though they had merely passed through a phantom; leaving no scars, they instantly flew far off, disappearing into the ends of the woods.

Everyone there was stunned.

They were not the only ones; even Benjamin was slightly confused. However, after his half-second of intangibility had ended, his battle instincts prompted him to immediately activate the water elemental domain and summon the water elemental sprite, searching his surroundings with a shocked and uncertain gaze.

Limited light silks

He knew clearly that there was only one person who could send out such an attack.

Sure enough, from the midst of the dark trees, a figure dressed in long robes flew out slowly. Grant shook his shoulders, taking off a necklace. Immediately, a powerful spiritual energy emanated from his body; Holy Light formed arcs of light, spreading out like an army, guarding by his side.

Benjamin frowned.

Before Grant had taken off the necklace, he had not even been able to sense his presence.

"A special instrument to hide auras? Interesting, even I was fooled at the start," the System said interestedly, "your magical instruments department is really incompetent, development has been going on for so long but you're still lagging behind so much compared with the Church."


Although the System had just saved his life, Benjamin still felt reluctant to pay it any attention.

More importantly, Grant had unexpectedly followed them all the way here!

"...You knew I would turn back here," Benjamin's expression was grave, as he spoke slowly, "so you waited in Worchester. Waiting for me to come back and rescue them."

However, Grant merely gave a scoff; he did not seem interested in talking much. With a wave of his hand, rays of Holy Light solidified in his hands, turning into mysterious runes very quickly.

He wished to fight, was it Alright then, come!

Benjamin's heart shuddered; at the same time, he stretched out his hands to draw, aiming the triangular runes at the water elemental sprite. Subsequently, invisible ripples spread, and the area of the water elemental domain inflated, immediately turning into the deep sea domain that was full of runes. The upsurge of water elements exploded in an instant, moving back and forth in the domain like waves!

Everyone on the scene, including Grant, was immediately enclosed by the deep sea domain!

After receiving two advantages, the water elemental sprite and the deep sea domain, Benjamin's strength had risen greatly. Because of that, although he had fallen into Grant's scheme and things had looked at a slight disadvantage to him, mysteriously, he still felt somewhat excited.

He really wanted to know, between him in his current state and Grant, who was stronger?

Of course, he had not forgotten to protect his own people with water bubbles, preventing them from being poisoned by the water elements.

"Aura of the Realm of God," Grant narrowed his eyes, staring coldly at Benjamin. The high intensity of the water elements did not seem to trouble him much. "Where have you stolen this from?"

Hearing that, Benjamin shrugged. "What's it to you?"

Under his control, numerous waves of water suddenly combined together, turning into a raging blizzard which immediately rushed over to Grant, covering him. In an instant, clanking noises, like metal on metal, rang out from inside as the sharp snowflakes clashed with the Holy Light, cutting each other up furiously.

Protected in the water balls, the members who had just been rescued not long ago were in a daze. Although the battle had only just begun, the power spiritual pressure coming from the clash between the two was already enough to cause them slight breathlessness. Some of them even felt hit by a bout of dizziness.

That that fellow who had suddenly appeared, wasn't he the current Pope?"

A battle between the legendary mage and the Pope

Thinking about that, their minds were already blank, unable to form even half a sentence.

They completely did not know how the situation had gotten to this, and even more so, did not know what they could do. The only thought in their minds now was sir Benjamin must win!

However, right under their anxious gaze, all of a sudden, there was a loud noise coming from within the blizzard. Immediately after that, a fiery sun seemed to be birthed from within; dazzling light illuminated the woods so brightly that it looked as though it were daytime. There seemed to be muffled bell sounds coming from inside, causing them to shiver involuntarily.

After that, a circle of light spread out from Grant's body and immediately dissipated the blizzard; its momentum did not decrease at all, but rather, continue spreading outwards.


Seeing that, Benjamin furrowed his eyebrows. Although there had been no obvious upgrade, he could feel that Grant's spiritual energy had strengthened considerably.

The circle of light slowly spread, immediately clearing out a vacuum of water elements in his deep sea domain. He hurriedly directed more of the water elements in the surroundings to be compressed successively, structuring a ring of extremely strong ice wall to contain the ring of light inside it.


The ring of light swung against the ice wall, and in an instant, the ice wall began to tremble.

However, Grant put his hands together once more, and Holy Light began to gather in his palms

(Attack!) Seeing that, Benjamin could only send a command towards the water elemental sprite through the spiritual connection.

Receiving orders, the sprite immediately sprang into action. Using the ability of concealment granted to it by the deep sea domain, it arrived at Grant's forehead in the blink of an eye; three limited water silks were easily created through condensation by it, and with a swoosh, they shot towards Grant's forehead!

Grant's expression changed at that moment.


He violently raised his head, ignoring everything else to lift up his hands and directing the Holy Light in his hands towards the three water silks. A shield, flashing with golden light, was immediately summoned by him, and defending his head, blocking the water silks right at the most critical moment.

Ding, ding, ding! With three sounds, the water silks bounced off, and the large, golden shield crumbled and cracked.

However, because Grant had been distracted trying to block the water silks, the circle of light that had been spreading began to lose control, and was finally blocked by Benjamin's ice wall, melting in midair together.

Nevertheless, it was at this moment that Benjamin quickly stretched out his right hand.

"Elemental Order - Damage."

The sentence of runes was expertly drawn out by him within two seconds. Right after that, under the strengthening of the high concentration of water elements, an elemental storm appeared in the forest at an extremely high speed, and crashed towards Grant violently!

Seeing that, Grant suddenly whipped out a cross and crushed it. With a dazzling bright light, all of a sudden, six wings of light appeared behind his body.

With a flap of the light wings, Grant disappeared from where he was, and the elemental storm missed its target.

Where had he gone

Benjamin's heart sank immediately.

"Above you! Careful!" the System suddenly shouted.

Benjamin lifted his head as well, only to see, in the pitch black night sky, a sudden appearance of a flashing white dot. It seemed to be an extremely dazzling star. Only, in just a moment, that 'star' began to grow bigger unceasingly Growing bigger

Very quickly, Grant's figure appeared before everyone's eyes. His entire body was on fire, the golden flames burning fiercely like a fireball falling from the sky.

A broken sword was tightly held in his hands.

The broken sword looked very ordinary; it was rusty, and the blade had been rolled up tremendously. It's shape as a sword was not even clearly visible. However, the golden flames of light on Grant's entire body seemed to be emanating from it. An obscure spiritual energy spread from the broken sword, landing right on Benjamin.

At that moment, Benjamin felt as though he was being glared at by a pair of evil eyes, and felt chills running through his body.

Was this the Heavenly Sword

He had not imagined that he would be able to suddenly behold the treasure in the Church's collection at such a time as this.

At that moment, he was unable to concern himself of other matters. The water elemental sprite instantly shifted to the top of his head. At the same time, pieces of ice crystals came out from the domain; like bricks and tiles, he built them above himself, instantly turning into an extremely solid wall.

And in the next second, after he had completed all that, Grant had dashed right in front of his eyes, brandishing the broken sword in his hands, and ruthlessly struck it down!
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