When A Mage Revolts Chapter 867

Chapter 867: Before The Battle

Chapter 867: Before the Battle
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On hearing that, Morris had a helpless expression. "I've not come here to be your housekeeper."

"I'm only asking about the situation" Benjamin laughed dryly, before saying casually, "Varys had to stay at the academy. Amongst all these mages who have come from the academy, you're the most capable at managing things. It isn't too much for me to ask a question, is it?"

Morris shook his head helplessly.

After the majority of the mages in the academy had been summoned, they had hurried over to the Kingdom of Helius through the Spirit Abyss to join the army, and Morris could be considered the leader who had brought the team over. That was not all; to provide support in the form of magical instruments, he had almost brought over half of the magical instrument department from there, and had begun mass production on the day of arrival itself.

So far, every mage in the army had been equipped with at least a bangle that strengthened their spiritual energy, as well as a safeguard necklace with automatic activation. Such a style might not be luxurious enough when compared with the Church, as always. However, the upgrade for them was already a significant difference.

Nevertheless, having to manage this and that was, of course, a little too much for Morris, as the person in charge of bringing the team there.

"As for the Declaration Fifty thousand copies have already been sent out throughout the entire country, that should be able to give rise to another huge batch of native mages. The outposts of the Black Nightmare Society have already sent word that many new mages are beginning to join in," he reported the situation, before complaining, "next time, ask your person in charge of intelligence about such matters. I'm only responsible for the magical instruments."


Benjamin could only nod.

However, it was good news for them that the Declaration of the Freedom of Magic could catch a second wind in the Kingdom of Helius.

This was what the Academy's Black Operation had been busy with recently. The resources of the Church was being spent on the rogues in various places, so they seized the opportunity to distribute massive amounts of the Declaration of the Freedom of Magic through taverns, theaters and other such places, thus taking a further step in causing the collapse of the Church's ruling foundation.

Not only were there various guides to learning magic in the Declaration, it was also able to spread the core idea that magic was not sinful. It was quite appropriate to have it before them now.

"There's nothing else, go and get busy with your things," he said to Morris.

Hearing that, Morris thought for a moment, before speaking once more, "That Holy Light Defense Technique in Havenwright, are you prepared to let us disintegrate it?"

Benjamin turned his head. "Can you?"

"There's hope, but I need a map." Morris pushed his wheelchair over to the strategy map, pointing to the map as he spoke, "If you guy can really attack Rhein City and destroy the production headquarters there, please be sure to bring back the oil painting in the underground rooms of the cathedral, safe and intact."

"Oil painting?"

Morris nodded, speaking in a strangely resolute voice. "Yes, if I remember correctly, the blueprint of St. Peter's Cathedral is hidden in that oil painting. The Holy Light Defense Technique of Havenwright is actually generated through the cathedral as its core."

Hearing this, Benjamin nodded. He could not help but feel somewhat surprised in his heart.

In actual fact, Morris was the one who had told him that Rhein City was the headquarters of magical instrument production for the Church. Only, he had not imagined that Morris would know so many confidential details.

"How do you find out about all that?" he could not help but ask.

"It's not me, it's what my previous companions had exchanged their lives for," Morris, however, spoke with a calm demeanor, "amongst the mages that the Church specifically train as spies, there are actually many who choose to betray them. We stayed in there for so long, we would know some secrets that never got spread out."

Hearing that, Benjamin took a deep breath.

"Yes, we will definitely bring the painting back from Rhein City."

"That's good," Morris nodded, and pushed his wheelchair to turn himself around, leaving the tent.

As he watched him leave, a thought suddenly struck Benjamin. Actually, out of so many mages who had come from the Academy of Magic, most of them were hot-blooded students. Not many teachers had come. As for those who were the same rank as the various deans, only Morris alone had come.

Thinking about this, for some unknown reason, he felt as though the burden on his shoulders had gotten heavier.

Very strangely, though, Benjamin did not feel even the slightest bit of nervousness. He turned his head to look at the strategy map spread out on the table. It was like finally seeing the peak of the mountain after a long and tedious climb; he felt ready to take off.

"Wait until after we've attacked Rhein City, then I guess the war would be official begun," he suddenly spoke in his heart.

"En How do you wish for me to answer? Why do I feel as though there's not the slightest hint of a question in that sentence of yours, it makes it very difficult for me to respond, eh." The System immediately spoke, as cretinously as ever.

Benjamin shook his head helplessly.

"I'm only sighing," he said to the System, "from when I escaped from the capital until now, having gone through so many things, I have finally come to a time when we are able to fight the Church head-on. What's wrong with getting a bit emotional? Can't you say something less irritating?"

"Oh, alright." the System paused for a moment, before saying, in an extremely exaggerated manner, "Oh heavens, you have really done it! This road of ours has really been difficult! I'm so touched, I'm going to cry!"

"...Shut up."

Benjamin held his own forehead.

The System had a special ability, which was that, after conversing with it, no matter if it were the stress and burdens that came from various sources, or the emotional excitement of finally seeing the end point, everything just disappeared.

Benjamin could only feel his heart becoming as still as water.

Thus, in the following days, they were all carefully preparing for the plan to spring an assault on Rhein City. The army they had now was, although they called it an army, but there were too many rogues, commoners and people who hated the Church mixed in Even though they could still go into battle due to the weapons they carried, but it was still imperative that they were well prepared.

Faint noises of drills sounded out from a deep, thick forest that nobody knew about, in the Mountains of Magic Beasts.

After a few days.

Benjamin was sitting in the tent, deep in thought, when the transmission woodpiece in his pocket finally lighted up. He took the woodpiece out and activated it. The voice of the person in charge of the Academy's Black Operation came from within.

"It has begun! The army of Icor has closed in on the Crusader's Gateway! This news has exploded throughout the kingdom, the Church had originally planned to hold the coronation ceremony of the Princess the day after tomorrow, but they're forced to delay that plan now. Last night, the royal army was forced to gather, and has started to move towards the borders."

After listening to all that, Benjamin gave a long sigh of relief, nodding in satisfaction.

The Guild Master was truly loyal to have helped him with this favor without another word. Otherwise, if the army of Icor was not there to distract attention, the sudden attack on Rhein City would definitely not be as easy.

So since Icor had moved, they should be moving too.

Benjamin stood up and lifted the door curtains of the tent, walking out slowly.

Outside the door, Joanna was coincidentally passing by with a team of mages. Seeing Benjamin come out, she could not help but stop in her tracks.


Seeing the expression on Benjamin's face, they seemed to have some sort of foreboding feeling, and their eyes lit up in unison. It was as though a long, dark night had passed, the first light of the dawn was reflected in their pupils.

Benjamin smiled, nodding.

"The time has come," he spoke in a gentle but resolute voice. "Let's move."
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