When A Mage Revolts Chapter 872

Chapter 872: The Submission Of The Rebel Army

Chapter 872: The Submission of the Rebel Army
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In the following week, the Kingdom of Helius descended into an even more tumultuous situation.

After the army of Icor had left the borders, huge numbers of priests walked to and fro in the capital city, holding a coronation ceremony for the Princess. It was probably the most deathly quiet coronation ceremony in history; the nobles, knights and members of the clergy According to the spectators, the crowds at the scene were like blocks of wax figures. Other than the routine speeches, no one dared to emit any other sound, as though moving an extra step would cause them to be captured and hung until death.

Also, it had been said that the Church had really secretly hung some priests to death during these few days.

No one knew what the actual situation was, but those rumors were enough to create even more suspicions. Immediately, the people in Havenwright felt themselves to be in peril, flinching at any sound. Many could not even sleep in peace.

Places outside of the capital city were in a state of unceasing turmoil as well.

The Church forcefully crowning the Princess had caused a huge backlash. With the addition of the people on the streets fanning the flames, the rebel armies emerged one by one to fight then local governments. Bandits and thieves snatched the opportunity to plunder; and the people suffered immensely.

At such a time as this, rumors concerning the "Black Nightmare Society" suddenly drifted into the midst of the people like a ghost.

"I heard that this Black Nightmare Society was single-handedly founded by His Majesty before he passed away."

"At the time, His Majesty had just escaped from the house arrest imposed on him by the Church. Wandering outside, he had been unable to contact his previous supporters, so he could only form a new organization such as this one. It is a pity, though, that when the organization was becoming more and more powerful, the Church could not stand it and sent out killers to assassinate His Majesty. Before His Majesty died, he had entrusted his dying will to the people of the Black Nightmare Society. So now, they have grouped together a Black Nightmare Army."

"The Black Nightmare Army is different from the other rebel armies, every time they move out, they only kill the lackeys of the Church. They never harm the innocent civilians. You only have to join them, and you will be given proper food supplies and complete army preparations. In only a few days, you'll be trained into an invincible soldier, fighting to fulfill His Majesty the King's last wish."

Such discourse was suddenly ablaze in the Kingdom of Helius. It was probably because the lives of the people had immediately been plunged into suffering after the King had died, so they could not help but long for the stable lives they had led during the King's reign.

At the same time, the country was in a state of unrest and instability. They needed a "hero" who could rescue them. However, after being exposed time and time again, it was very difficult for the Church to be the hero in the people's eyes. Therefore, the people placed their hopes upon the Black Nightmare Society that had exposed the Church before.

Of course, it was also important that Benjamin added fuel to the fire secretly.

After attacking Rhein City, they hid in the Mountains of Magic Beasts and went about their business in low profile, attacking only one city within a few days. The Church had begun searching for them everywhere, and suspicious figures had started to appear in the periphery of the Mountains of Magic Beasts. Benjamin had to be careful.

However, correspondingly, the eight large rebel forces in the kingdom had responded to Benjamin one by one.

"The legendary demonic mage, I never thought that you'd be the chief of the Black Nightmare Army, powerful indeed, powerful To be honest, if I were to bring my men and sell our lives to you, what benefit is it to us?"

In a small village at the foot of the Mountains of Magic Beasts, Benjamin met with the leaders of one of the forces. His name was Bill, in his mid-thirties. His face was that of a gangster, and he was not afraid even after learning of Benjamin's identity. Instead, he gave him a few more looks of scrutiny, asking as such with interest.

Hearing that, Benjamin smiled.

"A incentive as vast as the heavens- you won't be killed by the Church."

The moment these words left his mouths, Bill was momentarily stuck for words.

However, after a few seconds, he squeezed out an awkward smile, saying, "This Great mage, aren't you considering us as slightly less than human by saying that? The Church is powerful, indeed, but it isn't guaranteed that my men can't fight them."

"Alright, so you can go back and try," Benjamin was still smiling, "according to what I know, the royal army has already arrived at a place within two miles of your camps, and why is it that I've heard news of how you have suffered quite a great loss after only battling the royal army once?"

Bill's smile vanished immediately, replacing it with a disgruntled look.

"...From where did you hear that?"

"Naturally, I have my sources. You don't have to be concerned about that," Benjamin stood up and looked down at him from above. "What you need to concern yourself about is how to be a part of the Black Nightmare Army."

Bill was silent for a moment. Suddenly, he put on a shameless smile and a charming tone, saying, "About this You know as well, that it isn't an easy task gathering such a huge group of people under our leadership. Let us give our lives for you, alright, but you should still grant us some benefits, right?"

"Sure," Benjamin's face did not change. "I will make sure that you are not wiped out by the Church."


The atmosphere was stuck again.

Benjamin stared calmly at the other man's face, watching as the smile on his face began to slip off. Finally, Benjamin tossed him the following words, "If you are willing, bring your men over. If you are not willing, go back and make preparations for your funerals. I will not force you."

Bill lowered his head, leaning against his knees and giving a long sigh.

"...Great mage, everyone else says you're the devil. That certainly ain't a lie," he shook his head, saying helplessly. "Let me honest with you. The three thousand men under my command are already in the forest in the east of the village now. The royal army has beaten us until there is no escape. The mountain top previously, we had long lost control over it."

Benjamin nodded, and said, "So?"

"We belong to the Black Nightmare Army now. You only have to give the order, and we would bravely pluck even the Pope's beard for you."

Benjamin finally let out a satisfied smile.

This was the second rebel force to join them.

By then, he had met with the leaders of all the eight forces once. Of course, two over eight was not a nice figure to see. These rebel forces were extremely rebellious, indeed. It was not easy for them to be assimilated.

Other than the force before his eyes now, which had submitted to him, the previous force had only been willing to join them because their leader was a mage, and he had admired Benjamin and the Academy of Magic for a long time. As for the other forces, they had kept repeating that they were rebelling to protecting the Kingdom of Helius, describing how the various operations of the Black Nightmare Society had caused them to honor and admire them. However, the moment Benjamin asked them to join in, they immediately balked.

It was obvious that the fire of the Church had not yet spread to their heads. Also, they were comfortable as the big bosses now. They would definitely be unwilling to suddenly be subordinates.

However, Benjamin was not worried at all.

The Church had only begun to counter the insurgency; some of them had not yet felt the frightening pressure. Benjamin had also left them with a method to contact him. When their eyebrows got burnt, they would naturally be unable to continue rebelling.

"That mage, sir, can you really fight the Pope?" After the discussion had ended, they left the house together. Bill hesitated for a while before asking; he could not help it.

Benjamin did not say much. He merely nodded.

"So we really have the chance to win? We can overturn that Church?"

"Of course."

Bill gave a long sigh of relief.

"Although I feel you are boasting, boss, but I still feel much more at peace now after hearing that," he followed Benjamin from behind as he talked, "My men are all really powerful, please do not treat us like cannon fodder!"

"I won't, don't worry."


And so, Benjamin was soon leading Bill's army of a thousand man back to the Mountain of Magic Beasts. After the System had tested them one by one, he broke the entire troop up and rearranged them according to the test results, slotting them into the original army.

Subsequently, the camp deep in the mountains increased in size.
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