When A Mage Revolts Chapter 880

Chapter 880: The Returning Nobles

Chapter 880: The Returning Nobles
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Benjamin began to plan the King's funeral.

The situation in the Kingdom of Helius had developed to what it was today, largely due to the fact that he had rescued the King, who finally ended up dying at Grant's hands. If the King were still in the hands of the Church, the Black Nightmare Society would never have risen up, and there would not be such huge flames of rebellion in the midst of the people.

So far, the cause of the King's death was still a discussion amongst the people; no conclusion had been hammered onto the boards yet. Because of that, taking advantage of this situation before it passed, as long as Benjamin and the others carried the body out and organized a funeral on a grand scale, proving that Grant had killed the King, then the Church would be made a prime target for public scorn!

This would also be the final gift Benjamin would prepare for them.

After that, the Black Nightmare Army would be able to raise the 'official' flag and kick the Church out from Havenwright, with the favor of the public backing them.

"Where do you think would be a good location?"

Gathering a few leaders of the army in his main tent, Benjamin quickly informed them of this decision, and began to discuss the next step in the plan.

Those few people could not help but exchange looks, revealing astonished and excited expressions on their faces.

Were they finally starting to retaliate?

"I feel that it's better to return to Worchester," after discussing for some time, someone quickly raised this suggestion, "that is where the Black Nightmare Society began, and as a city, it's not too small. Its influence is vast, and the power of the Church there is weak. It's a very suitable location for the King's funeral."

"Worchester, huh?" Hearing that, Benjamin rubbed his chin. "First We have to conquer it."

"The exit of the underground tunnel is rather far from Worchester. It would take the army at least two days to get there. However, we can still move in separate groups and disguise ourselves as commoners, gathering when we're near our destination."

Benjamin nodded.

"Then that settles it," he gave his order, "you can return and investigate the situation of the defense in Worchester. Set a good battle plan. In a week, we officially attack!"

Hearing that, those few people bowed to Benjamin in respect, before turning to leave the main tent.

Benjamin took a deep breath, massaging his temples.

It was time to shift more items here, from the inventory in the Academy of Magic.

He took out the transmission woodpiece and delivered his message. There were still ten extra Cannons of Holy Light in the Academy, and with the Runic Defense Technique, these were all artifacts used in large scale battles, things that they must have when they officially establish their outpost in Worchester.

On the next day.

While Benjamin was preparing for the funeral, suddenly, the Black Nightmare Army that had just returned from plundering the outside brought an unexpected guest in.

"...Duke, sir?"

Benjamin knitted his eyebrows as he watched Duke Collin walk into the tent, with an expression of surprise on his face.

Duke Collin, however, was looking even more shocked.

His heart was filled with disbelief, as he stood in this underground army camp. The vast Black Nightmare Army, after disappearing from the midst of the people, had always been hiding underground, and it was surprising that there existed such a huge world under the great land of the Kingdom of Helius.

If he had not finally encountered the Black Nightmare Army when they had attacked the cities, he was afraid that it would be impossible for him to discover this place, not in a lifetime

"Director, sir, we've finally contacted you," he gave a long sigh, grinning bitterly, "if we had been a few more days late, I'm afraid we would have lost our lives."

Benjamin was confused. "Why What happened?"

Duke Collin shook his head helplessly.

Very quickly, he told him about the series of events. As Benjamin listened to how they had kidnapped the Princess and escaped from the capital, he could not help but look astonished.

These nobles How were they still able to do such things?

He had never imagined that such a chain reaction would be caused by the Black Nightmare Army hiding underground. According to his opinion, these six nobles should have been hiding well and proper in the capital at that moment, awaiting news from him.

His plans were slightly disrupted

However, the nobles had kidnapped the Princess; this was definitely a heavy blow to the Church. Although all sources of information had been completely sealed up and it was as though nothing had happened in the capital, once the Princess was in Benjamin's hands, things would not simply remain this way anymore.

After careful consideration, this could completely be coordinated with the King's funeral.

"Where's the Princess? Have you brought her here?" Because of that, he immediately asked.

"No, we're hiding her in a small village in the south now. My family is responsible for taking care of her," Duke Collin explained, "We had gone our separate ways before, so the situation was extremely dangerous. We dared not bring her along."

Hearing that, Benjamin nodded and said, "Don't worry, you're all safe now. Bring Her Highness the Princess here then."

He had wished for the six nobles to remain hidden in the capital and help by providing him with information, finally getting rid of the Church from both the inside and outside. However, things had come to this. He could only go along with the situation.

Thus, Benjamin helped Duke Collin settle down before sending out a few mages. After a day, they brought the Princess, the other five nobles, as well as their families back.

Seeing the little girl, who was asleep in the arms of a nanny, he could not help but sigh in his heart.

How old was she? She could not even speak well yet but both her parents had already died, and she had been pushed onto the throne as the Church's puppet. It was pretty awful, come to think about it.

Benjamin waved his hand, getting people to take the Princess. The six nobles followed and left as well. As they walked in the underground camp of the Black Nightmare Army, gazing at the imposing and strict army troops, there were rueful expressions on their faces.

In the beginning, this army had been built by their men!

"Sir! You've finally come,"

A few family knights they had left in the army were now running towards them, an uncontrollable excitement in their voices.

"Very good, very good" the nobles were rather pumped up as well. All of them were nodding in satisfaction.

The army before their eyes had almost doubled from what it had been at the start. Everything, from their armor and morale, to the well-trained aura of their bodies, was incomparable by far to when it had all begun.

In a short period of time, how had Benjamin been able to develop the Black Nightmare Army as such?

The nobles felt it was unimaginable, but even more than that, they felt grateful in their hearts. They were grateful to have chosen to believe Benjamin from the beginning, to hand over their personal armies to him. Otherwise, today would not have existed.

This army truly had the ability to fight the royal army!

"We've placed out bets right, this time."

Arriving at their tents, the nobles surveyed their surroundings one, and one of them spoke to Duke Collin as such.

"Let's hope so. At least, there seems to be a lot of hope for now," Duke Collin nodded smilingly, "furthermore, from what I know, the power of the Academy of Magic is far from just this. There are trump cards that Director Benjamin has yet to reveal."

Hearing that, an elderly noble raised an eyebrow.

"Are you saying that there's a huge chance we would win?"

"Definitely a huge chance. Moreover, it's not as though you've not heard about the internal situation of the Church. Grant has never been much of a Pope, and he likes killing people left and right. That bunch of priests have long lost their hearts and morale. If it's not because of this external menace, the Black Nightmare Army, who knows when they would begin an internal conflict again."

"Since chances are great that we win, then" Saying that, the elderly noble suddenly lowered his voice, "my fellow sirs, have you ever thought of our plans after we get rid of the Church?"

The moment he spoke those words, the nobles exchanged looks with one another. Their faces had suddenly become rather mysterious.

For a moment, no one spoke.

There was a period of silence. The old noble swept his gaze across the other five men, and spoke slowly, "After the Church shall we crown Benjamin Lithur?"
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