When A Mage Revolts Chapter 862

Chapter 862: Reversal

Chapter 862: Reversal
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When the broken sword landed upon the heavy ice wall, an invisible wave spread out. Even the people in the water bubbles were shocked on the spot, with looks of astonishment on their faces.

However, Benjamin's expression suddenly changed.

"This is"

He could clearly feel that the pressure from above was extremely weak; it had not even broken the layer of ice, what more the water elemental sprite under the ice layer. There was absolutely no possibility that he would be harmed.

Benjamin had a very strange feeling.

There were layers of solid ice and bright Holy Light in between him and Grant, so they were unable to see each other's expressions clearly. However, just as he used the water elemental sensing technique to scan the other side, behind the Holy light was just the ordinary broken sword. Not even Grant's shadow could be seen.

Stunned for half a second, Benjamin suddenly seemed to realize something. He turned his head towards the water bubble. However, it was right at this instant that the limited light silks had pierced through the side of the water bubble!

Right at that moment, Grant was flying above the water bubble, his sight set upon the King.


Everything happened too quickly. Benjamin had not yet been able to react, when he saw a vague light shining from the King's chest. Immediately after that, light silks sped out from where his heart was, like venomous snakes!

"Your Majesty!"

No one knew who had shouted that, but right then, there was still an expression of confusion on the King's face, as though he had not realized what was happening, as though he still thought he was just one amongst the audience, watching Grant brandishing the "Heavenly Sword" in a battle against Benjamin.

At the same time, Grant had lifted his head, meet Benjamin's eyes over ten meters away. His eyes were cold and indifferent, like a leopard that had just captured an unsuspecting prey with ease.

In that moment, Benjamin's heart sank as low as the bottom of an abyss.

"Elemental Order - Heal!" He ignored everything else and drew runes, summoning the healing drizzle as fast as he could and causing it to drift towards the King.

However, a curtain of light suddenly emerged, blocking the drizzle.

"Sprite, finish him!"

Benjamin panicked for a moment, instantly sending out a command to the water elemental sprite. The sprite immediately condensed numerous water silks and flashed past, dashing towards Grant.

With the sound of a smack, the curtain of light was cut into pieces by the water silks. However, Grant took this opportunity to turn and fly off, rising high up into the air and directly freeing himself from the area of the deep sea domain.

He stopped, high in the air, and suddenly turned his head to cast a cold glance at Benjamin.

"...It's not yet time."

Leaving him with those words, the light wings on his backs flapped powerfully. With a clang, the "Heavenly Sword" fell to the ground. Like a flash of lightning, his entire person disappeared from the sky without a trace.

At the same time, within the water bubble, there was a look of daze and shock on the King's face. In the final moment of his life, he wanted to lower his head and look at the tiny hole in his chest. Instead, he fell to the ground with his body rigid.

The thud seemed to Benjamin's ears like a bolt of thunder in the middle of a clear day.

The healing drizzle finally drifted over and fell upon the King. However, no matter how he directed it, the most the drizzle could do was to wet the clothes of the King. It was unable to melt into the body that still contained some remaining warmth.

Fresh blood slowly seeped out from the tiny holes in his chest and back. It wasn't much, but there was no way to stop it.

"...He's dead."

The System suddenly spoke. There was a quietness in its tone that had never been before, as though it was truly a computer system speaking.

Nevertheless, Benjamin was still slow in coming back to his senses.

It was not only him; everyone on the scene had not regained their senses. The two siblings were the closest to the King, but right then, they seemed to have been struck by a rooting spell. Their heads were lowered, as they stared, stunned, at the body of the King, unable to speak a word.

"How, how can this be? Your Majesty Your Majesty! Wake up! Your Majesty! Your Majesty!"

Someone walked over, shouting in in a panic as they stretched out trembling hands, holding onto the King's body and trying to lift him off the ground. However Things had gotten to this stage. What outcome could they get out of this?

Only ten or so seconds had passed, before their expressions turned from anxiety to grief.

"His, His Majesty is dead His Majesty"

Shaking voices sounded out from the crowd; no one could accept this fact. Only half a minute ago, just now, the King had still stood by their sides, healthy and well, spectating the battle between Benjamin and Grant with them on the side. However, within the blink of an eye, the King had fallen; Grant had gone off casually after leaving behind some words. All that was left was them, helpless, and their desperation.

They still dared not believe it.

Could this all be an illusion? If Benjamin had not rushed into the church to rescue them, His Majesty would not have been ambushed by the Pope, and die in such an unknown place

Everyone shut their eyes in unison and bowed their heads towards the corpse of the King.

Benjamin, however, suddenly lifted his head, looking towards the direction in which Grant had disappeared. The hands under his sleeves suddenly clenched tightly.

"You've been trapped," the voice of the System seemed to have become helpless, "this fellow is definitely a bit cunning. Just by drawing out a fake sword, he had deceived all of us."

Although there was not a hint of sarcasm in its tone of voice, Benjamin still shut his eyes, replying in his heart, "Shut up."

The System, however, seemed oblivious to the grave atmosphere, and continued speaking, "Actually You should have understood this earlier on. If Grant had been rushing for you, he would have already struck in the city, why would he come with you all the way here? He had followed you here to track down and find the King. You should have thought of this a long time ago."


If it had been like previous times, faced with a System who kept talking back, Benjamin probably would have scolded it as well. However, at the moment, he suddenly became quiet. He had not the slightest intention to retort.

Because the System was right.

Grant had come rushing in for the King. It was such an obvious plan, he should have thought of it earlier on.

"...Ben, Benjamin, sir. What should we do now?" After who knew how long, in an atmosphere mixed in with heaviness and astonishment, someone finally came back to their senses and looked to Benjamin.

The remaining people also turned to look at him in unison.

"Keep away His Majesty's body with respect," Benjamin took a deep breath and suppressed his emotions, speaking slowly, "We have to leave this place as soon as possible. Grant has left, but it doesn't mean that he won't be coming back with a team of priests in ten minutes."

Hearing that, the people there were like a pack of wolves which, having had lost their leader, had found their pillar once more. They nodded, and hurriedly began to move.

They lifted the King's body, and Benjamin, gathering his feelings again, led them in a speedy flight out of the forest, hurrying towards the southern sea. There was a ship on the ocean that they had bought, originally used as the headquarters for the Black Nightmare Society. Under such circumstances, it was the only place they could safely stay.

In the pitch black night, everyone walked into the cabin of the ship as though they had lost the energy of their entire body. Their faces were dazed at their future prospects.

Benjamin stood on the deck alone, and suddenly took out the transmission woodpiece.

Inside was the latest news transmitted by the Academy's Black Operation.

"Director, sir. The Church has just announced the death of the King over the night. They claim that the King had been tortured repeatedly while in the process of being kidnapped by the mages, suffering immensely before finally being killed by the mage who had kidnapped him, just now. They even say that the Pope had just arrived at the time, but had not been able to rescue him in time. He could only watch, with wide eyes, the mage bringing the body of the King and escaping from capture with the aid the power of the devil once again."
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