When A Mage Revolts Chapter 87

Chapter 87: The Ambush Tactic

Chapter 87: The Ambush Tactic

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Benjamins expression in his eyes changed slightly upon hearing this.

Ah, there was really something behind this.

He stood up and shrugged offhandedly as he looked and spoke to the old man with a sarcastic tone.

"The Pope is an old man. Why would I want to find his lover?"

"You." The old man was astonished and looked as if he wanted to speak. Benjamin cut him off with a wave of his hand as he chuckled.

He even stretched lazily when he voluntarily walked towards the stairs.

"I would highly recommend you to get the information on Bamboo ready now," Benjamin said as he walked.

Without waiting for the old mans reaction, he followed the trails of the priest and the Holy Knight and went to the second floor confidently.

The old man stood still as he stared for a moment.

Suddenly, he snapped back into reality as he shook his head, laughing softly.

"This punk..."

It did not take long for Benjamin to arrive at the second floor of the inn.

The hallway was darker and damper than the first floor. It was rather hard to see through the dark as the only illumination came from the windows at the corners. The hallway was quite winding as well, Benjamin already lost sight of the priest and the Holy Knights when he arrived on the second floor.

He was however elated.

An environment with poor lighting and complicated landscape was very much advantageous for an ambush.

Yes, a surprise attack. An ambush.

Benjamin already formulated a plan as he went upstairs. Since every guest in the inn was scared away by the Holy Knights, the second floor was now a perfect place for an ambush.

Benjamin knew of the battle prowess of the Holy Knights, and he could easily take out three of them. However, he could not be sure as there was a priest in the picture. The reason behind this was simple; he never battled with another spellcaster, and had no idea how good the priest would be in battle.

That was why he would never go head-to-head with them. He was not that stupid, nor was he that arrogant.

As he decided to go for a surprise attack, he would now have to get as much information about his enemy without exposing himself.

As for the method of achieving ...

Benjamin promptly shut his eyes and switched on the Water Particle Detection. In a split second, the whole of the second floor appeared in his mind alongside with the lively water particles.

Water Particle Detection was basically tailor made for surprise attacks.

The view that Benjamin could sense became much clearer as he had been using this skill more frequently.

"The fourth room down the hallway to the left," Benjamin mumbled as he opened his eyes.

Through the response from the water particles, he could clearly sense that the Holy Knights and the priest had entered the room. Presently, all for enemies were in the same room. The door to the room was wide open, and aside from the enemies, there was another unconscious stranger lying in the bed.

Benjamin meticulously analysed the situation at hand.

It would not be wise for Benjamin to ambush the enemy when all of them were gathered in a place.

However, it was not impossible either.

He lowered his body and stayed close to the wall as he crept towards the room.

Soon, he was by the door of the room.

The enemies were not alerted by his presence, and they seemed to be deeply engaged in a discussion. Benjamin could barely hear the voices of the Holy Knights, "....Sir, is this the assassin?"


At that moment, Benjamin was hit by a truck of realisation. He finally connected the dots.

They were talking about the assassin who tried to kill the Pope.

This foreign assassin was now lying on the bed in the room, surrounded by the priest and the Holy Knight. He seemed to have sustained some injury, and was in a comatose state.

The priest and the Holy Knights came for him.

The old man gave Benjamin a promise in return for the assassins safety.

The edge of Benjamins lips pulled as he smirked.

Things seemed interesting ...

He took out the silver pistol.

He turned the safety off when he was going up the stairs so that he would not need to do it now and potentially alerting the enemy. At this moment, he suddenly remembered the crazy people he met that never had their safety on.

He suddenly seemed to understand their actions.

It was addicting, carrying an active pistol around.

As he thought about that, Benjamin shut his eyes and once again activated Water Particle Detection.

Because he was close enough, everything in the room seemed to be a painting shone in blue light once he focused all of his attention to it. The positioning of the furniture, the shut windows, the wardrobe door that was left ajar ... All of this was displayed in his mind, clear as day. He could also see the location of the 4 people.

However, when he had the intention to shoot when he scanned the scene, there seemed to be a change to his vision.

The shooting interface appeared out of nowhere and integrated itself into the display of the water particles. It guided him on how to aim and shoot efficiently. The familiar figures and gunsight were now shrouded in a veil of blue.

Benjamin was very pleasantly surprised. The Water Particle Detection could be combined with the shooting interface? Although he had no idea how this could happen, but it saved Benjamin by the bell.

Now, there was no need for him to take some time to prepare his shots!

"Indeed, this man matches the description. The Bishop told us to never spare any possible devil; we should behead him and bring it back to the church for His Highness the Pope to identify," the priest said before Benjamin could study the new shooting interface.

Benjamin immediately frowned.

He should not waste time any longer. The old man wanted to protect the assassin. If the assassin was killed, there was no way that the old man would be satisfied even if Benjamin managed to kill the enemies.

That was why Benjamin took action immediately.

He recalled the training he had in the gunfire regime as he appeared in front of the door and pulled the trigger before the four could even catch up to the situation.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Four continuous shots aimed at four different targets. If Benjamin did not have the training from the gunfire regime and only relied on the shooting interface, it would be difficult for him to do this.

Still, Benjamin was successful.

After the shots were heard, the three Holy Knights collapsed, blood spraying out from the hole in their foreheads and the back of their heads. They did not wear their helmets, and the Armour of Holy Light they wore on their body was of no help as well. It merely clanked as they fell.

It was extremely difficult to avoid the shots from an aimed gun, especially when they were unaware of it. However, only three clanking noises were heard.

Benjamins face darkened as he immediately kept the gun that ran out of its ammunition. He started to chant his spells as he prepared himself with magic.

The ambush did not fully succeed.

The fourth bullet was blocked by the priest.
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